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Monitors the system for any flash videos that you are watching on your browser. Displays the speed and periodically copies them to a more 'suitable' directory. Should work on all linuxes and browsers like Firefox4 and Chrome. Tested on Ubuntu 10.10/ Firefox 4.
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Monitors your system for flash videos that are being played with a browser. Shows (EWMA) speed and the data downloaded. Periodically copies the video to a folder in your home dir (by default, ~/Videos).


  • Currently only keeps track of one video.
  • Should work on all linuxes (probably all *nixes!) and browsers like FF4 and chrome. But, I have tested this only on Ubuntu 10.10 using Firefox 4.


  • Add support for monitoring multiple videos <---- done
  • Allow the user to specify a copy-dir at runtime
  • Add a daemon mode
  • Add a curses interface
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