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Bundles for Lintalist
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Lintalist bundles

To install a bundle, simply download the file below and place it in the *bundles* folder which you can find in your lintalist folder. You need to restart Lintalist in order for the new bundle(s) to load.

Be sure to check the TitleMatch: label in the bundle, you may need to alter it to suit your needs. You can either do this by directly editing the file in your editor or by loading and selecting the bundle and use the built-in bundle editor, see

Available bundles

The following bundles are currently available here:

File Description
bbcode.txt BBCode bundle incl. smilies
countries.txt Countries (ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 code) - full name in part 1 and two letter code in part 2
markdown.txt Markdown bundle
tc.txt Total Commander 8.5x - make all internal commands accessible via Lintalist (using Command strings for menu and button bar taken from TOTALCMD.INC)
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