Graph plots, drawing, layout and windows in OpenCV
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Graph plots, drawing, layout and windows in OpenCV.


Yet another cvplot library? Yes. Because they're all pretty bad. Like this one.


Install the dependencies CMake and OpenCV. If you're on macOS, use Homebrew:

brew install cmake opencv

On Ubuntu:

apt-get install cmake libopencv-dev

Next build using CMake. The easiest way:


Internally it creates a build folder and runs CMake from there.

This project is developed and tested on macOS and Ubuntu.


To draw a simple line graph:

  .addValue({1.f, 3.f, 2.f, 5.f, 4.f});

cvplot example


  • Graphs: line, histogram, scatter
  • Time series, parametric, range
  • Automatic and dynamic coloring
  • Transparency
  • Image and text drawing
  • Sub-windows (views)
  • Window and view layout
  • Green view frame
  • Mouse support
  • OpenCV-like API (highgui)
  • Distinguished dated look


To see some of the plotting in action, run the demo:

make demo

cvplot demo

The style of windows and colors are intentionally pale and pixelated to give a dated feel to the whole thing.


If googletest is available on your system, run tests with:

make test