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So, you are here to know more about Mars Survive mod because a lot of things are confusing for first timers in Mars 😕 and there are 👽s too. So Beware.

Very well, what are you waiting for?! Hop into your chair, put your finger on the scroll button/bar firmly and start reading. Don't forget to take a break and sip of your favorite tea or coffee. 😌

Note: This Manual will be a description of materials, mobs and the "friendly neighborhood superhero robo NPC at spawn" and their possible uses in this mod also it will serve as a basic tutorial to start. I wil try to keep it a little bit funny and sketchy with pictures as and when required; so you don't get bored up to sleep and wake up after dark and asking yourself "what goddamn day it is and where am i?!" etc 😜


  1. The damn Mars Sand:

Color: Deep orange brownish i don't know what is that color

Place: It just everywhere. You come out of spawn; its there, just below your feet. Ya! Its the same sand Mark Whatney used to mix with his 💩 to make a gooey puddle and grow potatoes. 😳 But don't worry we have better and not so sh**y plans to grow plants here.

Uses: Ok enough 😆 Be Serious. It can be used to craft sand (white ones) by placing it in the crafting grid. But it's better use is to make sandstone and glass. Put 3 blocks of mars sand in a column of the crafting grid and get a sandstone (we will describe about it). You can also create glass from burning mars sand in a furnace.

Mars sand to Sand Mars sand to Sandstone Mars sand to glass

Methods to dig: You can dig it using a shovel for fast digging. If you have knowledge of technic thingys and get upto there, you can use a quarry to dig those too; ofcourse with other materials in that area. Then again, may be some of you have come here with skills so formidable to just skim over tutorial by looking at pics only; can dig it with their filthy hands. 😈