Redis URI and connection details

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Connections to a Redis Standalone, Sentinel, or Cluster require a specification of the connection details. The unified form is RedisURI. You can provide the database, password and timeouts within the RedisURI. You have following possibilities to create a RedisURI:

  1. Use an URI:

  2. Use the Builder

    RedisURI.Builder.redis("localhost", 6379).auth("password").database(1).build();
  3. Set directly the values in RedisURI

    new RedisURI("localhost", 6379, 60, TimeUnit.SECONDS);

URI syntax

Redis Standalone

redis :// [: password@] host [: port] [/ database][? [timeout=timeout[d|h|m|s|ms|us|ns]] [&_database=database_]]

Redis Standalone (SSL)

rediss :// [: password@] host [: port] [/ database][? [timeout=timeout[d|h|m|s|ms|us|ns]] [&_database=database_]]

Redis Standalone (Unix Domain Sockets)

redis-socket :// path [?[timeout=timeout[d|h|m|s|ms|us|ns]][&_database=database_]]

Redis Sentinel

redis-sentinel :// [: password@] host1[: port1] [, host2[: port2]] [, hostN[: portN]] [/ database][?[timeout=timeout[d|h|m|s|ms|us|ns]] [&_sentinelMasterId=sentinelMasterId_] [&_database=database_]]


  • redis Redis Standalone

  • rediss Redis Standalone SSL

  • redis-socket Redis Standalone Unix Domain Socket

  • redis-sentinel Redis Sentinel

Timeout units

  • d Days

  • h Hours

  • m Minutes

  • s Seconds

  • ms Milliseconds

  • us Microseconds

  • ns Nanoseconds

Hint: The database parameter within the query part has higher precedence than the database in the path.

RedisURI supports Redis Standalone, Redis Sentinel and Redis Cluster with plain, SSL, TLS and unix domain socket connections.

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