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Linked data Modeling Language

LinkML is a general purpose modeling language that can be used with linked data, JSON, and other formalisms

Welcome to LinkML 👋

LinkML is a flexible modeling language that allows you to author schemas in YAML that describe the structure of your data. Additionally, it is a framework for working with and validating data in a variety of formats (JSON, RDF, TSV), with generators for compiling LinkML schemas to other frameworks.

Please submit all issues to the linkml/linkml repo. You can also vote for your favorite issue.

You can ask to join the linkml-community Google group (you need to have a Google account to join).

See our pinned repositories below for quick access to our main code bases, or use the search bar to find a specific code repository.

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  1. linkml linkml Public

    Linked Open Data Modeling Language

    Python 289 89

  2. linkml-model linkml-model Public

    Link Modeling Language (LinkML) model

    Python 29 14

  3. linkml-runtime linkml-runtime Public

    Runtime support for linkml generated models

    Python 21 21

  4. schemasheets schemasheets Public

    Structure your data in a FAIR way using google sheets or TSVs. These are then converted to LinkML, and from there other formats

    Python 38 5

  5. schema-automator schema-automator Public

    Automated assistance for the schema development lifecycle

    Python 32 12

  6. linkml-project-cookiecutter linkml-project-cookiecutter Public

    A cookiecutter for linkml projects. An equivalent of `linkml-ws new project-name`.

    Python 12 14


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