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This is the only interface with the NFC reader, as it can only be accessed by one process at a time
* reads config/data.json for exsting mappings between uids and feedUrls
- if it finds a match with the current uid
- it sends a command to the server to tell it that the card for a feedUrl is present
* it also saves its state continuously for other apps to read.
It assumes client-huffduffer is present (i.e. the server it sends information to)
It triggers the POST to the server as long as the card ahs changed or been removed
since it was seen last.
import nxppy
import sys
import requests
import os
import json
from pprint import pprint
# this script's directory
dn = os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__))
reader = nxppy.Mifare()
print "Loaded mifare device"
currentId = None
url = ""
uid = ""
# loop forever
while True:
# read the card uid
uid =
#print "currentid is "
#print currentId
#print "uid is "
#print uid
# we don't want to read it if we've just seen it
if(uid is not None and currentId!=uid):
currentId = uid
url = None
payload = None
print "New card ID:" +currentId
# data file mapping uids and RSS feed urls. Read-only from this python script
print "opening nfc config file "+dn+"/config/data.json"
data = json.load(json_data)
print data
for d in data:
id = d
url = data[d]
print "id is "+id+".."
print "uid is "+uid+".."
print "url is "+url+".."
# we've already seen this uid, so we know it has a url
# so we post it
print "ok"
payload = {'feedUrl': url}
print "posting "+url
r ="http://localhost:5000/rssFromNFC", data=payload)
print r
print "uuid != url"
url = ""
except requests.ConnectionError:
print "no connection - failed"
except nxppy.SelectError:
# we always get an exception if the card reader isn't reading anything
# so we just pass it through
# stop playing when card is removed
# only send stop if it's the first no-card error we get
print "posting - stop "
r ="http://localhost:5000/stopFromNFC", data="")
print r
except requests.ConnectionError:
print "no connection for stop"
uid = ""
url = ""
currentId = None
print "Unexpected error:", sys.exc_info()
# write our uid to a file, whatever it is
# so that other apps can use it, including if not present
state = {"uid":uid, "feedUrl": url}
out_file = open(dn+"/config/uid.json","w")
json.dump(state,out_file, indent=4)