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- Generate checkpoint file even when no results are returned (Burn Alting)
- Fix log file creation when file logging is disabled entirely (Vlad Glagolev)
- Convert auparse_test to run with python3 (Tomáš Chvátal)
- Drop support for prelude
- Adjust backlog_wait_time in rules to the kernel default (#1482848)
- Remove ids key syntax checking of rules in auditctl
- Use SIGCONT to dump auditd internal state (#1504251)
- Fix parsing of virtual timestamp fields in ausearch_expression (#1515903)
- Fix parsing of uid & success for ausearch
- Add support for not equal operator in audit by executable (Ondrej Mosnacek)
- Hide lru symbols in auparse
- Add systemd process protections
- Fix aureport summary time range reporting
- Allow unlimited retries on startup for remote logging
- Add queue_depth to remote logging stats and increase default queue_depth size
- Fix segfault on shutdown
- Merge auditd and audispd code
- Close on execute init_pipe fd (#1587995)
- Breakout audisp syslog plugin to be standalone program
- Create a common internal library to reduce code
- Move all audispd config files under /etc/audit/
- Move audispd.conf settings into auditd.conf
- Add queue depth statistics to internal state dump report
- Add network statistics to internal state dump report
- SIGUSR now also restarts queue processing if its suspended
- Update lookup tables for the 4.18 kernel
- Add auparse_normalizer support for SOFTWARE_UPDATE event
- Add 30-ospp-v42.rules to meet new Common Criteria requirements
- Deprecate enable_krb and replace with transport config opt for remote logging
- Mark netlabel events as simple events so that get processed quicker
- When auditd is reconfiguring, only SIGHUP plugins with valid pid (#1614833)
- In aureport, fix segfault in file report
- Add auparse_normalizer support for labeled networking events
- Fix memory leak in audisp-remote plugin when using krb5 transport. (#1622194)
- In ausearch/auparse, event aging is off by a second
- In ausearch/auparse, correct event ordering to process oldest first
- Migrate auparse python test to python3
- auparse_reset was not clearing everything it should
- In ausearch/report, lightly parse selinux portion of USER_AVC events
- Add bpf syscall command argument interpretation to auparse
- Correct msg function name in LRU debug code
- Fix a segfault in auditd when dns resolution isn't available
- Make a reload legacy service for auditd
- In auparse python bindings, expose some new types that were missing
- In normalizer, pickup subject kind for user_login events
- Fix interpretation of unknown ioctcmds (#1540507)
- In auparse_normalize for USER_LOGIN events, map acct for subj_kind
- Fix logging of IPv6 addresses in DAEMON_ACCEPT events (#1534748)
- Do not rotate auditd logs when num_logs < 2 (brozs)
- Update tables for 4.14 kernel
- Fixup ipv6 server side binding
- AVC report from aureport was missing result column header (#1511606)
- In ausearch/report pickup any path and new-disk fields as a file
- Fix value returned by auditctl --reset-lost (Richard Guy Briggs)
- In auparse, fix expr_create_timestamp_comparison_ex to be numeric field
- Fix building on old systems without linux/fanotify.h
- Fix shell portability issues reported by shellcheck
- Auditd validate_email should not use gethostbyname
- Fix NULL ptr dereference in audispd plugin_dir parser
- Signed/unsigned cleanup
- Add support for ambient capability fields (Richard Guy Briggs)
- Update auparse-normalizer to support TTY events
- Add auparse_normalize_object_primary2 API
- In ausearch text format, add 'to xxx' for mount operations
- In ausearch add new --extra-obj2 option for CSV output
- In auparse_normalize, pick up second file name for rename syscalls
- In auparse_normalize, pick up permission & ownership changes as obj2
- In auparse_normalize, pick up uid/gid for setuid/gid syscalls as obj2
- In auparse_normalize, pick up link for symlink syscalls as obj2
- In auparse_normalize, correct mount records based on success
- In auparse_normalize, correct object for USER_MGMT, ACCT_LOCK, & ACCT_UNLOCK
- Add default port to auditd.conf (#1455598)
- Fix auvirt to report AVC's (#982154)
- Add sockaddr accessor functions in auparse
- In ausearch, use auparse_interpret_sock_address for text mode output
- In remote logging, inform client auditd is suspended and please disconnect
- Auditd and audisp-remote now supports IPv6
- In auparse function auparse_goto_record_num, make it positioned on first field
- In auparse_normalize, finish support for MAC_STATUS and MAC_CONFIG events
- Add support for filesystem filter type (Richard Guy Briggs)
- Add file system type table for fstype lookup
- Add command line option to auditd & audispd for config dir path (Dan Born)
- Fix auparse serial parsing of event when system time < 9 characters (kruvin)
- In auparse, allow non-equality comparisons for uid & gid fields (#1399314)
- In auparse_normalize, add support for USER_DEVICE events
- In audispd.conf, add new plugin_dir config item to customize plugin location
- Add support for FANOTIFY event
- Improve auparse_normalize support for SECCOMP events
- In auparse_normalize, pick up comm for successful memory allocations
<see audit-2.8.3 and later for full 2.X change history>
<see audit-1.8 and later for 1.X change history>
<see audit-1.0.12 for 1.0 change history>