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package org.toilelibre.libe.domaindrivendesignktrules
import com.pinterest.ktlint.core.Rule
import org.jetbrains.kotlin.psi.KtClass
import org.jetbrains.kotlin.psi.psiUtil.getNextSiblingIgnoringWhitespaceAndComments
import org.jetbrains.kotlin.psi.psiUtil.isAbstract
import org.toilelibre.libe.domaindrivendesignktrules.SomeHelpers.isNotAClass
import org.toilelibre.libe.domaindrivendesignktrules.SomeHelpers.methods
class AClassWithoutFunctionMustBeADataClass : Rule("a-class-without-function-must-be-a-data-class") {
override fun visit(
node: ASTNode,
autoCorrect: Boolean,
emit: EmitFunction
) {
if (node.isNotAClass()) return
val classInformation = node.psi as KtClass
val superClassName =
?.getNextSiblingIgnoringWhitespaceAndComments(false)?.text ?: "Object"
val doesNotRequireAMethod =
classInformation.isData() || classInformation.isEnum() ||
classInformation.isAnnotation() || classInformation.isAbstract() ||
classInformation.getColon() != null &&
!superClassName.contains("Object") && !superClassName.contains("Serializable")
val methods =
classInformation.methods +
classInformation.companionObjects.flatMap { it.methods }
if (methods.isEmpty() && !doesNotRequireAMethod)
emit.problemWith(node.startOffset, classInformation.fqName?.toString() ?: "(unknown class)")
private fun EmitFunction.problemWith(startOffset: Int, className: String?) =
"This class $className does not have any function. Should not it be a data class ? In any case," +
"Domain Driven Design discourages the use of anemic classes (POJO or value objects)",
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