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- MSVC 2013 or 2015 (if you're using something else, you'll need to
edit the scripts mentioned below. You'll need to rename the generator
and the toolchain.)
- nasm (put this in PATH)
- cmake (put this in PATH)
- DXSDK (optional, but required for advanced features)
To build the dependencies, run build_deps_msvc{msvc_version}_{bits}.bat
where {msvc_version} is your MSVC version (2013 or 2015) and {bits} is
32 or 64. This will place the outputs (headers, static libraries)
inside allegro_deps-msvc{msvc_version}-x{bits} directory.
To build Allegro, extract Allegro's source into a subdirectory named
'allegro' and then run build_allegro_msvc{msvc_version}_{bits}.bat.
This will place the outputs inside the
allegro-msvc{msvc_version}-x{bits} directory.