Texture baking UI for Blender
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Texture baking UI for Blender that lives in the 3D Viewport. Small but powerful! Fast one-click baking and iteration.

example screenshot, baking down Occlusion, Color and Roughness from node setup: screenshot


  1. put BRM_Bake.py in your addon folder
  2. install add-on in user preferences (look for BRM_Bake)
  3. you can find the UI under the "bake" tab in the tools UI (top right in the 3D viewport)

UI functions:

UI screenshot

currently supports:

  • tangent normals
  • object normals
  • color
  • roughness
  • occlusion
  • uv wireframe

future plans:

  • metalness map (once this is bakeable in 2.8)
  • position map