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NationStates for Haskell Build Status

NationStates is an online government simulation game, created by Max Barry. The site generates a wealth of data, some of which can be accessed through its official API.

This library lets you query this API using the Haskell programming language.


  • Type safe: you can't refer to a shard unless you explicitly request it.

  • Automatic rate limiting, which can be disabled or overridden if you want.

  • HTTPS support via the tls library.

  • Free and open source under the Apache License, version 2.0.


  • GHC 7.6 or newer


nationstates is hosted on Hackage.

cabal install nationstates


import NationStates
import qualified NationStates.Nation as Nation
import Text.Printf

main = do
    c <- newContext "ExampleBot/2000"
    (name, motto) <- Nation.run "Montesardo-East Adanzi" shards c
    printf "%s has the motto: %s\n" name motto
    shards = (,) <$> Nation.name <*> Nation.motto