Maven Archetype for a simple Web-Project with JSF2, CDI and some Testing dependencies
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This is a Maven Archetype to setup a simple web application with JSF2 and CDI. The tomcat 7 plugin is also available.

Included Libraries

  • Apache MyFaces 2 API
  • Apache MyFaces 2 Impl
  • Weld Servlet
  • Junit
  • Mockito
  • Fest-Assert 2


  1. Checkout the project

  2. mvn install to get the archetype in your local maven repository

  3. Type in your console (in a single line):

     mvn archetype:generate
  4. To start the tomcat server:

    1. Switch in the generated project directory
    2. build the application with mvn install
    3. start the tomcat server with mvn tomcat7:run
    4. The url is http://localhost:8080/