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url_value = (value) ->
value and (value\match("^https?://") or value\match("^//")) and true
mailto_value = (value) -> value and value\match("^mailto:") and true
-- Adapted from
tags = {
{ -- any tag
title: true, dir: true, lang: true
a: {
href: (...) -> url_value(...) or mailto_value(...)
name: true
abbr: { title: true }
b: true
blockquote: { cite: true }
br: true
cite: true
code: true
dd: true
dfn: { title: true }
div: true
dl: true
dt: true
em: true
h1: true
h2: true
h3: true
h4: true
h5: true
h6: true
hr: true
i: true
img: {
align: true
alt: true
height: true
src: url_value
width: true
kbd: true
li: true
mark: true
ol: true
p: true
pre: true
q: { cite: true }
s: true
samp: true
small: true
span: true
strike: true
strong: true
sub: true
sup: true
table: { summary: true, width: true}
thead: true
tbody: true
tfoot: true
tr: true
td: { colspan: true, rowspan: true, width: true }
th: { colspan: true, rowspan: true, width: true }
time: { datetime: true, pubdate: true }
u: true
ul: true
var: true
set_default = (tags) ->
default = tags[1]
return unless default
mt = { __index: default }
for k,v in pairs(tags)
continue unless type(k) == "string"
if type(v) == "table"
setmetatable v, mt
tags[k] = setmetatable {}, mt
set_default tags
add_attributes = {
a: {
rel: "nofollow"
-- tags that don't need to be automatically closed
self_closing = {
br: true, img: true, hr: true
clone = (t) ->
return t unless type(t) == "table"
{k, clone v for k, v in pairs t}
:tags, :add_attributes, :self_closing
clone: =>
with clone @
set_default .tags