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Support for various websites using Flash

Site Status HTML5 Launchpad bug report Other
BBC News Yes No 602805 install adblocker on your browser
CNN News Partially No Slow, controls missing No No 1187082 Type mismatch in EventDispatcher::removeEventListener
Dailymotion No Yes 653579 Used to work
Google maps Streetview Partially Yes 673385
Google Play Music Yes ?
Grooveshark Almost Yes 823340 A bit laggy
Panoramio Look Around Yes No 622346 flickers, graphical glitches
Slideshare No Yes 730555 moved on to html5
Soundcloud Partially ?
SVT Play Yes No 653579
TED No Yes 823243
Videolectures Yes No
Vimeo No Yes 817462 Used to work
YouTube Partially Yes
Facebook No No
github No No
gradpoint Yes ?

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