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Terminal Configuration


The Terminal application stores its settings by default in 'gateone/settings/50terminal.conf'. This file uses Gate One's standard JSON format and should look something like this:

// This is Gate One's Terminal application settings file.
    // "*" means "apply to all users" or "default"
    "*": {
        "terminal": { // These settings apply to the "terminal" application
            "commands": {
                "SSH": "/opt/gateone/applications/terminal/plugins/ssh/scripts/ --logo -S '%SESSION_DIR%/%SESSION%/%SHORT_SOCKET%' --sshfp -a '-oUserKnownHostsFile=\\\"%USERDIR%/%USER%/.ssh/known_hosts\\\"'"
            "default_command": "SSH",
            "dtach": true,
            "session_logging": true,
            "session_logs_max_age": "30d",
            "syslog_session_logging": false,
            "max_terms": 100


If you want Gate One to emulate the system's console (great in the event that SSH is unavailable) you can add "setsid /bin/login" to your commands:

"commands": {
    "SSH": "/opt/gateone/applications/terminal/plugins/ssh/scripts/ --logo -S '%SESSION_DIR%/%SESSION%/%SHORT_SOCKET%' --sshfp -a '-oUserKnownHostsFile=\\\"%USERDIR%/%USER%/.ssh/known_hosts\\\"'",
    "login": "setsid /bin/login"

That will allow users to login to the same server hosting Gate One (i.e. just like SSH to localhost). You can set "default_command" to "login" or users can visit https://your-gateone-server/?terminal_cmd=login and all new terminals will be opened using that command.