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Core Infrastructure Initiative Best Practices Badge

CII Best Practices CircleCI Build Status codecov Dependency Status License Changelog #215

This project identifies best practices for Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) and implements a badging system for those best practices. The "BadgeApp" badging system is a simple web application that lets projects self-certify that they meet the criteria and show a badge. The real goal of this project is to encourage projects to apply best practices, and to help users determine which FLOSS projects do so. We believe that FLOSS projects that implement best practices are more likely to produce better software, including more secure software.

See the Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) Best Practices badge website if you want to try to actually get a badge.

This is the development site for the criteria and badge application software that runs the website. Feedback is very welcome via the GitHub site as issues or pull (merge) requests. There is also a mailing list for general discussion.

Summary of Best Practices Criteria

This is a summary of the criteria, with requirements in bold (for details, see the full list of criteria):


All material is released under the MIT license. All material that is not executable, including all text when not executed, is also released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 International (CC BY 3.0) license or later. In SPDX terms, everything here is licensed under MIT; if it's not executable, including the text when extracted from code, it's "(MIT OR CC-BY-3.0+)".