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import timer
import time
import math
from Tools import Notifications
from Components.config import config, ConfigYesNo, ConfigSelection, ConfigSubsection
from Screens.MessageBox import MessageBox
import Screens.Standby
config.SleepTimer = ConfigSubsection()
config.SleepTimer.ask = ConfigYesNo(default = True)
config.SleepTimer.action = ConfigSelection(default = "shutdown", choices = [("shutdown", _("shutdown")), ("standby", _("standby"))])
class SleepTimerEntry(timer.TimerEntry):
def __init__(self, begin):
timer.TimerEntry.__init__(self, int(begin), int(begin))
self.prepare_time = 0
def getNextActivation(self):
return self.begin
def activate(self):
if self.state == self.StateRunning:
if config.SleepTimer.action.value == "shutdown":
if config.SleepTimer.ask.value and not Screens.Standby.inTryQuitMainloop:
Notifications.AddNotificationWithCallback(self.shutdown, MessageBox, _("A sleep timer wants to shut down\nyour Dreambox. Shutdown now?"), timeout = 20)
elif config.SleepTimer.action.value == "standby":
if config.SleepTimer.ask.value and not Screens.Standby.inStandby:
Notifications.AddNotificationWithCallback(self.standby, MessageBox, _("A sleep timer wants to set your\nDreambox to standby. Do that now?"), timeout = 20)
return True
def shouldSkip(self):
return False
def shutdown(self, answer):
if answer is not None:
if answer and not Screens.Standby.inTryQuitMainloop:
Notifications.AddNotification(Screens.Standby.TryQuitMainloop, 1)
def standby(self, answer):
if answer is not None:
if answer and not Screens.Standby.inStandby:
class SleepTimer(timer.Timer):
def __init__(self):
self.defaultTime = 30
def setSleepTime(self, sleeptime):
self.addTimerEntry(SleepTimerEntry(time.time() + 60 * sleeptime))
def clear(self):
self.timer_list = []
def getCurrentSleepTime(self):
llen = len(self.timer_list)
idx = 0
while idx < llen:
timer = self.timer_list[idx]
return int(math.ceil((timer.begin - time.time()) / 60))
return self.defaultTime
def isActive(self):
return len(self.timer_list) > 0