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cinnamon (3.8.8) tara; urgency=medium
[ Michael Webster ]
* network applet: Initialize CinnamonNetworkApplet._updateFrequencySeconds before using in _periodicUpdateIcon.
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Tue, 17 Jul 2018 09:41:21 +0200
cinnamon (3.8.7) tara; urgency=medium
[ Michael Webster ]
* spices: Remove support for installing/removing system-wide gsettings schemas.
[ Matthias Gerstner ]
* fix symlink attack vulnerability
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Thu, 05 Jul 2018 11:45:59 +0200
cinnamon (3.8.6) tara; urgency=medium
* Revert "network applet: Fix typo with showing access points in certain instances -"
* Revert "network applet: show the actual active connection's signal strength"
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sun, 24 Jun 2018 17:19:57 +0200
cinnamon (3.8.5) tara; urgency=medium
[ David H. Gutteridge ]
* Update po/README: provide a link to Launchpad (#7655)
[ Michael Webster ]
* have the 'auto-raise' setting only visible when supported focus modes are active.
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Revert "shell-embedded-window: change realize to map (#6965)"
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Fri, 22 Jun 2018 20:59:33 +0200
cinnamon (3.8.4) tara; urgency=medium
[ Michael Webster ]
* strip pkexec from standalone module exec strings when checking for their existence. Simplify the check as well.
* st-theme-node-drawing,transition.c: initialize framebuffer early to check for error.
* Don't lose 's' for delay time when editing and saving an entry.
* tooltips.js: use ClutterActor's has-pointer property for timeout callback check.
* network applet: Fix typo with showing access points in certain instances - caused by 319958fac2dd9347
* Eliminate redundant check for screen backlight. It fails incorrectly.
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* systray: Fix skype
* Revert "network applet: Don't show unmanaged networks in the list."
[ Michael Webster ]
* Display a keyboard backlight section on the brightness (#7621)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* l10n: Update POT file
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Fri, 08 Jun 2018 11:51:41 +0100
cinnamon (3.8.3) tara; urgency=medium
[ NikoKrause ]
* Use default icon names in Online Accounts (GOA) (#7559)
* fix symbolic icons and delete obsolete (#7566)
* Cinnamon theme: window-list progress improvements (#7562)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Settings: Fix launching mintsources/mintdrivers/lightdm-settings
[ Michael Webster ]
* Always have delay widgets, but hide/show them depending on if there's a delay or not.
[ Jason Hicks ]
* extension: Fix inability to force xlet installs (#7571)
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Mon, 21 May 2018 13:00:33 +0100
cinnamon (3.8.2) tara; urgency=medium
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Startup settings: Fix blurry icons
* Startup settings: Fix using the wrong variable
* Startup settings: Use icons in button box
[ Michael Webster ]
* Use https for spices downloads.
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Startup settings: Show delay units and only show delay when it's not 0
* l10n: Update POT file
[ Cobinja ]
* Startup settings: Fix creation of autostart files
[ Germán Franco ]
* notificationDaemon: Fix fallback icon names (#7533)
[ Jason Hicks ]
* Make the key binding setting for Show Desklets global (#7538)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* l10n: Rephrase a few msgids
[ James Ross ]
* Notification clearing on app focus + blacklist + limit (#7513)
[ Michael Webster ]
* cs_default: Don't print info before checking that it's valid.
* menu applet: Wrong parent class for SystemButton (fixes focus stealing when hovering over system buttons.)
[ Germán Franco ]
* Fix window list previews position
[ Stephen Collins ]
* refactor downloading code for better error handling
* fix file permissions durring install
[ Michael Webster ]
* Handle the cinnamon proxy better regardless of whether cinnamon is running or not.
[ Fabio Fantoni ]
* debian: now that python3 migration is completed remove python2
* debian/control: increase deps version of muffin, cjs and cinnamon-desktop
[ Germán Franco ]
* popupMenu: fix menu cutoff during open/close animation (#7547)
[ Stephen Collins ]
* Fix some issues with the download refactoring in (#7549)
[ Arda Güler ]
* Minor lang changes (#7554)
[ Jason Hicks ]
* fileUtils: Fix module exporter bug, fix line numbers in stack traces being incorrect (#7553)
[ Germán Franco ]
* Notification close policy (#7531)
[ Michael Webster ]
* chrome: Improve visibility conditions for panels and other chrome (#7552)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* l10n: Update POT file
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sun, 06 May 2018 16:12:57 +0100
cinnamon (3.8.1) tara; urgency=medium
[ Michael Webster ]
* network applet: Disconnect all signals for NMDevice when our proxy gets destroyed. When the device became unavailable, we would connect to 'firmware-missing' to get notified when it was available again. At some point, a change to networking caused the NMDevice to get destroyed rather than lingering for the firmware to 'return.'
* st-label.c: remove the reference to our ClutterText when it gets finalized during a Clutter.Actor.destroy() chain.
[ NikoKrause ]
* add symbolics cs-desklet and cs-backgrounds
[ Michael Webster ]
* network applet: Don't show unmanaged networks in the list.
* network applet: refresh the panel icon more frequently when the menu is open.
* network applet: show the actual active connection's signal strength in the AP list, rather than the strongest AP for a given ssid, which may not be the same thing.
[ JosephMcc ]
* Remove the setting for prefer-dark-themes (#7517)
[ Germán Franco ]
* Fix panel tooltips position with multiple monitors (#7503)
* window-list: update icons on panel height/orientation changed (#7514)
* Workspace switcher improvements (#7508)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* systray: Bail out if the plug window is gone
[ Germán Franco ]
* Allow colons in hot corners commands (#7528)
* Remove exported variable warning (#7524)
* Xlet settings: don't show a row for "generic" settings entries (#7526)
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Tue, 01 May 2018 16:05:14 +0100
cinnamon (3.8.0) tara; urgency=medium
[ Stephen Collins ]
* debian/control: remove unneeded dep (#7073)
* switch js doc gen scripts to python3 (#7066)
* Port and to python3 (#7077)
* cinnamon-settings-users: port to python3 (#7072)
* port cinnamon-menu-editor and cinnamon-desktop-editor to python3 (#7074)
* Fix cinnamon-desktop-editor import error (#7152)
* move spices settings install schema scripts to /usr/bin, switch to python3 and clean up/simplify the schema installation code in (#7063)
* utils: port all to python3 (#7075)
* port melange to python3 (#7154)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Add dependency on python3-pyinotify
[ Stephen Collins ]
* launcher desklet: switch editor dialog to python3 and fix a warning (#7155)
* screensaver lock dialog: use python3 instead of python2 (#7157)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Simplify the look of the screensaver away message dialog
* Melange: Add a margin in the log tab
[ Simon Brown ]
* st-private: Update shadow APIs for Cogl deprecations (#6931)
[ Jason Hicks ]
* Add eslint configuration (#7192)
* overrides.js: Add Tweener patch from CJS
* overrides.js: Add Signals patch from CJS
* Refactor the extension system and add commonjs compatible module importation (#6878)
* Fix issues related to Cinnamon running with cjs/mozjs52 (#7126)
[ Michael Webster ]
* debian/control: Remove gnome-dbg from cinnamon-dbg dependencies (no longer offered)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Add CI configuration
* CI: Set locale
* CI: Install locales
* CI: Fix locale generation in Debian
[ Simon Brown ]
* St: fix some cogl deprecations (#7206)
* St: Drop vfuncs from StThemeNodeTransition (#7201)
* shell-tray-manager: Disconnect theme_widget signals on finalize (#6956)
* shell-embedded-window: change realize to map (#6965)
* magnifier: remove a run time warning (#7213)
* dnd: declare some js variables to avoid warning (#7216)
* main: avoid a run time warning (#7214)
[ Stephen Collins ]
* Allow column options in the xlet settings list widget (#7040)
[ Leigh Scott ]
* Fix some depreciation warnings (#7170)
[ Stephen Collins ]
* Spices: Fix update all button not updating correctly when updates are installed (#7163)
[ Jason Hicks ]
* windows-quick-list: Fix icon allocation warnings (#7164)
[ Jusix ]
* sound applet middle click mute refinement (#7172)
[ icarter09 ]
* dbusMenu.js: Formatted code to allow for better readability. (#7044)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Titlebar button layout: Stop using org.cinnamon.muffin button-layout
* Packaging: Depend on libcanberra-pulse
* Sound: Make maximum sound volume configurable (#7238)
* Sound applet: Repaint the sound volume bar when max sound vol changes.
[ Mikhail Bodrov ]
* Remove needless check in compareNew (#7241)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Theme settings: Restrict metacity selection to metacity-3 themes.
* Speed up windows mapping (#7251)
[ Germán Franco ]
* Power applet: truly hide label when there are no devices (#7246)
[ Jason Hicks ]
* dnd: Fix scope warning (#7233)
[ itzexor ]
* popupMenu.js: PopupSubMenu: add prototype method closeAfterUnmap (#7190)
[ NikoKrause ]
* menu-applet: fix dnd cursor icon (#7253)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Sounds Settings: Rename Effects tab
* Sound applet: Fix control buttons being squashed.
* Sound applet: Don't show player launcher when the option to control players is disabled.
* Sound applet: Next/Previous track on Scroll Right/Left
* Sound applet: Add a setting to keep aspect ratio
[ Michael Webster ]
* cinnamon-app: Add cinnamon_app_create_icon_texture_for_window - allows supplying a MetaWindow to more correctly retrieve the correct icon.
* cinnamon-app.c: Revert cinnamon_app_create_icon_texture to work as it did prior to 8d7a8755352a20d21efc001. The behavior of the new method (cinnamon_app_create_icon_texture_for_window) is unchanged.
[ JosephMcc ]
* Fix a couple visual issues in Melange (#7288)
[ schachmat ]
* Prevent users from editing locked settings (#7260)
[ JosephMcc ]
* cs-sound: Fix the width of the amplification slider (#7280)
* panel-launchers: Set the default icon size to 22 (#7276)
* cinnamon-settings-info: Make some labels selectable (#7275)
* window-animations: Make the animations a bit less drastic (#7274)
[ Simon Brown ]
* cinnamon-app-system: various minor cleanups, dead code removal etc. (#6948)
[ Abdous Kamel ]
* Improving a piece of code in (#7019)
[ Björn Esser ]
* cinnamon-settings: Add defaults for Fedora, RHEL and CentOS (#7079)
[ Jason Hicks ]
* Notifications: Add support for a bottom position option (#7111)
[ itzexor ]
* docs: Fix build with gtk-doc 1.27+ (#7130)
[ Simon Brown ]
* st-private: Fix offscreen leak if cogl_framebuffer_allocate fails (#7273)
* st: Do not try to unref potentially NULL CoglObjects (#7277)
* st: Don't assert when corner texture creation fails (#7278)
[ Stephen Collins ]
* Add a dbus method to activate scale overview. We already had one for expo. (#7279)
[ Germán Franco ]
* SettingsWidgets: prevent toggling disabled switches (#7282)
[ Simon Brown ]
* st-entry:don't possibly allocate actors a negative size (#7285)
* cinnamon-recorder: treat some switch compile warnings (#7290)
[ Filip Ayazi ]
* Sound: reuse cover temp file (#7291)
[ Stephen Collins ]
* background slideshow: move to python3 (#7158)
[ Jason Hicks ]
* Fix panel applet clearing (#7286)
[ JosephMcc ]
* [gtk3.22] cinnamon-settings: Remove some broken and hardcoded theming (#7284)
[ itzexor ]
* window-list: preview: new style class, options, layout (#7134)
[ Stephen Collins ]
* cinnamon-settings: move everything to python 3 (#6992)
* desktop file gen scripts: port to python3 (#7153)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* User settings: Fix a couple of broken things in LMDE 3
[ Mikhail Bodrov ]
* Optimize RegExprs in ui serach (#7242)
* Optimize appFavorites (#7239)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* sound applet: configurable maximum volume fixes (#7250)
[ Germán Franco ]
* Fix blurry switches in the default theme (#7269)
[ Simon Brown ]
* st: remove some cogl deprecations (#7272)
[ Jason Hicks ]
* appletManager, deskletManager: Fix change handlers
* Ensure applets are queried by applet_id
* Skip unnecessary panel loading in change handlers, fix settings destruction on desklet move
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Xlet Settings: Fix regression in python3 migration
* Fix index out of range error
[ Germán Franco ]
* Improve label settings widget (#7283)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Packaging: Update python3 dependencies
* Change gnome-terminal.desktop -> org.gnome.Terminal.desktop
[ Jason Hicks ]
* Fix multi-version xlets loading twice, address metadata availability (#7306)
[ itzexor ]
* Melange fixes (#7299)
[ Michael Webster ]
* Cancel teach mode on focus-out. Fixes issues caused by clicking out of a cell renderer currently being edited.
* notifications: destroy unwanted notifications explicitly, or they linger and continue to get updates (and, not being on the stage, cause a huge amount of warnings);
[ itzexor ]
* cinnamon-settings: make keybinding tooltip generic
[ Jason Hicks ]
* Redirect logging output to .xsession-errors
[ JosephMcc ]
* cinnamon-settings-users: Clean up the use of stock icons (#7326)
[ Steve M ]
* Remove deprecated .panel-launcher-add-dialog selectors (#7332)
[ Simon Brown ]
* cinnamon-slicer: remove some deprecations (#7307)
* st-scroll-view: resolve some switch warnings (#7308)
* tray manager: resolve some GdkColor deprecations (#7309)
* cinnamon-perf-helper: resolve a function definition compile warning (#7310)
* tray: avoid deprecation warning by dropping use of gdk_display_supports_composite (#7311)
* cinnamon-global: resolve a gdk_cursor_new deprecation warning (#7312)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Menu applet: delegate auth responsibility to cinnamon-remove-application
[ Simon Brown ]
* gtk-embed: fix null pointer dereference (#7341)
[ itzexor ]
* notifications: close button and no fade on mouseover (#7336)
[ tanderson-google ]
* Don't clear notifications when an app becomes focused (#7252)
* Fix resident notifications not displaying (#7248)
[ Simon Brown ]
* cinnamon-tray-icon: remove an include that seems unneeded (#7342)
* tray: remove some deprecations for gdk_window_set_composited (#7338)
* Systray: remove the resize delay in scale mode (#7340)
[ Jason Hicks ]
* Fix indicator icons being off-center
* Systray: Fix indicators cache being iterated as a keyed object
* Remove unused circular reference on indicator objects
* Fix incorrect invocation of formatError in extension.js
* Fix duplicate applets of the same UUID disappearing when added to the panel
* Minor clean up of _removeAppletFromPanel
* deskletManager: Fix handling of duplicates, avoid unnecessary load cycling on drag
[ Stephen Collins ]
* Create new cinnamon-xlet-makepot utility for automattically extractin… (#7149)
[ Mikhail Bodrov ]
* Simplify for loop in search (#7296)
[ itzexor ]
* appletManager.js: fix getRunningInstancesForUuid() (#7298)
[ NikoKrause ]
* menu: recalc height after deleting favorites (#7346)
[ Ilya Zlobin ]
* Added app switcher option for cycle windows on current workspace (#7316)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Alt-tab: Make the app-switcher honor the same setting as the Alt-tab switcher.
[ NikoKrause ]
* inhibit applet: use even more common icon (#7353)
[ Germán Franco ]
* Fix bad allocation of panels with borders (#7325)
[ Jason Hicks ]
* Add ability to raise desklets above windows (#7315)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Drop usage of gksu
[ Jason Hicks ]
* Add desklet visibility toggling to the Show Desktop applet context menu, update with class syntax (#7354)
[ Eli Schwartz ]
* Add compatibility for multiple pam modules (#7327)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Remove cinnamon-extension-tool and support for jhbuild
[ NikoKrause ]
* on-screen-keyboard applet: change icon to keyboard (#7361)
* keyboard applet: change icon to cs-keyboard (#7359)
* power applet: change icon to cs-power (#7358)
* network applet: change icon to preferences-system-network (#7363)
[ Simon Brown ]
* cinnamon-recorder: Update for new cogl apis (#7369)
[ Michael Webster ]
* cs_keyboard: Use Gtk.accelerator_parse_with_keycode() to compare accel strings when checking for collisions instead of string compare.
* Add .pylintrc file. All of it defaults except the following disabled items:
[ itzexor ]
* user-applet: fix loading with newer accountsservice
[ JosephMcc ]
* keyboard-settings: Fix the use of wide separators (#7421)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Docs: Fix python3 unicode errors
[ Eli Schwartz ]
* Retire outdated bluetooth code. (#7482)
[ Germán Franco ]
* Sound applet: fix missing muted icon (#7402)
[ Fabio Fantoni ]
* circleci: remove mint18 job (#7483)
[ Jason Hicks ]
* Update eslintrc.json for more flexibility (#7485)
[ NikoKrause ]
* user applet: use system-switch-user icon (#7387)
* keyboard applet: centering text (#7468)
* hicolor icon: Add removable-drives icon (#7396)
[ Jason Hicks ]
* ui/settings: Check for null values on this.settingsData (#7404)
* overrides: Clean up overrideDumpStack (#7405)
* Notifications: Remove circular reference on notification actors (#7466)
[ Stephen Collins ]
* ExtensionCore: show the number of available updates in the 'Update all' button tooltip (#7366)
[ Germán Franco ]
* Inhibit applet icon: fix uncolored parts (#7399)
[ James Ross ]
* Notifications fixups (#7413)
[ Germán Franco ]
* Workspace switcher: fix blurry #panelRight's applets in visual mode (#7456)
* Reduce huge gap in top notifications
* Fix bottom notification position with multiple monitors
[ Robert Antoni Buj Gelonch ]
* closes #7378 (#7381)
[ Stephen Collins ]
* cinnamon-json-makepot: fix some issues (#7390)
* Cinnamon Settings: Add window-list progress support to the spices management/downloads pages (#7374)
[ Steve M ]
* tooltips.js - base #PanelTooltip position on panel width / height (#7388)
[ Germán Franco ]
* Sound applet: move close button to the right (#7391)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* System settings: Don't crash when failing to set up file monitors
[ Germán Franco ]
* Window list applet: fix bad allocation of icons and labels (#7386)
[ claudiux ]
* applet - Solves issue #7375 (#7376)
[ Maximiliano Curia ]
* PEP8ify (#7434)
[ James Ross ]
* Melange: slight UI rework (#7424)
[ Germán Franco ]
* Modal dialog: don't stretch icon, align it to the top (#7397)
[ NikoKrause ]
* user-applet: use symbolic icon from themes (#7494)
[ Germán Franco ]
* Fix blurry st scrollbars (#7498)
[ Maximiliano Curia ]
* PEP8ify (#7448)
* Use ints for the menu position (#7449)
[ Odyseus ]
* [] Added missing import, fixed typo and removed unnecessary semicolons (#7459)
[ Steve M ]
* menu applet - if no selected item when adding search provider results make first search provider result selected item (#7414)
* Default menu - fix unused selector .menu-category-button-button (#7393)
[ Germán Franco ]
* Fix top panel overlapping the on-screen keyboard (#7398)
* Sound applet: make optional horizontal scroll to move between tracks (#7407)
* Hot corners cleanup and fixes (#7442)
* Fix JS exporter parsing (#7477)
* PopupMenu.js: Use some lambdas to create half the functions on each action (#7493)
* Workspace switcher: fix buttons sizing (#7495)
[ Stephen Collins ]
* Add a script to install 3rd party spices from a local folder. This is… (#7420)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Initiate monitor variable
[ Stephen Collins ]
* TextView widget - fix focus-stealing bug (#7377)
[ Steve M ]
* default theme - add .menu-background{} as placeholder (#7416)
* date applet - add option to theme calendar menu separately from other applet menus (#7415)
[ Maximiliano Curia ]
* Sync the logic in cs_startup with cinnamon-session (#7463)
[ James Ross ]
* report paint volumes / don't use stage "paint" signal (#7478)
[ Jason Hicks ]
* Debugging: Add GObject property value logging (#7490)
[ Germán Franco ]
* Repaint node when background position changes (#7408)
[ Jason Hicks ]
* Applets, desklets: switch to class syntax, remove try-catch blocks (#7389)
[ Mikhail Bodrov ]
* Use for of for arrays (#7431)
* Optimizr nextIndex in grid navigator (#7450)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* User applet: Don't show switch-user when it's disabled in lockdown schema
* User applet: Fix compatibility with python3-pampy 1.8.2
[ Vanov ]
* Added "shutdown immediately" entries for lid close and power critical. (#7426)
[ Stephen Collins ]
* fix placement of docstrings (#7488)
* settings.js: remove 'units' from the list of required properties for the spinbutton widget - it isn't actually necessary (#7500)
* xlet-settings: improvements to key dependency handling (#7419)
[ Fabio Fantoni ]
* debian: wrap-and-sort -bst
* remove debian/cinnamon-maintscript entry are all related to very old version
* debian: small improve to .install files
* debian: create links for doc in /usr/share/doc/cinnamon
* add debian/not-installed
* Bump debhelper build-dep and compat to 10
* improve debian/rules
* improve debian/control
* debian/rules: avoid adding plugin to shlibs files
* debian/rules: fix override_dh_girepository
* debian: remove unused lintian override entries
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* l10n: Update files
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Tue, 24 Apr 2018 15:03:18 +0100
cinnamon (3.6.7) sylvia; urgency=medium
[ NikoKrause ]
* Online Accounts: Use translations (#7088)
[ Michael Webster ]
* cinnamonDBus.js: Have GetMonitors throw an error back to GDBus if something goes wrong.
[ itzexor ]
* menu-applet: rework vectorBox
[ jrsrjrsr ]
* Fix Issue #7114
[ NikoKrause ]
* Spices description: Do not cut off the letter `n` (#7103)
* Xlets: Fix shown info for overwritten xlets. (#7090)
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Mon, 18 Dec 2017 12:52:43 +0000
cinnamon (3.6.6) sylvia; urgency=medium
* Sound settings: Assign the selected device to the profile selector.
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Thu, 23 Nov 2017 09:55:33 +0000
cinnamon (3.6.5) sylvia; urgency=medium
[ Michael Webster ]
* Replace tab with space.
* calendar applet: Fix formatting.
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Mon, 20 Nov 2017 15:15:07 +0000
cinnamon (3.6.4) sylvia; urgency=medium
[ Michael Webster ]
* calendar applet: Just listen to the gsetting key for 24h to make sure the vertical panel default clock obeys global date/time settings.
[ Simon Brown ]
* st-theme.c: st_theme_resolve_url could assert with a theme issue (#7046)
[ brownsr ]
* st-theme: ensure callers of st_theme_resolve_url cater for it returning null knock-on from previous commit
[ JosephMcc ]
* cinnamon-settings: Use icon buttons in the xlet management pages
[ François Lachèse ]
* Fixes crash if device.get_icon_name() is Null (#7054)
[ Corbin Auriti ]
* Allow showing seconds on vertical panel (#7038)
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Mon, 20 Nov 2017 10:05:39 +0000
cinnamon (3.6.3) sylvia; urgency=medium
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Show-desktop: Disable peek-at-desktop by default
[ Michael Webster ]
* menu applet: recalculate applications list box height when the menu's allocation changes.
[ Stephen Collins ]
* Applets: when setting an icon, make sure it's actually an St.Icon. Some applets (such as the keyboard applet) set _applet_icon to something other than an St.Icon, so it causes an error when trying to set the icon using one of the api functions. This was causing the keyboard applet not to show in panel edit mode after a keyboard layout was added and removed. (#7008)
* applet settings: fix panel switch buttons not being hidden when there is only one panel (#7023)
[ Bernhard Landauer ]
* add Adwaita-dark thumbnails (#7015)
[ Stephen Collins ]
* extesion settings: scan system folder for extensions. While we don't ship with any extensions, other distros may choose to do so
[ brownsr ]
* initialise applet position to avoid drag and drop errors in edit mode occasionally the null applet position was being carried through to the writing of the new applet causing apparent drop failures, and to the disappearance of the highlighted drop box. Much visible weirdness with a very simple solution
[ Stephen Collins ]
* workspace switcher: fix undeclared variable warning
* applet settings: Improve the logic for highlighting the panel. The panel is now only highlighted when there is more than one panel, and it's better about selecting and highlighting the correct panel when one is added or removed
[ icarter09 ]
* Fixed spacing. Added missing semicolon. (#7032)
[ Jason Hicks ]
* popupMenu: Prevent warning of this._triangle (#7033)
[ Corbin Auriti ]
* Clock applet: Respect 12h/24h choice in vertical mode (#7034)
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Fri, 17 Nov 2017 10:48:22 +0000
cinnamon (3.6.2) sylvia; urgency=medium
[ Simon Brown ]
* st-texture-cache: avoid potential null pointer dereference (#7001)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Packaging: Add missing polkit policy file
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sat, 11 Nov 2017 17:19:36 +0000
cinnamon (3.6.1) sylvia; urgency=medium
[ Germán Franco ]
* Fix blurry and off-centered arrow in popup submenus (#6986)
[ Stephen Collins ]
* cinnamon-settings: remove ui file that is no longer used since the extension-settings-rework (#6990)
[ Jason Hicks ]
* Fix xlets not installing if a file without an extension is in the po directory (#6968)
[ Germán Franco ]
* edit elements with double click (#6978)
[ Abdous Kamel ]
* Fixing Gtk-Message when running a dialog (#6977)
[ itzexor ]
* window-list: account for hidden items during DnD repositioning (#6987)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Spices: Don't fail if the spice directory is missing
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Thu, 09 Nov 2017 13:30:28 +0000
cinnamon (3.6.0) sylvia; urgency=medium
[ itzexor ]
* melange/ convert to normal toplevel window
* melange/ fix scrolling
* melange/ add ability to insert property path into entry
* melange/ implement autoscrolling
* melange/all: various cleanups
[ NikoKrause ]
* xlets-about-dialog: improvements for about dialog
[ brownsr ]
* st-theme-node-drawing: correct logic for calculation of cover and contain fixed upstream a long time ago
* st-theme-node-drawing: Group multiple cogl_rectangle calls
* st-theme-node-drawing: move setting of corner material before rendering box shadow
[ Michael Webster ]
* cinnamon-app.c: read the icon name or icon path from muffin when getting a window- backed icon, if it's been set (by us in some other app via gdk_window_set_icon_name()
* remove a comment
* cinnamon-app.c: If a custom icon_name is set in the MetaWindow, always use that, whether we have a matched desktop entry or not.
* Update for XApp api
* Use XAppGtkWindow, which takes care of all setting of icon names by shadowing the respective GtkWindow methods.
* Fix scaling for icon-name app icons
[ brownsr ]
* st: Remove _st_allocate_fill plus a very minor simplification in st-box-layout
* st-bin: Make sure not to allocate hidden children
* st-widget: Unset hover when setting track_hover to FALSE
* st-bin: Don't allocate a hidden actor
* st-private: Don't create attr lists if we don't need them
* StDrawingArea: fix texture drawing
* st-widget: remove stylable property
[ Michael Webster ]
* osdWindow.js: Always check the theme node on first showing - an actor's width isn't necessarily filled if it hasn't been explicitly set, causing the first few activations of the OSD to not show an accurate level bar.
* cs_default: Fix incorrect button label (but preserve translations).
[ itzexor ]
* main.js: remove obsolete Meta enum member reference
* workspace.js: use our normal prototype init method
* workspace.js: initalize WindowClone._zoomStep to 0
[ NikoKrause ]
* slideshow-applet: fix translation
[ Michael Webster ]
* Create the file "~/.icons/default/index.theme" and set the selected cursor theme inside of it. This ensures other (non-gtk) applications end up using the same theme (though they are required to be restarted for these changes to take effect.)
[ NikoKrause ]
* keyboard-applet: applet icon vanishes when moved in edit mode
[ Jason Hicks ]
* cinnamon-json-makepot: Add keyword option, change language used by xgettext to JavaScript
[ brownsr ]
* expoThumbnail: correct a couple of calls with mismatched argument counts
[ itzexor ]
* window-list: set AppMenuButtons unreactive during panel edit mode
* panel-launchers: set PanelAppLaunchers unreactive during panel edit mode
* windows-quick-list: fix argument warning
[ Jason Hicks ]
* Fix reference to undefined actor._delegate warning
* ui/environment: Handle undefined actors in containerClass.prototype.add
* ui/cinnamonDBus: Handle null xlet objects in CinnamonDBus.highlightXlet
[ brownsr ]
* deskletManager: initialise some variables and remove the variables that were initialised, probable typo
[ NikoKrause ]
* panel settings: split height/width translation strings
[ Stephen Collins ]
* allow search box placeholder text to be translated
[ leigh123linux ]
* Fonts: Add setting for RGBA order
[ Michael Webster ]
* network applet: Add a menu item to re-scan for wireless networks.
[ NikoKrause ]
* Translation: fetch some strings with ngettext
[ Michael Webster ]
* cinnamon-settings: Use an XAppGtkWindow, and update the icon depending on what sidepage we're on.
* window-list: Update the icon according to notifications from an item's underlying MetaWindow.
* use XApp window wrapper to set an icon name. Fix the dialog's icon to use the same icon if the user's can't be found (the old 'fallback' doesn't exist anymore, at least in a fresh Mint installation.)
[ Jason Hicks ]
* js/ui/panel: Change for ... in loops to length caching for loops since they are iterating arrays
[ Michael Webster ]
* cs_themes: set a parent window for the cinnamon themes spice window.
[ Jason Hicks ]
* popupMenu: Migrate signals to SignalManager management, add...
[ Michael Webster ]
* debian/control: Add libcjs-dbg to cinnamon-dbg depends.
* sound applet: Avoid warnings when changing applet settings with no currently active player.
[ Lars Mueller ]
* Make cinnamon-settings unaware of installation location
[ Jason Hicks ]
* Fix TypeError regression when resizing panels
[ Michael Webster ]
* Add utils/cin-debug-run, a simpler trace tool.
[ brownsr ]
* fix some signed vs unsigned compiler warnings
* avoid signed ints for bit flags results are implementation specific and can give odd results if bit operators are used. gboolean maps to int, not unsigned, so replace gboolean bit flags with guint. based on with one additional instance found
* systray: Improve icon scaling in hidpi They were coming up a bit small. Indicator icons were coming up double size. The default of 16px indicator icons in non-scaled panels was awfully blurry. Icon spacing appeared to be scaled up in hidpi for no good reason.
* panel: correct margin calculation in hidpi + minor correction to regression from 718ce025dc360d62c6e510b5b57483553bf80c1c
[ Stephen Collins ]
* cinnamon-settings <spices>: rewrite to simplify code and implement a more modern ui
* Add a dbus method to open the about dialog for applets, desklets and extensions, and a button in extension settings to call it.
* Applet settings: fix error on removing multiple instances
[ Jason Hicks ]
* windows-quick-list: wrap menu in scrollable submenu container
[ brownsr ]
* panel: Remove dead code
[ NikoKrause ]
* recent-applet: always show icon in panel-edit-mode
* notifications-applet: always show applet icon in panel-edit-mode
[ itzexor ]
* cin-debug: don't suggest backgrounding
[ brownsr ]
* st-drawing-area: Fix Cogl deprecations from upstream
[ itzexor ]
* panel.js: don't error on nonexistent panel
[ Jason Hicks ]
* trash applet: Fix arguments warnings
[ brownsr ]
* various: replace deprecated macros
[ Michael Webster ]
* recent applet: the visibility check can be distilled into just checking if the recent list is not empty, and clutter_actor_show/_hide do their own visiblity check before doing anything.
* notification applet: don't change the icon when panel-edit mode changes - just show it, whatever its icon. Also, no need to check for existing visibility, we want it to show regardless.
[ Jason Hicks ]
* main: Improve logging
[ Michael Webster ]
* set switch valign to centered, to prevent it being stretched by multi-line text.
[ Stephen Collins ]
* Spices settings: fix prompt getting 'stuck' when cache is downloaded for the first time
* Spices settings: Fix the trasition animation when switching to the downloads page
[ Jason Hicks ]
* extension: Use imports.searchPath instead of imports.addSubImporter
* Ensure only applets, desklets, and extensions are added to imports.searchPath
[ Michael Webster ]
* calendar applet: Remove timer code and use updated WallClock api.
* clock desklet: Refactor to use new WallClock api. calendar applet: track the notify handler id better thru applet_added and _removed functions.
* debian/control: update cinnamon-desktop runtime dependency for dev version.
[ brownsr ]
* st: Make BoxLayout use a Clutter layout manager internally NB align-end left present but non-functional, to be returned to
* st: Remove empty dispose/finalize methods from StBoxLayoutChild
* st: Notify on BoxLayout property changes
* st: Translate StBoxLayoutChild properties to ClutterBoxChild
* panel, st-box-layout: Remove align_end, enabled by using a clutter layout manager This allowed the standard clutter alignment to be used, and the retirement of align_end
[ Jason Hicks ]
* Ensure extensions fully reload
* Update documentation for xlet importation
* Update grammar, formatting for xlet importation docs
[ brownsr ]
* various: correct some iso C compiler warnings
* cinnamon-embedded-window, st-scroll-bar: fix deprecations cinnamon-embedded-window needs correcting from
* texture-cache: Remove FBO path for padding icons adapted from Premise is that GtkIconTheme now pads icons, so it's dead code. Please comment if you think this premise is not right
* st-entry.c: make it recognise upper case ctrl-c, x, v adapted from
* st-texture-cache: port to GTask from and
* st-box-layout: Fix Cogl deprecations From upstream
* st-entry.c: Fix spacing on right icon in entry
* st-widget: Don't add hidden actors to the paint volume
* St: avoid blocking IO to resolve relative urls
* popupmenu: fix an undeclared variable
* popupMenu: ensure all tweens are controlled by the settings
[ Jakob Stigloher ]
* settings.js: Do not write valid settings files again to the disk
[ brownsr ]
* st-texture-cache:remove unused base64 code path
* st-icon: remove custom size request/allocate
* st-scroll-view-fade: Refuse to work without GLSL
[ Michael Webster ]
* window-list applet: Add rudimentary support for progress display.
[ Stephen Collins ]
* Fix dnd position calculations for horizontal panels
* Fix dnd for icon-only applets in vertical panels
[ Michael Webster ]
* window-list: Don't break when muffin doesn't support progress. (just softens the dependency, this can be removed later)
[ brownsr ]
* st-clipboard: Add the ability to choose the clipboard type
* st-entry: Implement middle click paste adapted up to latest gnome st code
* scroll-bar: Remove jitter on the scroll bar when moving the mouse
* st-theme-node-transition: stop using clutter alpha
[ collinss ]
* Remove old applet download-related code that is no longer used
[ Fabio Fantoni ]
* Remove deprecated and unused gnome-keyring
* Added missed gettext and xdg-utils to cinnamon-common deps
[ itzexor ]
* layout.js: special case handling of panel actors
* layout.js: slight optimization for popup window tracking
* layout.js: optimize signals a bit
* layout.js: only update hotcorners once on monitor change
* layout.js: queue region update directly in _updateVisibility
* layout.js: add same guarantee to Chrome.findMonitorIndexForActor
* layout.js: small short circuiting optimization
* layout.js: add LayoutManager.updateChrome() and docs
* panel.js: use new updateChrome helper from LayoutManager
[ NikoKrause ]
* spices about dialog: clearify what the date means ...
[ Stephen Collins ]
* dnd: call handleDragOut on a drop tartget (if available) when leaving the area, and use this function to remove the drag placeholder when dragging an applet. This fixes an issue where the drag placeholder would get stuck after a dnd, leaving an empty space with no applets
* Simplify how applet positions are saved after a dnd operation and allow extra properties to be added to a definition in the enabled-applets key
* Improve the way cinnamon handles applets that are added to an unsupported panel. Previously, Cinnamon would send a message to cinnamon-settings saying there was an error. With this change, the user is now prompted with the following options: 1. Leave the applet on the panel anyway (some applets are still suitable for vertical panels under certain circumstances - even if they aren't marked as such). In this case an override is added to the applet definition to avoid the user being prompted in the future. 2. Remove the applet. 3. Try to move the applet to a different panel. If a suitable panel cannot be found, the applet is removed instead.
* Don't let hidden panels offset the menu position. It can lead to awkward placement in situations such as when there are mixed panels and auto-hide is involved
[ brownsr ]
* st-theme-node.c: Correct a function call that was missed in
* st-entry: change deprecated key symbols
[ Michael Webster ]
* Fix a couple issues from previous commits:
[ Fabio Fantoni ]
* Change deprecated python-imaging to new fork pillow
[ Michael Webster ]
* st-label.c: Apply upstream patch -
* st-label.c: Use correct type check instead of cast.
[ itzexor ]
* menu-applet: use a generic clutter actor container
* panel.js: add some hacks to account for panel corners in clip region
[ brownsr ]
* st-box-layout.c: remove a couple of unused variables
* st-box-layout-child.c: treat compiler warnings
[ Cobinja ]
* extension.js: Fix startup with invalid xlet uuid (#6858)
[ Simon Brown ]
* cinnamon-app.c: Don't crash when trying to dispose (#6853)
* st-bin: delegate popup-menu signal to child if we have one (#6849)
* boxpointer: Don't hide when we're already hidden (#6854)
* tweener: Remove the onAnimationStart/onAnimationComplete callbacks (#6855)
[ Fabio Fantoni ]
* Use pkexec instead deprecated gksu for cinnamon-settings-users (#6827)
[ Leigh Scott ]
* fix indent (#6844)
[ Jason Hicks ]
* extension.js: Fix ReloadExtension error in forgetExtension (#6862)
* window list: Prevent the progress indicator from showing when set to 0 (#6866)
* window-list/fixup e6c3a21: Make sure the progress is shown if its > 0 on init (#6867)
[ leigh123linux ]
* Bump version for muffin build dep
[ itzexor ]
* panel.js: check if the panel corner has a parent (#6869)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Settings: Add the ability to select HybridSleep
* Settings: Show the URL in the terminal when a download fails
[ Michael Webster ]
* cinnamonDBus: add api to allow nemo startup timing to be more consistent.
* main.js: Fix invalid ref to Main during no-animation startup.
[ brownsr ]
* panel: ensure rightbox has something to drag into in edit mode when empty
* Defend against failure of cairo_pattern_get_surface()
[ Jason Hicks ]
* panel: Increment panelCount by 1
[ brownsr ]
* window-list: correct progress overlay logic it was showing unwanted artefacts as it was using .visible instead of a direct show or hide of the actor. Simplified the use of the pseudoclass to ensure it was only set once. Theme Graphite-Zero can be used for testing if required the unwanted artefacts are particularly visible in a vertical left panel
[ Jason Hicks ]
* dnd, appletManager: Fix applet DND on mozjs52
[ Michael Webster ]
* window-list applet: Use clipping to adjust the progress overlay, instead of changing the width.
[ Jason Hicks ]
* main.js: Add search_providers to xlet types in _addXletDirectoriesToSearchPath
[ Michael Webster ]
* popupMenu.js: Stop relying on an idle callback to toggle menus.
* dnd.js: Use get_transformed_allocation instead of get_allocation_box
* panel dnd: Improve stability when dragging.
* applet.js: Only try to add a context menu separator once, to prevent warnings during DnD operations.
* panel dnd: ensure a clean slate when an applet drag begins. We work with lists across all panels (with 3 zones apiece), but only the final drop zone can know when a drag ends. It's easier to make sure we're cleared out at the start of a drag instead.
* panel.js: Clean up some unused variables.
* cinnamonDBus.js: catch an invalid monitor index before it goes to muffin (where it will g_assert and crash cinnamon.)
[ JosephMcc ]
* Use a style class name for the new window list progress indicator
[ NikoKrause ]
* xlet-settings: translate title in list widget
[ brownsr ]
* panel: tidy up some indentation
* dnd: avoid use of deprecated reparent
* dnd: Don't queue an idle handler if we already have one no observable difference in use
* theme-node: Fix font family formatting
[ slepton ]
* Update
[ wesdawg ]
* Search provider updates (#6905)
[ BG Stack ]
* add Show all workspaces setting to window list (#6922)
[ Simon Brown ]
* st-texture-cache: Plug some pixbuf refcount leaks on async operations (#6921)
[ guzzard ]
* indicatorManager.js: add support for appindicator SecondaryActivate (#6915)
[ Björn Esser ]
* cinnamon-settings: Add online-accounts (#6881)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Settings: Add an icon for GOA
* Settings: Wrap Online Accounts into a Python module and provide information about supported accounts
[ Albert Pool ]
* Make touchpad settings compatible with libinput (#6694)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* On-screen keyboard: Don't register Caribou's daemon DBUS name
* On-screen keyboard: Don't register Onboard's DBUS name
* On-screen keyboard: Add 'tablet' as a layout option in the settings
* On-screen keyboard: Remove animations
* On-screen keyboard: Make size and position configurable
* On-screen keyboard: Default position to top and layout to tablet
[ Simon Brown ]
* environment: stray semicolon (#6936)
[ Ingo Lafrenz ]
* improve menu search results (#4053) (#6929)
[ NikoKrause ]
* removable-drives applet: show applet in panel edit mode (#6917)
[ Simon Brown ]
* st: add some default cases and avoid compiler warnings (#6932)
* st-icon: remove unused fields (#6934)
[ BG Stack ]
* Add 'show all workspaces' option to appSwitcher (#6938)
[ Jason Hicks ]
* Performance: Avoid caching `this` context in SignalManager instances (#6918)
[ NikoKrause ]
* Applets: fix linter warnings (#6927)
[ JosephMcc ]
* window-manager: Show the workspace OSD even when effects are disabled (#6944)
[ Jason Hicks ]
* Improve JS logging
[ brownsr ]
* cinnamon-util: fix GFile leak also fix an instance of deceptive indentation
* cinnamon-util: fix some more leaks
[ Simon Brown ]
* st-texture-cache: load file simple, avoid leaks (#6953)
[ H8to ]
* Add alternative alt+tab behaviour to appSwitcher (#6952)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Alt-tab: Set alttab-minimized-aware to false by default.
* Main: Use black for the default stage color
* XDG Menu: Remove legacy items
[ Simon Brown ]
* cinnamon-mime-sniffer: fix a GFile leak (#6955)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* l10n: Update POT file and fix some msgids
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Tue, 24 Oct 2017 16:33:22 +0100
cinnamon (3.4.4) sonya; urgency=medium
[ Michael Webster ]
* classicSwitcher.js: Fix hidpi issues.
* fix parsing of accelerators that are shifted but not alpha-numeric characters.
* Don't crash when an invalid xlet id is provided.
[ itzexor ]
* window-list applet: fix argument warning
[ Michael Webster ]
* add issue template
[ Jason Hicks ]
* ui/settings: Handle undefined old settings values
[ Michael Webster ]
* hotCorner.js: Fix hover delay callback.
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Thu, 06 Jul 2017 11:17:41 +0200
cinnamon (3.4.3) sonya; urgency=medium
[ Michael Webster ]
* panel-launchers: put individual launcher actions back in the main popup, having an options and preferences submenu was a bit ambiguous.
[ Simon Brown ]
* Panel-launchers: remove an undeclared variable warning (#6648)
* deskletManager: Correct call to file.delete (#6650)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Add a menu item to toggle the on-screen keyboard
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Mon, 26 Jun 2017 12:44:24 +0200
cinnamon (3.4.2) sonya; urgency=medium
[ Michael Webster ]
* st-texture-cache.c: don't cache st_texture_cache_load_from_raw - its only user is the notificationDaemon. These are transient images that were being stored in the cache that would never be evicted during theme changes (this does not just mean times when the user changed the icon them.)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* l10n: Translate hardcoded string for settings reset confirmation dialog
[ Michael Webster ]
* Silence a few more warnings new warnings.
* expo, overview: unreference actors that we destroy whenever the respective view closes.
* only allow a single instance to run.
[ brownsr ]
* Sound applet: avoid spacing problem in vertical panel Knock on from commit 3870e42fe58533598ef8998ffb7d6bd3f213cbec
[ JosephMcc ]
* photoframe-desklet: Fix a few issues
[ Michael Webster ]
* notificationDaemon.js: Silence an occasional warning.
* Make switch widgets use "center" vertical alignment instead of "fill," to prevent the switch growing in height when the label text gets ellipsized (either thru resizing of the window, or localization.)
[ BinHong Lee ]
* Progress bar text initializes and resets
[ Michael Webster ]
* cinnamon-settings-users: Restrict the size of user images, as they are displayed in the right view when a user is selected. If the image at /var/lib/AccountsService/icons/<user> is set to a ridiculously-sized image, it won't break the ui.
* cs_user: Don't let large images break the ui - make sure we scale the selected image to an appropriate size. Also, don't crop user-selected images (but keep cropping webcam images) - it's strange to select an image file and have the ends of it cut off.
* Fix picture preview in file selector to maintain a reasonable size.
* Handle image previews better in the face chooser dialog.
[ Jason Hicks ]
* Fix Python 3 error
[ brownsr ]
* window-list: bring space around preview down and correct a calculation problem beta testing user asked for the space around the window preview to be brought in a bit that in turn highlighted a bug where the scaling was calculated without taking the icon+title into effect I've brought the spare space down a bit, but I can't bring it down further and have it look right in all themes without major surgery, which would be best done in a development cycle. The space allowance for the icon is not fully adequate as the title font could be set large, and so take up more room than the icon. But I've tried with this height adjustment and this scaling across a wide selection of themes, and it appears to stand up.
[ Michael Webster ]
* cinnamon-settings-users, cs-user, ChooserButtonWidgets: let GdkPixbuf do the work of restricting the size of images while maintaining aspect ratio. Follow-up to last few commits.
* StScrollView: queue redraws whenever the adjustments change, to prevent artifacts outside of the view itself.
* StScrollView: More effective way of fixing the graphical artifacts generated during scrolling. This also appears to fix some unrelated tearing issues I was seeing in the menu while testing.
* main.c: Own onboard's dbus name to prevent it starting when gnome's a11y keyboard settings key is active (org.gnome.desktop.a11y.applications screen-keyboard-enabled.) Also own caribou's daemon. Caribou's OSK won't interfere in a Cinnamon session, but its daemon will run needlessly in the background otherwise.
[ brownsr ]
* panel: avoid cjs giving a warning that dummyPanels[i][j] is undefined
[ Michael Webster ]
* systray applet: make sure an icon actually got parented to this.manager_container before calling remove_child. This issue can occur during session startup.
* StScrollView: queue redraws whenever the adjustments change, to prevent artifacts outside of the view itself.
* spacer applet: use a unique style class in the theme to prevent the applet from appearing active when hovered.
* theme: add applet-spacer class for spacer applet.
* spacer applet: use track_hover instead of a new style to prevent highlighting.
[ leigh123linux ]
* Remove unused dep
[ Michael Webster ]
* osdWindow: get the correct child allocation when calculating the width of the level bar. If a padding or margin is added to the level-bar style class, it was causing the parent bin to expand to accomodate the child's width plus its required padding.
* Revert "StScrollView: queue redraws whenever the adjustments change, to prevent"
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Tue, 20 Jun 2017 16:16:34 +0200
cinnamon (3.4.1) sonya; urgency=medium
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Remove usage of GTK_POLICY_EXTERNAL
[ Stephen Collins ]
* checkBox.js: remove extra unused argument which was causing a warning with new cjs/mozjs
[ Michael Webster ]
* st-bin.c: Fix y_fill setter (it was setting x_fill to the value of the existing y_fill, before it is set in the same call).
* menu applet: fix keyboard navigation of recent context menu. Fix closing of same menu when switching to another category. Also fix closing when opening another recent's context menu.
* menu applet: notify when a recent file is activated that can't be accessed.
* menu applet: make missing file notification transient.
* menu applet (vector box): partially revert c0d37dd79d68c97 - there is flickering as events go from a button to the vector box and back. Remove the idle callback, and directly react to the enter even once more. To compensate, increase our maybeUpdateVectorBox delay timeout, which more or less fixes the original problem the above commit was attempting to fix.
* menu applet: _select_category - only call displayButtons if the category has really changed.
* menu applet: fix keyboard navigation when a second recent context menu is toggled open.
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Sound settings: Fix device icons
[ Stephen Collins ]
* ignore files and directories in the config directory that aren't created by our settings api as well as instances that no longer exist
* Don't scrub the config directory on load. This is no longer necessary since xlet settings now ignores anything that isn't an active instance, and some applets need a place to store extra files so they get cleaned up on uninstall.
* Fix crash when there are no panels
[ itzexor ]
* sound-applet: remove extraneous arguments on add_actor calls
[ Michael Webster ]
* radioButton.js: remove extra argument to add_actor.
[ itzexor ]
* window-list-applet: fix undefined reference warning
[ Odyseus ]
* [cinnamon-json-makepot] Added support to extract "title" and "units" keys on list elements
[ Michael Webster ]
* debian/control: use correct runtime dependency on caribou introspection only.
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* User applet: Remove ability to switch to guest with LightDM
[ JosephMcc ]
* runDialog.js: Fix undefined variable warning (#6539)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Reorganize the default applets in the panel
* User applet: Remove trailing spaces
* Applets: Make TextIconApplet smarter and adapt to vertical panels.
[ Michael Webster ]
* menu applet: use _select_category to select recents and places, so we can cache the current selection more accurately and prevent needless calls to _displayButtons.
[ Stephen Collins ]
* window list: add missing dependency to settings (#6551)
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Tue, 23 May 2017 15:44:25 +0100
cinnamon (3.4.0) sonya; urgency=medium
[ Lars Mueller ]
* Fix gnome terminal losing desktop file association during cinnamon restart
[ Odyseus ]
* cinnamon-json-makepot: Added support to scan for JS files inside sub-dirs.
[ leigh123linux ]
* Start systray applet first
* Use generic marshaller
* Fix file permissions
[ Jason Hicks ]
* Pull functions out of loops in _refreshPlaces, _refreshApps...
* Move uri assignment in _refreshRecent's while loop into new...
* Use let instead of var in new handler functions
[ brownsr ]
* panel: rework allocation logic to avoid looping in edit mode this was causing the context menu animation to fail to complete causing the user not to be able to exit edit mode
* theme-node: Fix leak on stylesheet change. From upstream
* cinnamon_dbus_acquire_name: don't leak the result from upstream
* cinnamon_dbus_acquire_name: Don't leak error from upstream
* keyboard: destroy the key's boxpointer from upstream
[ Lars Mueller ]
* Fix hotcorner hover delay timeout removal This fixes a "Invalid or null source id used when attempting to run Mainloop.source_remove()" when leaving a hotcorner. The timeout is already destroyed by returning false in the callback, but we still knew about the timeout id and tried to remove the non-existing timeout.
[ brownsr ]
* st-box-layout: Don't report a paint volume when we have no allocation from upstream
* window-tracker: fix memory leak from upstream
[ Michael Webster ]
* tooltips.js: Remove leftover logging.
* Add cinnamon-stap-monitor utility.
* panel.js: Couple fixes to previous commit. Let the panel sections cover the entire panel in edit mode. Clean up _allocate a bit - since we always have the center zone occupied (artificially or naturally,) we don't ever need to handle cases where it isn't.
* panel.js: Fix dnd pseudo-class style application for vertical panels.
* panel: Allow right and left panel zones to naturally fill space. Fix vertical allocate calculations in st-box-layout (align_end was only working for horizontal box layouts).
* panel.js: Cleanup actor and style class names, simplify some code that no longer needs to differentiate between vertical and horizontal panels.
* Expose setting for floating widgets.
* panel.js: restore 'important' style flag, accidentally removed from panel zones.
[ Chris Allan ]
* expoThumbnail.js: Don't reposition thumbnails on position-changed.
[ Michael Webster ]
* Use a stack to switch between default screensaver and plugin previews.
* panel.js: Restore some allocation code mistakenly removed in a previous commit. This restores the behavior of allowing left/right panels to occupy more than half the panel if the center zone is empty.
[ Lars Mueller ]
* [Sound applet] Fix a segmentation This fixes a segmentation fault that happened when menu animations were disabled. Fixes #5977
[ itzexor ]
* cinnamon-desktop-editor: use the default icon when file is nonexistent
[ brownsr ]
* st-theme-node.c: rename a confusing variable At the moment we have an outer loop on i, and then a separately declared internal loop on i This changes the name of the variable in the internal loop to avoid confusion
* st-theme-node: Improve error reporting from upstream
* St: support css margin property From upstream and
[ leigh123linux ]
* Fix cursor black background when taking screenshot
[ Jason Hicks ]
* JS API misc/util.js: Add spawnCommandLineAsync
[ JosephMcc ]
* recent-applet: Fix wrong menu placement
[ NikoKrause ]
* Cinnamon Tutorial: Add instructions for xlet l10n
[ Stephen Collins ]
* User applet: Remove inaccurate comment - This is not actually the shutdown applet by Shelly
[ JosephMcc ]
* windowManager: Move handling of workspace switch effects to one place
* window-list: Don't lose our focus style class when opening the context menu
[ Stephen Collins ]
* Settings widgets range: Add an optional argument to show the current value of on the scale widget. This was originally the way it worked in the xlet settings, but with the rework, that functionality wasn't reimplemented. This rendered the settings of several applets less usefull. This pull request reimplements the functionality for applets and also makes it available for cinnamon settings as well.
* Show desktop applet: fix preview being stuck by keyboard-triggered menu open
* settings.js: Rebuild the settings file if it becomes corrupted. If the settings have already been loaded, we use the latest version we have, otherwise we restore from defaults.
[ JosephMcc ]
* vertical-panels: Make proper calculations for panel intellihide
[ Stephen Collins ]
* Keyboard applet: always show something in panel edit mode
* Power applet: always show something in panel edit mode
[ Jason Hicks ]
* JS API util.js: Add doNotReap parameter to trySpawn ct. itzexor
[ Stephen Collins ]
* util.js: add documentation for spawn_async
[ Sam Burgos ]
* added support to manage the systemd services available on the system
[ Michael Webster ]
* Add a "Run now" button for when a row is selected.
[ Stephen Collins ]
* Make sure applets that don't support vertical panels don't get droped on a vertical panel. This was happening with at least some applets, causing them to 'disappear', and could only be recovered by removing them from applet settings and readding them again.
[ JosephMcc ]
* cinnamon-settings: Fix some sliders being drawn backwards
[ Stephen Collins ]
* settings.js: Handle corrupt settings the right way. Fixes several issues with the previous implementation.
* xlet settings: add list widget
[ Odyseus ]
* [Xlet settings] Fix reference to new option added to wrong element
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Settings: Add support for lightdm-settings
[ NikoKrause ]
* [xlets-about-dialog] show timestamp if exists else show version & show "more info" button
[ itzexor ]
* spawn_async: clean up the callbacks after we're done
* looking-glass: use bracket notation for property accessors when inspecting
* Environment: don't fail in toString()
* looking-glass: set null results' value to "[null]"
[ Lars Mueller ]
* Fix panel timeout spinbuttons jumping around Fixes #6374
[ Madh93 ]
* Add Manjaro Support in System Info #6387
[ brownsr ]
* systray: add css class to permit theming
* st-theme.c: rename confusing variable Compiler is complaining about shadow variables because the same variable names are defined in a function and in an if statement in the function
[ itzexor ]
* systray-applet: don't crash in on_applet_removed_from_panel
[ brownsr ]
* st-theme-node: remove a double declaration that gives a compiler warning
* cinnamon-app-system: rename a doubly declared variable causing a compiler warning
* st-background-effect: avoid a couple of ISO C90 compiler warnings
[ Daniel Schürmann ]
* Start inode/directory app instead unregistered x-scheme-handler/file in case of unmounted bookmarks
[ brownsr ]
* st-entry: change variable type to avoid compiler warning
[ Lars Mueller ]
* Add a chooser for "inode/directory" to be able to choose the default file manager
[ brownsr ]
* st-polygon: avoid a couple of ISO C90 compiler warnings
[ leigh123linux ]
[ NikoKrause ]
* xlet-settings: add missing string for l10n
[ brownsr ]
* st-box-layout: remove unused variable
[ itzexor ]
* panel.js: refactor Panel._showPanel and Panel._hidePanel
* panel.js: don't clip the panel box shadow when showing after hide
[ JosephMcc ]
* cs_accessibility: Restore previous theme when disabling High Contrast
[ Michael Webster ]
* remove panelMenu.js, which is unused but for 2 applets. There are a bunch of applets that import it but don't use it, all of which can be fixed now.
[ JosephMcc ]
* hotcorners: remove the icon option
[ itzexor ]
* handle numpad enter in entry
[ leigh123linux ]
* Remove aclocal as autoreconf runs it
[ Odyseus ]
* Fix for non translated applet names on Remove context menu items.
[ Lars Mueller ]
* [Xlets] Expose config deletion request to xlet
* Revert "Fix panel timeout spinbuttons jumping around"
* [] Remove unused methods
* [] Better fix for jumping spinbuttons This fixes it, avoiding excessive disk writing
[ brownsr ]
* st-texture-cache: use convenience function to free linked list
* modalDialog: avoid a js warning
[ Michael Webster ]
* utils: add check-js, to scan for runtime-breaking javascript syntax errors.
[ brownsr ]
* Adjustments after enabling margin for st
* st-box-layout: change variable type to avoid compiler warning
* st-drawing-area: redefine a variable to avoid a compiler warning
* st-private: change variable types to match and so avoid compiler warnings
* st-button: avoid redundant redeclaration compiler warnings
* st-label: avoid redundant redeclaration compiler warnings
* st-theme-node: avoid compiler warnings about redundant redeclarations
* st-widget: avoid redundant duplicate declarations giving compiler warnings
* st_theme: add missing enums and default case avoids compiler warnings done upstream
[ Nicholas Carrington ]
* Save appropriately sized .face for cinnamon-screensaver
[ JosephMcc ]
* cs_mouse: Add new settings to control acceleration/sensitivity
* power-applet: Add support for warning and error style classes
[ Stephen Collins ]
* rework individual panel page to simplify code, fix some bugy behavior, and improve readability
[ brownsr ]
* st-widget: use g_clear_pointer
[ Harry Wynn-Williams ]
* Update keybindings.js
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Adapt Cinnamon to multi-process CSD
[ JosephMcc ]
* messageTray: Show critical notifications in fullscreen
[ itzexor ]
* panel.js: fix missing variable declaration
[ Stephen Collins ]
* replace panel widgets with backended ones. This will hopefully ensure that the widgets are consistent with the rest of Cinnamon in terms of behavior and appearance, as well as easier to maintain.
[ itzexor ]
* panel.js: improve code uniformity in show/hide functions
* panel.js: cleanup _processPanelAutoHide usage
* panel.js: move clipping code into new _setClipRegion helper
* panel.js: keep track of panelPosition and monitor changes
* panel.js: refactor _moveResizePanel
[ brownsr ]
* St: support margin: corrections to PR 6271
* st-scroll-bar: add default to case statement to avoid compiler warning done using g_return_val_if_reached as upstream
* st-scroll-view: add missing enums and default case statements avoids compiler warnings missing enums are placed in the same places as upstream
[ itzexor ]
* layout.js: don't include clipped off areas in input region
[ brownsr ]
* st-theme-node: add defaults to case statements to avoid compiler warnings also treat an iso C warning by moving a variable declaration
[ Elias Ojala ]
* README file to reStructuredText file
[ brownsr ]
* st-widget: add missing enums to avoid compiler warnings
* cinnamon-window-tracker: add default to case statement to avoid compiler warnings and a couple of other very minor changes, again to avoid compiler warnings
* St: Margin: remove margin:auto from menu applet and default theme This avoids warning messages as margin:auto is not supported And it also means third party theme developers will not copy non-functional CSS The warning messages for the programmatic insertion of margin:auto in the menu applet were particularly cryptic
[ JosephMcc ]
* st: Fix a couple icon/text-shadow bugs
[ Odyseus ]
* cinnamon-json-makepot: Fix for undefined global name.
[ mikee805 ]
* Update
[ Michael Webster ]
* Use St.Icon instead of fetching icons from St.TextureCache.
* all: adapt to changes for new cjs (gjs 1.48/mozjs38)
[ itzexor ]
* panel.js warning fix
* lookingGlass.js: fix warning
* sound-applet: fix warning
[ JosephMcc ]
* osdWindow: Fix the level bar display
[ Michael Webster ]
* Remove memory info stuff from looking glass, cinnamon-global.
* control: adjust version reqs for libcjs
* all: Some additional warning fixes due to gjs 1.48.0->1.48.2 changes.
[ JosephMcc ]
* panel-launchers: Fix the panel launcher animation
[ itzexor ]
* melange: don't freeze on quit with custom log watchers
[ JosephMcc ]
* desklet.js: Ignore an extra argument to setContent()
[ Jason Hicks ]
* js/ui/tooltip.js: Check if this.mousePosition is defined
* Move this.mousePosition initial assignment to TooltipBase
* Supress CJS mozjs38 warnings in applet, dbusMenu, indicator...
* Correct indentation
[ SteveMoto ]
* reformatting and fix css (#6510)
[ Simon Brown ]
* cinnamon-util: sort out various compiler warnings (#6506)
* cinnamon-perf-log: treat a couple of compiler warnings (#6503)
* cinnamon-tray-manager: remove an ISO C compiler warning (#6505)
* cinnamon-recorder: remove some compiler warnings (#6504)
* cinnamon-doc-system: remove a couple of compiler warnings (#6502)
* cinnamon-app-system: treat various compiler warnings (#6501)
* cinnamon-app: avoid default case and integer/unsigned compiler warnings (#6498)
* st-theme-node-drawing: add default cases to switch statements to avoid compiler warnings (#6495)
* workspace-switcher: correct undefined property warning (#6497)
* na-tray-manager: remove an ISO C compiler warning (#6508)
[ Jason Hicks ]
* js/ui/dnd.js: Fix undefined error with mozjs38
* ui/js/panel.js: Fix undefined this._dragShowId error with mozjs38
* js/ui/appletManager: Fix undefined error with mozjs38
* js/ui/extension: Fix undefined requiredArray[2] error with mozjs38
* js/ui/appletManager: Fix invalid parameter count with mozjs38 for Gio.File.delete
[ itzexor ]
* main.js: improve logging of GLib.Errors and objects (#6486)
[ NikoKrause ]
* [menu-applet & panel-launchers] added new mouse cursors while dragging apps (#5859)
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* l10n: Update POT file
* l10n: Generate additional files
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Thu, 04 May 2017 16:02:56 +0100
cinnamon (3.2.8) serena; urgency=medium
[ Michael Webster ]
* menu applet: Only construct one context menu for recent files, and re-use it.
* Re-use the Gtk.Socket always - it can hold both Gtk.Plugs and normal Gtk.Widgets, just treat it like a normal bin/container. This seems to assist on ref-cleanup and child reaping when switching screensavers. (observed on Arch, reported on Arch and Fedora)
* menu applet: Don't reconstruct recent files, just re-order, add, remove as required.
* menu applet: Fix a couple of minor leaks (actors created but never added to a container - being GInitiallyUnowned, they never get their floating ref sunk, and so can't be unreffed. Fix a prototype mis-match, and just rename GenericButton to NoRecentDocsButton, since that's the only user of it.
* menu applet: Some fixes for previous commits, don't be so destructive when refreshing applications.
* Revert " Re-use the Gtk.Socket always - it can hold both Gtk.Plugs"
* Fix tuples for python 3.6
* tooltips.js: add a hide timer to check if a tooltip should hide itself, but for various reasons never got to act on a leave-event (due to vagaries in event reporting).
* recent applet: Rework to be non-destructive when updating the recent list (this brings a lot of the recent changes to the menu applet over to this one.)
* recents, applets: Couple warning cleanups
* network applet: Remove a useless log warning. At some point more than a year ago we started getting these (possibly a change to network-manager), they have no value whatsoever, but fill up the log.
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sat, 07 Jan 2017 11:19:30 +0000
cinnamon (3.2.7) serena; urgency=medium
[ JosephMcc ]
* cinnamon-settings: Do a better job of handling long labels
[ Niklas Kreer ]
* Update polling frequency to make the mouse tracking smoother
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Layout: Ignore NaN numbers when updating regions
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Thu, 22 Dec 2016 11:45:01 +0000
cinnamon (3.2.6) serena; urgency=medium
* Revert "Remove the 20 recent files limit"
* Recent documents: Don't store objects we don't need
* Menu applet: Try/catch call to decodeURIComponent
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Tue, 13 Dec 2016 22:27:47 +0000
cinnamon (3.2.5) serena; urgency=medium
* l10n: Generate additional files
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Mon, 12 Dec 2016 14:28:39 +0000
cinnamon (3.2.4) serena; urgency=medium
[ Stephen Collins ]
* Partial revert of 864f632a and handle premature signals from the file monitor gracefully
[ Michael Webster ]
* clear preview container any time the default screensaver is selected.
[ JosephMcc ]
* cinnamon-settings: Fix a couple of ugly buttons
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sun, 11 Dec 2016 11:24:41 +0000
cinnamon (3.2.3) serena; urgency=medium
[ Albert Pool ]
* Remove the 20 recent files limit
[ Odyseus ]
* Default theme: Added support for applets with :checked pseudo class.
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* sound applet: Add rhythmbox to the list of known players
[ NikoKrause ]
* [menu-applet] symbolic icons for contextMenu of appsButtons
[ JosephMcc ]
* icons: Add an icon for the "Run with NVIDIA" option in the menu
[ Stephen Collins ]
* Tutorials: Update the xlet settings tutorial and reference pages to reflect changes to the api in Cinnamon 3.2
[ Germán Franco ]
* workspace-switcher: avoid fast consecutive moves
[ leigh123linux ]
* Fix gi import version warning
* Change shebang to use system python
[ lestcape ]
* Do not make inecessary iteration on popupmenu close function
[ JosephMcc ]
* SoundFileChooser: Fix showing incorrect names
* SoundFileChooser: Change play icon
[ NikoKrause ]
* [menu-applet] fix file-exists-query and indentation
[ Germán Franco ]
* Fix typo, missing parenthesis
[ brownsr ]
* remove rtl code in vertical panel will require testing by 3rd party
[ Michael Webster ]
* menu applet, overrides.js: fix some loss in effectiveness of our vectorbox caused by feacb693f529bd7db2. Having these calls within a callback, even one with no delay, was enough to provide for a bit of 'fuzziness' when defining/picking against the vectorbox's triangle, and preventing accidental category selection.
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* cinnamon-launcher: Add support for mate-panel
* cinnamon-launcher: Center fallback message dialog
[ leigh123linux ]
* add depends wget
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Calendar applet: Allow custom date formats in vertical panels
* Calendar applet: Remove trailing spaces
* Panel Launchers: Fix the ability to edit
* l10n: Update POT file
* Fallback mode: Kill the panel when restarting Cinnamon
[ leigh123linux ]
* Add setting to disable automatic screen rotation on tablet's
* add orientation lock keybinding
* add tooltip
[ Darshaka Pathirana ]
* screensaver settings: Add button with info on custom format
[ Michael Webster ]
* A few changes to improve reliability of the screensaver plugin previews. Use Gio.Subprocess, it seems to be more reliable at cleaning up after itself. And don't re-make the GtkSocket every time - connecting to socket's plug-removed and returning True prevents the socket from auto-destructing and also improves cleanup when changing row selection.
[ itzexor ]
* appletManager.js: fix max instance check when pasting applet config
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Info settings: Rephrase tooltip
* l10n: Update POT file
* Window list applet: Move preferences up in the context menu
* General settings: Rephrase automatic rotation option
* l10n: Update POT file
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sat, 10 Dec 2016 12:15:31 +0000
cinnamon (3.2.2) serena; urgency=medium
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* build: Make AX_ macros optional
[ Odyseus ]
* [Xlet settings] Fix for icon choosers stuck dialogs
* [cinnamon-json-makepot] Added support for "title" key
[ lestcape ]
* Ensure a default icon size of 16px if the icon-size is not set in the indicator icon theme class.
[ Germán Franco ]
* [workspace-switcher] Fix buttons' size Buttons didn't get proper height (or width in vertical mode) if the auto-scale font setting was not enabled.
[ NikoKrause ]
* [sound-applet] removed ancient code for timeLabel
* uniform names
[ Stephen Collins ]
* Restore ability to theme the menu applet menu separately from other menus
[ JosephMcc ]
* cs_effects: Disable menu animations when turning of window effects
[ Odyseus ]
* [applet.js] Re added ability to display a separator on applets context menus.
* [applet.js] Added a mechanism to highlight applets with open menus.
[ NikoKrause ]
* [menu-applet] fix keynav issues with TAB and right
[ lestcape ]
* Use the Gio library for establish the file permissions in replace of the spawnCommandLine usage.
[ itzexor ]
* panel-launchers: close the menu before destroying when removing launcher
[ Odyseus ]
* [Xlet settings] Added translation mechanism to xlets settings windows
[ itzexor ]
* fix thumb generation on LMDE2
[ NikoKrause ]
* [sound-applet] remove show percentage label for slider option
[ JosephMcc ]
* theme: Fix theming of the workspace switcher
[ NikoKrause ]
* typo
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* l10n: Update POT file
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Wed, 23 Nov 2016 13:02:10 +0000
cinnamon (3.2.1) serena; urgency=medium
[ kloun ]
* rm obsolute and unsupport NEWS file
[ Michael Webster ]
* keyboard applet: Fix positioning of the flag render within its actor.
* Fix some runtime warnings - in the sound applet, object construction is too soon to get the theme node, wait until 'style-changed' signal is sent by the main actor. In the menu applet, remove return values of navigateContextMenu() - there is only one user of this function, and they don't check for a value.
* keyboard applet: Allow flag icon to properly scale its size to match the panel and preferences. Monkey patch some St.Icon methods to the EmblemedIcon class so we can use the existing applet icon sizing calculations by pretending we're just another icon hanging around, getting things done.
[ NikoKrause ]
* [menu-applet] fix warnings caused by keynavigation
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Update ./test script
* Info settings: Add upload-system-info button
* l10n: Update POT file
* Info settings: Add tooltip to upload button
* Fix typo
* l10n: Update POT file
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Tue, 08 Nov 2016 14:26:20 +0000
cinnamon (3.2.0) serena; urgency=medium
[ Margarita Manterola ]
* Re-order and re-word idle-delay and re-word lock-enabled
[ AlbertJP ]
* Resize a thumbnail when the window resizes
[ Henry Williams ]
* Add Remove button for Xlets
[ dralley ]
* Added gi.require_version() in many, many, many places
[ Michael Webster ]
* Fix keybindings for quiet volume up and down (they were showing the same keys as normal volume-up/down.)
[ JosephMcc ]
* Add the ability to play a sound effect when showing notifications
[ Corbin Auriti ]
* Clean up output filenames on the tracker search provider
[ Antti Nilakari ]
* Show flags based on short name of language in keyboard applet
[ Stephen Collins ]
* Settings: switch gsettings widgets to use new settings backend:
* Add json settings backend to settings widgets
* settings.js: rewrite to simplify code and aviod the use of which can be costly on resources
* Revamp the xlet settings: - xlet settings now open in their own window/process - matches new style of cinnamon settings - now supports pages and sections in the settings file - instances are now automatically highlighted in the panel when the instance is selected in the settings window (uses a new 'highlight' pseudoclass) - uses the new JSON backend for easier maintenance and simplification of the code - added support for backendable widgets which were not previously available to the xlet settings api - updated for newer Gtk versions - added a new configure function to applets and desklets
* Udate some of the applets and desklet to use the new settings api
[ brownsr ]
* Give more informative message when starting to remove applet
* wrap applet description At the moment a long applet description will push the subsequent icons off the visible screen which is likely to confuse some. Scaling up font or text scaling exacerbates this Some simple column wrapping avoids the issue
[ Michael Webster ]
* Add cinnamon-related debug packages to cinnamon-dbg package
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Localize the applet name in previous commit
[ Maximiliano Curia ]
* Migrate away from gnome-common deprecated vars and macros
[ IHaveThatPower ]
* Corrected "output" to "input"
[ collinss ]
* settings.js: fix some settings not updating due to unspecific conditional
* appletManager.js: (multi-instance) fix applet setting file not being removed with applet
[ Marcus Lundgren ]
* sound applet: Add a menu that allows the user to switch between active players
[ JosephMcc ]
* panel-launchers: Fix an undeclared variable warning
[ Giulio Girardi ]
* Menu applet: Show 'Run with nVidia GPU' in context menu
[ collinss ]
* Fix background settings color chooser not working
[ brownsr ]
* Vertical panels
[ JosephMcc ]
* build: Bump the required gtk version
[ Marcus Lundgren ]
* sound applet: Remove entry in players list if player doesn't exist when switching - Make sure to always use the correct player owner when performing a switch
[ Michael Webster ]
* workspace-switcher applet: Use the WindowManager functions to switch workspaces when using the mousewheel - this ensures that:
[ collinss ]
* Ignore dependency key that doesn't exist with a warning rather than failing with an error
* Settings widgets: add backendable date chooser widget
* Refactor sound chooser widgets to simplify and avoid unnecessary duplication of code
* Fix xlet settings not upgrading properly with new key
* Fix panel-launchers add/edit dialog not working
[ Michael Webster ]
* keyboard layout applet: Fix showing the correct flags.
[ JosephMcc ]
* window-list: Don't hide the current workspace in context menu
* Don't show the uuid to the user
[ itzexor ]
* cinnamon-settings: remove unused webkit code and dependency
[ Corbin ]
* Make the whole BalanceBar insensitive when the channel map is changed
* Fix some device icon spacing issues
[ Dan Dascalescu ]
* Explain where to look for components to file bugs properly
[ MajidSas ]
* change the maximum delay for backgrounds slideshow
[ collinss ]
* settings.js: fix error caused by missing quotations
[ dralley ]
* Convert cinnamon bin utils to Python 3
[ Michael Webster ]
* window-list applet: Listen to a new signal from muffin's MetaScreen which will notify when an item should be add or removed due to its skip_taskbar hint changing.
[ JosephMcc ]
* cs_panel: Fix some terminology
* panels: Allow themes to set separate default width and height values for panels
* theme: Stop panel launchers from jumping around in vertical panels on hover
* theme: Use a larger width for vertical panels in the default theme
[ Michael Webster ]
* menu applet: Make the hover delay create a delay in opening the menu on hover, *not* changing categories. There should never be a delay switching categories.
[ Pierre G. Bogossian ]
* sound applet: bind mouse buttons 4/5 to previous/next track NB: mouse buttons 4 and 5 (aka back/forward buttons) are numbered 8 and 9 by X
[ Michael Webster ]
* st-cogl-wrapper.c: Don't ignore cogl parameters.
[ itzexor ]
* Use built in mimetypes module
* Refactor disk caching
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Fixed build
[ JosephMcc ]
* window-list: Rework for vertical panels
* theme: Set a 32px size for vertical panels
* window-list: Allow themes to control spacing between items
[ brownsr ]
* vertical panels: put the notification count under the notification symbol This keeps things central in the panel and avoids problems with the panel width being able to accomodate icon+text label unless there is a silly number of notifications.
[ Marcus Lundgren ]
* sound applet: Removed unnecessary call to remove player.
[ Michael Webster ]
* cinnamon-util: Add cinnamon_get_file_contents_utf8 asynchronous function with callback. Mark _sync version as deprecated.
* cinnamon-util.c: Don't leave a cinnamon_get_file_contents_utf8 caller hanging, always run the callback, even with a NULL result.
[ Balló György ]
* Follow the Icon Naming Specification
[ itzexor ]
* Don't check mimetype if filename is None
[ Balló György ]
* removable-drives applet: don't hardcode Nemo
[ Lars Mueller ]
* Remove panel barriers on panel removal
[ itzexor ]
* Apply white background to RGBA images
[ Michael Webster ]
* close file objects. settings.js: remove file monitor, push all settings changes thru Cinnamon's dbus interface.
[ brownsr ]
* Indentation corrections to remove inadvertent tabs also corrected an erroneous variable reference in a log message
[ NikoKrause ]
* [show-desktop applet] new feature added: Peek at desktop
* [keyboard applet] added switch in settings to use uppercase letters in panel
[ brownsr ]
* minor change into a more natural case statement
* centre align the centre box in a vertical panel and also clean up an if sequence, a few related comments, and a misalignment
[ Michael Webster ]
* settings.js: don't try to use python in javascript. Also, payload is just the raw value string, not an array or variant array.
[ itzexor ]
* panelMenu.js: fix incorrect logic
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Show-desktop applet: Enabled peek-at-desktop, rephrased settings
* Keyboard applet: Fixed typo
* Fixed typos in files/usr/bin/cinnamon-settings
[ JosephMcc ]
* applet.js: Properly layout applets in vertical panels
* user-applet: Properly hide the panel label in vertical panels
* applet.js: Fix visual alignment of Text applets in vertical panels
* notification-applet: Fix the layout in vertical panels
* menu-applet: Fix the layout of the menu applet in vertical panels
* power-applet: Fix layout in vertical panels
* workspace-switcher: Don't allow the visual style layout in vertical panels
* spacer-applet: Adapt layout for vertical panels
[ Michael Webster ]
* Revert "Revert "keyboard layout applet: Fix showing the correct flags.""
[ JosephMcc ]
* sound-applet: Adapt layout for vertical panels
* separator applet: Clean up some code styling
* a11y-applet: Don't allow the a11y applet in vertical panels
* sound-applet: Properly hide/show label on initial load
* applet.js: Clean up the code a bit
[ itzexor ]
* write-applet.xml: fix incorrect example code
[ brownsr ]
* correct applet context menu on panel orientation move Thanks @lestcape
[ Jess Wu ]
* Fix grammar mistakes in source files
[ NikoKrause ]
* [menu-applet] hiding favorites box leaves an empty box in the menu, this should fix this
[ itzexor ]
* show desktop applet: keep track of peek timeout id
* show desktop applet: various cleanups
[ brownsr ]
* Correct drag and drop bugs in panel launcher 1) an issue that looks to have been there before the vertical panels change where drag and drop within the panel launcher would drop icons in unscaled rather than at the same scale as the other icons 2) a vertical panels issue where the drag and drop code was assuming horizontal orientation and so was calculating both the position in the list of icons and the new position in the actor incorrectly 3) took the opportunity to correct a number of minor indentation issues
* correct window list internal drag and drop for vertical panels 1) The override on the allowable drag direction was not set to allow vertical dragging also previous override needed clearing when orientation changed 2) Removed a few stray tabs etc. 3) Calculated the drop position correctly for vertical panels
[ NikoKrause ]
* [window-list applet] using icons on context menu
[ itzexor ]
* panel.js: add dialog to launch settings when the last panel is removed
* panel.js: don't try to hide the panel if it's destroyed
[ Michael Webster ]
* Keyboard layout applet: Update to use new XAppKbdLayoutController to supply appropriate icons and short names, and as a general wrapper around libgnomekbd for layout control.
* Remove flag folder for keyboard applet (provided by libxapp now)
[ JosephMcc ]
* systray: Clean up code formatting
[ Michael Webster ]
* keyboard layout applet: Use this._config.get_enabled() to check whether applet should be 'active'
[ NikoKrause ]
* [menu-applet] a more intuitive way of navigating through the menu with the keyboard
[ itzexor ]
* appletManager.js: fix removeAppletFromPanels
[ collinss ]
* Move all settings chooser button code to it's own file
* xlet settings: Replace old binding function in settings.js with two new ones and allow multiple bindings on the same key
[ JosephMcc ]
* applets: Change how applets set the type of panel they are allowed in
[ leigh123linux ]
* remove grabber
[ NikoKrause ]
* [menu-applet] fixed key-navigation of filesystem search path
[ Lars Mueller ]
* Fix tooltip position This fixes the tooltip position on the first show of a tooltip. Previously, the extents fetched from the actor were wrong, because the actor had never been allocated before.
[ JosephMcc ]
* cs_themes: Don't show duplicate themes
[ NikoKrause ]
* [menu-applet] create favBox, even if it's not shown at Cinnamon restart
[ itzexor ]
* st-scroll-view.c: move comment up and remove indentation For whatever reason, this comment hangs g-ir-scanner indefinitely with version 1.50 of gobject-introspection in Arch Linux, at least on my machine. Moving the comment onto its own line fixes this issue.
[ NikoKrause ]
* [menu-applet] clear recent list applet with ENTER-key
* [menu-applet] show AppDescription only on hovered buttons and hover allAppsCatButton when search pattern is deleted
[ Balló György ]
* Remove dependency on GConf
[ collinss ]
* add missing imports
[ Michael Webster ]
* rename date/time section to customize, rename combobox selections to be more grammatically correct
[ itzexor ]
* cinnamon-global.c: fix a gi warning
[ JosephMcc ]
* messageTray: Fix the placement of notifications
[ Michael Webster ]
* keyboard applet: restore upper-case option, fix regression from xlet settings revamp.
[ brownsr ]
* workspace switcher - change whether graph is shown or not At the moment the graph is suppressed in vertical panels because a long wide workspace resulting from multiple monitors results in an unworkable graph when scaled to fit the panel width. Change this to test on the workspace size ratio, as this will permit single monitor setups to have the workspace graph
* add vertical style class to workspace switcher No code is needed to remove it as buttons are rebuilt from scratch when panels are moved between orientations. Linked to a change to improve appearance of this applet in vertical panels in Mint-X themes
[ NikoKrause ]
* [menu-applet] decodeUriComponent in placesManager.js and docInfo.js
[ brownsr ]
* refactor if sequence to case statement, and sort alignment
[ NikoKrause ]
* added PopupSwitchIconMenuItem and used it in sound-applet
[ Michael Webster ]
* cinnamon-settings: On widgets that don't use bind functions, connect to the widget changed handlers only after setting their initial value. This prevents on_settings_changed() from being triggered right away, as well as a subsequent trigger of the widget changed handler (for a second time.)
[ brownsr ]
* make accessibility applet suitable for vertical panels The issue is that sticky keys make use of the applet label to display and this is not compatible with a vertical panel. Resolve this by re-purposing the applet tooltip to show the sticky keys in a vertical panel The functionality in a horizontal panel is unchanged. The tooltip also shows normally in all cases excepting when the relevant keys are actually pressed
[ JosephMcc ]
* inhibit-applet: Fix an oversized menu item
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Fixed typo in js/ui/popupMenu.js
* Revert "Fixed typo in js/ui/popupMenu.js"
[ Michael Webster ]
* windowAttentionHandler.js: fix logic for matching ignored wmclass names.
[ brownsr ]
* correct unreactive top/bottom strip in vertical panels fixes #5748.
[ Germán Franco ]
* Style sound applet overlay controls * Added buttons styling same as other in the theme * Change color to fit the theme
[ JosephMcc ]
* panel-launchers: Redesign the launcher context menu
* window-list: Add the standard applet context menu items
* window-list: Tweak the settings layout
* panel-launchers: Tweak the layout of the settings
* notifications-applet: Tweak the layout of the settings
* calendar-applet: Tweak the layout of the settings
* keyboard-applet: Tweak the layout of the settings
* expo-applet: Tweak the layout of the settings
[ Michael Webster ]
* menu applet: Fix hover delay tooltip
[ JosephMcc ]
* window-list: Fix an undeclared variable warning
[ collinss ]
* Remove the boxpointer from popup menus
[ NikoKrause ]
* [menu-applet] fixes
* [sound-applet] added dependencies in the settings-schema
* [menu-applet] rewritten keynavigation codeblock
[ Odyseus ]
* [Hot Corners] Added hover delay functionality. Added tooltips to hot corner icons. Corrected some minor indentation/white space inconsistencies. Closes linuxmint/Cinnamon#1050
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Enable vfade effect by default
[ NikoKrause ]
* [sound-applet] add option: show percentage next to volume slider
[ Lars Mueller ]
* Fix menu item order in window list This fixes a problem, when the menu orientation is not St.Side.TOP. the menu box layout was is reverse order.
[ JosephMcc ]
* popupMenu: Mark the new 'menu' style class as important
[ lestcape ]
* Improving slightly the appindicators.
* Allow the appindicator used the theme icon size if is not in scale mode.
* Remove the boxpointer features of the indicator API.
[ JosephMcc ]
* panel.js: Change the order which panels are drawn
[ itzexor ]
* expose new cinnamon screensaver settings
* refactor maybe_resize slightly
[ brownsr ]
* ensure applets that override on_panel_height_changed get to scale properly The logic in the common applet code has been changed so that the scaling is not overridden by the locally overridden function. The local function thus becomes additional to the core function, rather than overriding it in its entirety. This also corrects errors associated with turning scale mode on and off. One more associated change to the window-list applet in a vertical panel will be needed but as there are changes queued up for that I think it's best done subsequently fixes #5700
* Ensure that the edge of the screen reacts to mouse clicks Previously the outside couple of pixels were unreactive. This was set so as to avoid recursion errors but these seem no longer to be there, so this resets to the desired behaviour
[ itzexor ]
* lookingGlass.js: inspect: better handle undefined and null values
* menu applet: remove keybinding when applet is removed from panel
* menu applet: make menu hotkey binding per-instance
[ Odyseus ]
* [Menu applet] Added keyboard navigation for context menus.
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Simplify backgroundManager
[ Odyseus ]
* [Xlet settings] "entry" and "iconchooser" elements modifications.
[ JosephMcc ]
* workspace-swithcer: Fix the vertical style class
[ NikoKrause ]
* [menu-applet] hide recent files, which are no longer available
[ Odyseus ]
* [Xlet settings] Added support for "button" to extensions settings windows.
* [Tooltips] Fixed positioning of tooltips.
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* sound: Add xplayer to the list of players without seek support
[ JosephMcc ]
* panel-launchers: Fix 'Add' and 'Edit' not working
* menu-applet: Add a setting for the new menu animations
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Update POT file
* Generate additional files
[ NikoKrause ]
* [menu-applet] keynav: make sure to scroll the appsBox to top if category is changed
[ Michael Webster ]
* keyboard applet: Rework to sync with changes to XApp.KbdLayoutController - the controller provides only icon names now. Handle icon construction ourselves.
* Update to reflect new preferences, remove old ones that are now in keyboard->region panel.
[ JosephMcc ]
* popupMenu: Insert menus that open from the panel below the panels
[ Alex Peters ]
* avoid varying space between month and day
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* screensaver setttings: Rephrase some of the msgids
* Xlet settings: Add support for alpha colors in ColorChooser
* Fix JS warning
* Tooltips: Round coordinates
* l10n: Update POT file
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Mon, 07 Nov 2016 16:12:22 +0000
cinnamon (3.0.7) sarah; urgency=medium
[ Jonathan Washington ]
* fixes (Power settings segfault)
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Thu, 14 Jul 2016 22:51:08 +0200
cinnamon (3.0.6) sarah; urgency=medium
[ JosephMcc ]
* Add a generic "bluetooth" icon
[ Michael Webster ]
* power applet: Don't connect to any signals that call _devicesChanged until we have the power proxy (since the callbacks assume we do have it).
* windowAttentionHandler.js: make the ignored app check case- insensitive. While we're here make it a gsettings array for convenience.
* - add pidgin to ignored wm classes.
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Touchpad settings: Invert motion-threshold setting widget
[ Michael Webster ]
* appletManager.js: Fix copy/pasting applet panel applet layouts. Extension.get_max_instances() needed an extra argument, and then we were doing work twice - finished removing obsolete code.
* cinnamon-recorder: fix crash when starting recorder...
* cinnamon-recorder.c: restore avoidance of the panel when drawing the recording indicators. This was removed during some panel work a while back and never restored. Always draw them on the primary monitor now (the only monitor with reliable, simple-to-get workarea information).
[ leigh123linux ]
* fix spelling mistakes
[ Michael Webster ]
* onscreen keyboard: Add option to change activation behavior - accessible mode has the keyboard appear whenever focus demands it (ordinary accessibility behavior). On-demand mode will have the keyboard only appear when the user requests it via an applet click or keyboard shortcut.
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Themes settings: Fixed loading icon themes when a theme isn't readable
[ Michael Webster ]
* popupMenu.js: use the signalManager.disconnect correctly - the source actor (the panel actor for the applet) has to be the second argument, the object to disconnect from. Was causing flickering in the menu applet after repositioning it.
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Makepot
* Settings: Don't hardcode "more info" link color in spices modules
* [desrt] network: properly remove connections from list
* Network applet: Fixed icon not showing VPN status
* Network applet: Delete trailing spaces
* Network applet: Fixed applet showing "Auto" wireless connection when turning wifi OFF and then back ON.
[ Michael Webster ]
* tray icons: Bump icon request to 24, then scale back to 20 in the applet. This is needed due to changes to GtkIconSize values in Gtk3. GtkStatusIcon iterates thru the built-in icon sizes to pick an appropriate icon to use, and as of 3.18 there are no sizes between 16 and 24px.
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Preferred application settings: Set mimetypes more exhaustively
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Thu, 23 Jun 2016 13:39:10 +0100
cinnamon (3.0.5) sarah; urgency=medium
[ JosephMcc ]
* cinnamon-settings: Remove hard-coded theming for the main cinnamon-settings icon view
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Background settings: Apply EXIF rotations to thumbnails
[ Michael Webster ]
* cinnamon-util.c: cinnamon_util_get_icon_for_uri.c - use a custom icon if one is set in metadata (via file manager).
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Tue, 31 May 2016 09:54:44 +0100
cinnamon (3.0.4) sarah; urgency=medium
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Updated pot file
[ Michael Webster ]
* cs_effects: Only show overlay scrollbar toggle when using gtk3 >= 3.16.
* sound applet: Use an icon that actually exists for blank coverart.
[ JosephMcc ]
* sound-applet: Fix an icon name
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Ignore accents/stokes when searching the menu or cinnamon-settings
* Menu applet: Removed trailing spaces
* Menu applet: Don't refresh twice at the same time.
[ Lars Mueller ]
* [Menu applet] Fix not cleared drag placeholder in favorites box This fixes the uncleared drag placeholder in the favorites box, if an application was dragged over, but not dropped on the favorites box This is for #5322
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Mon, 23 May 2016 12:51:41 +0100
cinnamon (3.0.3) sarah; urgency=medium
[ Dustin Falgout ]
* Ensure label text is properly escaped before applying it with set_markup() Fixes #5287
* fix typo
[ Michael Webster ]
* use a more compatible GFileMonitorFlags - WATCH_MOVES is not available in Mint 17/glib 2.40
* cinnamon-settings: include module keywords in desktop files
* cinnamon-app: provide access to desktop file keywords. Use them in the menu applet search.
* generated desktop files: re-run, to remove unnecessary comment
* extensions: Check extensions for unsafe calls (synchronous, etc.. things that can potentially freeze Cinnamon) and make the user aware of them in cinnamon settings.
* scan_extension_thread - if the metadata.json file is not found, this must be a versioned xlet, check the parent folder for it instead.
* Expose setting to allow lid-closed action even when external monitors are attached.
* messageTray.js: Don't let notifications with buttons fade on mouse-over.
[ itzexor ]
* menu applet: use app id instead of app name for searches prevents duplicate search results for apps with the same desktop entry name when searching with a more specific term
* sound applet: smplayer: fix artist metadata display and disable seek While seeking does work, after the first time you seek the amount seeked is incorrect. It appears to seek the amount between the beginning of the seek bar and where you released the click instead.
[ Michael Webster ]
* cs_themes: Add setting for dark theme variant preference. This is only settable from ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini, so add the ability to modify that as well.
* Expose gtk-overlay-scrollbar setting.
[ JosephMcc ]
* cs_sound: Set selection mode to none on the SoundBox() object
[ NikoKrause ]
* Missing semicolon
* Missing semicolon
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Settings: Don't include text/html in the source code mimetypes
[ Michael Webster ]
* st-texture-cache.c: use g_themed_icon_new instead of g_themed_icon_new_with_default_fallbacks.
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Fri, 20 May 2016 12:04:29 +0100
cinnamon (3.0.2) sarah; urgency=medium
[ ion201 ]
* Cache generated thumbnails
[ Lars Mueller ]
* Fix desktop effects on dialogs and menus This prevents desktop effects on dialogs and menus from being used if desktop-effects is turned off. It's like already like this in the effects settings dialog.
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Power applet: Fixed declaration of alias variable
* Window list: Fixed call on null object
[ Stephen Collins ]
* Fix handling of device icon where gicon is None (partially fixes #5248)
[ JosephMcc ]
* cinnamon-settings: Don't set the stack switcher to use the main settings stack on creation This is causing visual glitches in a lot of gtk themes when changing from the main icon view to a page that displays the stack switcher
[ Stephen Collins ]
* Fix highlighting not working correctly for multiple instances of an applet
[ Michael Webster ]
* Don't break when an xlet provides a bad icon file.
[ Jason Jackson ]
* Added null conditional to return empty array when get_devices returns null
[ brownsr ]
* correct potential infinite loop
[ Michael Webster ]
* accessibility settings: don't use packagekit for now when looking for assistance programs that are installed. Just look for their binaries, and notify if not installed. Watch the bin folders in case the user installs the dependency and doesn't restart cinnamon settings.
* Add a close button to the speaker test dialog.
[ ion201 ]
* Fix image close crash
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Tue, 10 May 2016 16:38:11 +0100
cinnamon (3.0.1) sarah; urgency=medium
[ JosephMcc ]
* extensions: Fix the alignment of the rating number in the "Get more" pages so it won't get covered by overlay scrollbars
[ leigh123linux ]
* bump muffin version because of API changes
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Mon, 25 Apr 2016 10:10:43 +0100
cinnamon (3.0.0) sarah; urgency=medium
[ A-Shahbazi ]
* add option to show/hide favbox in menu applet
[ Corbin ]
* Added new default application buttons
[ trolleyyy ]
* show panel-launchers actions
* tab indents into space indents, more item without dots
[ Stephen Collins ]
* Move sound settings to python as a native module
[ JosephMcc ]
* Add a custom page to display when no input devices are available or applications are currently playing. Add a custom settings box for the sound effects page to prevent getting a very tall window when opening the settings. Make a few tweaks to the test sound dialog and add the relevant icons.
[ Stephen Collins ]
* Some visual tweaks to the sound settings:
* Sound settings: add mute to all volume controls
[ Michael Webster ]
* Few fixes to the volume slider/mute button:
* layout.js: Remove code for interaction with the screensaver. It was always broken until 2.8.7, where I 'fixed' it, and has caused some reported regression where the panels will be hidden after returning from the screensaver.
[ itzexor ]
* add padding to the end of stream names in applications page
[ s3rj1k ]
* Viber stealing focus fix
[ Michael Webster ]
* magnifier.js: update the lens size as well as shape when we turn on lens mode.
* Generate new desktop files for sound and accessibility
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Touchpad settings: Rename "natural scrolling" to "reverse scrolling direction"
[ Martín Ferrari ]
* Fix middle click action in the photo frame
[ Maximiliano Curia ]
* photoframe: recurse subdirectories
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Sound settings: Fixed device not showing when its icon isn't found (fixes bluetooth devices not showing up)
* Power settings: Don't add the Gtk.Stack if it's empty (Fixes
* Power settings/applet: Let the user rename battery powered devices
* Power settings: Fix power bars not being aligned
* Startup settings: Fix
[ Michael Webster ]
* tooltips.js: hide if the stage's key focus changes - prevents tooltips from becoming stuck if you use the keyboard to switch focus (hit the menu key while a window list preview is showing.)
[ JosephMcc ]
* cs_keyboard: Add a "wide" style class to the pane separator in the shortcuts page and remove some unneeded padding so this looks a little nicer in most newer themes
* effects: Enable effects on dialogs and menus by default
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Sound applet: Correctly identify changed artwork from Spotify (and add support for new URLs in version 0.27.x)
* Theme settings: Don't filter themes missing gtk-3.0 if they provide gtk-3.*
[ brownsr ]
* show multi line descriptions in applet about: Fix #5193
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Sound applet: Use wget to download remote artwork covers
[ JosephMcc ]
* layout: Tweak the handling of menus in the top_window_group to match muffin changes
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Cinnamon Settings: Fixed gi.require_version warnings
* Cinnamon Settings: Remove a couple of old debug output
* Cinnamon Settings: Retire cinnamon-bluetooth (replaced with Blueberry)
[ Michael Webster ]
* Revert "St-texture-cache: Don't monitor file changes (should increase performance, might cause regressions in cases where the St texture needs to be refreshed following a file change)"
[ JosephMcc ]
* panel-launcher: Fix an undeclared variable warning
[ Daniel Alley ]
* Fixed cinnamon slideshow error (Issue #4280)
[ JosephMcc ]
* Adjust to Muffin API changes for handling fullscreen windows
* Extensions: Fix the "Disable all extensions" not working
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Updated generated files
* Updated pot file
* Packaging: Bumped internal dependencies
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sun, 24 Apr 2016 14:02:02 +0100
cinnamon (2.8.7) rosa; urgency=medium
[ Michael Webster ]
* Fix event handlers for teaching keybindings - the cursor-down and -up keys were being incorrectly used to navigate the tree view during teach mode, and it was breaking focus (and cancelling the teach.)
* magnifier: limit max zoom to a reasonable value
* menu applet: Fix vfade in the program list - it was only showing when desktop zoom was turned entirely off. We've reworked zoom since then, so that the .applications key only determines whether we listen to key and mouse bindings or not - actual zoom activation occurs only when the magnification factor becomes > 1.0.
* screensaver: Fix proxy to listen to the correct service, fix layout changes when the screensaver starts/stops.
* layout.js: get an actual boolean from the screensaver proxy.
* signalManager.js: pass argument array correctly, and don't wipe out this._storage when filtering out disconnected items.
* cinnamonDBus: rename Cinnamon to CinnamonDBus, and import Cinnamon so screenshot calls work.
[ JosephMcc ]
* window-list: Prevent the window list thumbnails from showing when the applets context menu is open
* window-list: Properly update the label in the window preview. Fixes
* cs_backgrounds: For an update of some of the reveal children on initial page load to fix some settings not showing properly
[ Rob Adams ]
* Fix D-Bus methods for screen capture
[ itzexor ]
* util.js: do not modify error message
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Mon, 07 Mar 2016 17:21:41 +0000
cinnamon (2.8.6) rosa; urgency=medium
[ JosephMcc ]
* launcher-editor: Implement the idea in makes more sense for than the current behavior. Do the same for directory-editor.ui
* window-list: Properly scale the window previews for hidpi
[ Dexter Chua ]
* popupmenu.js: Fix documentation
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Thu, 26 Nov 2015 20:35:01 +0000
cinnamon (2.8.5) rosa; urgency=medium
[ Michael Webster ]
* workspace-switcher applet: update relevant workspace graph when a window is added or removed from a workspace.
* workspace-switcher applet: Don't ignore maximized windows in the graph
[ Michal ]
* #4767: Handle situations when /usr/lib64 is a symlink to /usr/lib and vice versa on some distributions causing modules are being loaded multiple times
* #4357: Replace has_icon method with lookup_icon one to fix missing flags icons in keyboard applet
[ Dexter Chua ]
* signalManager.js: fix typo (fixes #4818)
[ JosephMcc ]
* effects: Currently when setting the minimize animation to "traditional" no sound effect is used when restoring the window. Change this so the minimize sound is played in this case.
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Sound applet: Close menu when closing media player.
[ Lars Mueller ]
* Fix menu applet's graphical oddity during search This is fixing #4845
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Fri, 20 Nov 2015 17:13:52 +0000
cinnamon (2.8.4) rosa; urgency=medium
[ Lars Mueller ]
* Fix a timer issue in TooltipBase In rare cases, two enter events occurred without a leave event in between, leaving an orphaned _showTimer behind
* Same fix for the overriden _onEnterEvent in the window list applet as in TooltipBase
[ pixunil ]
* Sound applet: Fetch the status of Loop and Shuffle at the beginning, not just on update
[ Björn Richter ]
* Fix: user_data is not passed to callback
[ Michael Webster ]
* js/ui/keybindings.js: Remove idle function for media keys. This is implemented in muffin now, for *all* muffin-managed keybindings.
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Wed, 11 Nov 2015 19:00:34 +0000
cinnamon (2.8.3) rosa; urgency=medium
[ JosephMcc ]
* layout.js: Rework our strut handling code to better handle multi-monitor situations
* effects: Set the default settings to actually match the default "Cinnamon" style so these get used on new installs
* desklet/boxpoiner: Don't try to correct the arrow side for the desklet menu inside desklet.js. The boxpointer handles this on it's own.
* CinnamonWindowTracker: Pull some upstream fixes so google chrome apps will use the proper icons in the window list
[ Lars Mueller ]
* Fix allocation error when STBoxLayout is align_end
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Sound applet: Fixed huge icons/artwork in HiDPI
* Keyboard settings: Release grab when focus is lost
[ cave ]
* attentionhandler suppress autofocus
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Mon, 09 Nov 2015 11:33:49 +0000
cinnamon (2.8.2) rosa; urgency=medium
[ Daniel Alley ]
* Replaced uses of the commands module with subprocess
[ Michael Webster ]
* st-container.c: Fix dispose method causing crashes. priv->children was being updated during destruction of each child, causing invalid pointers when iterating thru priv->children. Use clutter_actor_destroy_all_children to do just that, and we get no corruption.
* appletManager.js: fix get_object_for_uuid() when an empty index of appletObj is hit upon.
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Settings: Added link to mintlocale's input method
* Updated pot file
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Fri, 30 Oct 2015 12:03:31 +0000
cinnamon (2.8.1) rosa; urgency=medium
[ Dexter Chua ]
* panel.js: factor out panel allocation code and prevent division-by-zero error
[ JosephMcc ]
* workspace-switcher: Properly resize the switcher when using custom panel sizes
[ Daniel Alley ]
* fixed code execution by replacing os.system() w/, pep8 formatting
[ pixunil ]
* Panel launchers applet: syncronize with settings with correct variable Caused issues when adding, moving or removing items
[ Michael Webster ]
* Handle the failure to locate c-c-c modules more gracefully.
* fix i386 platform detection.
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Scan all relevant paths
* Removed unused files/generate_desktop_files file
* Add support for /usr/lib64 (used in RPM distros)
[ Daniel Alley ]
* fixed command injection, replaced deprecate calls to "commands" module with their subprocess replacements
* pep8 formatting
* added exception handler just in case
* fix potential NameError
* pep8
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Mon, 26 Oct 2015 11:46:40 +0000
cinnamon (2.8.0) rosa; urgency=medium
[ Alexandre Rostovtsev ]
* build: require libmuffin-2.5.0 for show_tile_preview
* build: append ST_CFLAGS when building test-recorder
[ Asier Iturralde Sarasola ]
* Fix some typos in the Writing applets tutorial
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Power applet: Fix case when last battery is removed (applet continued to show up)
* Power settings/applet: Added vendor/model info, refactored code/logic as to which device to show in the applet, fixed 6px margin issue
* Power applet: Don't show time until fully charged when equal to 0 (i.e. when unknown)
* Multi-monitor support: When switching workspace, the workspace name OSD should appear on all relevant monitors
* Alt-tab: Improved preview mode (faster switching animations, less delay, less opacity in the background)
* Alt-tab: Speed up preview backdrop animation a little more
* Alt-tab: Classic switcher, don't animate thumbnail removal (it looks weird when switching to the next window..). Also, increase the delay to show thumbs to 300ms. Both 180ms and 300ms seem slow when trying to identify windows by their thumbs, but 180ms gets in the way and shows shadow-thumbs when pressing Alt at "normal" speed. It's all empirical/subjective really.. but this seems to improve things a bit.
* Display applet: Show output names (handy when the the display name is the same for 2 or more monitors)
* Workspace Switcher applet: Added visual representations and configuration to switch between visual and button modes
* Applets: Fixed enabling/disabling applets
* Window list applet: Simplified setting description
* Revert "Stop using deprecated functions"
* Network applet: If the device vendor/model are empty, return the device name or the device type
* Sound applet: Replaced 'menuitem-detail' style with popup-inactive-menu-item
* Sound applet: Group player_info/artwork/track_info/controls/position_seeker together, implement flat slider support in slider.js.
* Sound applet: Reduce the number of theme styles used
* Sound applet: Fixed recent regression when displaying track info in the panel
* Sound applet: Move input components, output devices and applications to context menu
* Sound applet: Hide applications/output-devices initially
* Sound applet: Make new styles important so the new elements look nice in all themes
* Sound applet: Fixed introduced regression (title/artist info only changed when cover changed)
* Sound applet: Themeable button sizes (bigger by default) and a little more padding in the track info
* User settings: Removed trailing spaces and fixed indentation
* User settings: Replace os.system() with
* Indicators: Less debug info in Melange, and hide indicators which role is registered by applets
* Fixed redeclaration of const Params
* FHS fixes: move arch indip. files from /usr/lib to /usr/share
* Move to /usr/lib as contain one path arch dependent
* Sound applet: Force padding/alignment on device output origins
* Removed unused code
* Don't register Cinnamon with cinnamon-session
* Fixed Cinnamon caused by previous commits
* Fixed Cinnamon crash caused by previous commits
* Removed cinnamon-preload
* Added debian/cinnamon.maintscript to remove obsolete preload files in /etc
* Window list applet: Add window title and icon to window preview thumb
* Systray applet: Fixes for invisible/out-of-place icons
* Updated makepot
* Updated additional files
* Fixed ./ and updated cs module desktop files
* Fixed missing paths in makepot
* Don't translate "v%s"..
* Updated pot file
* Systray applet: Fixed Cinnamon crash when resizing the panel or toggling scale mode
* Systray applet: Fixed indicators not being removed properly
* A couple of improvements for indicators
* Window list applet: Enable thumbnail previews by default
[ Corbin ]
* Improve/Bugfixes password changer dialogs
* finishing touches
[ darealshinji ]
* Packaging: fix and override more Lintian warnings
[ Dexter Chua ]
* appletManager.js: use a more efficient method to add applet
* appletManager.js: avoid code duplication
* Menu Applet: Code Cleanup 1
* Menu Applet: Code Cleanup 2
* appletManager.js: Don't reinvent Applet.prototype.filter
* appletManager.js: more cleanup
* Panel Launchers: Code Cleanup
* popupmenu.js: Code Cleanup
* signalManager.js: Code Simplification
* Fix deprecation warnings
* [Alt-F2] Work well with whitespace in filenames
* don't crash when XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP is not set
* [Alt-F2] Redo (broken) completion mechanism
* [Alt-F2] Allow user-defined aliases
* [Alt-F2] Fix completion for symlink to directory
* Allow documentation of signals
* Document signals in PopupMenu.PopupMenuBase
* Stop using deprecated functions
* Removed unused variables
* Stop using deprecated functions
* tooltip.js: split out TooltipBase class for easier reuse
* Window list applet: add window preview
* Add missing import
* tooltips: simplify position calculations
* [Docs] Fix regression in whitespace determination
* windowManger.js: use Tweener for timeout
* tooltip.js: yet again more cleanup
* window list: steal alt-tab style for preview
[ Dustin Falgout ]
* Display the name of Arch Derivatives When Applicable
[ Fabio Fantoni ]
* Install python script supporting files in /usr/share
* Fix cinnamon-settings python files path
* Fix cinnamon-settings-users policy path
* Fix cinnamon-settings-users path
* Fix cinnamon-desktop-editor path
* Fix cinnamon-menu-editor path
* Fix cinnamon-screensaver-lock-dialog path
* Fix cinnamon-json-makepot path
* Fix other FHS path
* Fix cinnamon-settings after FHS fixes
* Improve debian/rules
* Add capi search path
[ Filip Kowalczyk ]
* fixed sticky highlight on Clear List button in Recent Files when browsing with keys
[ Garry Filakhtov ]
* Removed dateFormat from toLocaleTimeString() call
[ James Lu ]
* cs_startup: fix crash on NameError when copying a desktop file fails
[ JosephMcc ]
* Deprecations: Remove use of deprecated g_type_init () and bump GObject requirement accordingly.
* Deprecations: Replace gtk_icon_info_free() with g_object_unref()
* Cleanup: instead of attempting to clean up deprecated functionality in cinnamon-arrow, just remove it since it seems to be unused.
* Cleanup: Fix an unused function warning in cinnamon-global.c
* Cleanup: Remove st-tooltip. It's the source of a lot of build warnings and we no longer use it.
* js: Explicitly dispose of all cairo contexts. A long read on why you want to do this here:
* trash-applet: Fix an issue: JS ERROR: Error: Too few arguments to method Gio.close expected 1 got 0 in the trash applet
* effects: bring back our window unminimize effect
* workspace-switcher: Add an "Add new workspace" option to the context menu
* boxpointer: Pull in some upstream fixes that better handle the boxpointer "arrow" in some cases
* Set the X-Gnome-AutoRestart hint to false. Stumbled across this in an old gnome bug report. Fixes the issue with Cinnamon restarting twice with cinnamon --replace
* windowManager: Destroy the tile hud/preview when we are done with it. Currently after showing the preview you will get a noticeable slowdown when moving windows that pass off the monitor edges. This should help solve that.
* popupMenu: Add back the expander arrow on PopupSubMenuMenuItem but with a different layout. Also tweak the layout of a couple of our applet menus to look nicer with this change. The addition of the icons to Cinnamon itself is a workaround for Mint. Newer versions of the gnome icon theme have these as built in icons but not in the version supplied with Mint 17. They can be removed in the future.
* bg: add "spanned" to the list of bg types that need to show the background color options
* popupMenu: add back a couple checks for the existence of submenu expander arrow to prevent breaking the right click context menus in the menu applet
* use the new meta_screen_get_current_monitor() to place appswitchers and modal dialogs on the proper monitor in multiple monitor setups
* workspace-applet: properly dispose a cairo context
* cs_windows: Reword a setting to match
* windowManager: Make the window dimming effect with attached dialogs a bit stronger and more obvious
* windowManager: Properly declare a variable
* add new slider and separator objects
* workspace-switcher: Rework the visual style workspace switcher so it can be themed. Also fix some st_theme_node warnings and stop windows from being able to be drawn outside the workspace background
* cs_startup: set modal to true for both the "Choose application" and "Add custom command" dialogs so the behavior is the same for both when using attached dialogs
* rework the window list and effects so minimize effects work properly with multiple window lists on multiple monitors
* sound-applet: make the volume slider for individual applications fully expand
* workspace-swithcer: Use the set_important() function to make sure we get proper theming on the visual workspace switcher in themes that don't yet support it
* systray-applet: fix an undeclared variable warning
* theme: Re-style and size checkboxes and radio buttons in the default theme
[ leigh123linux ]
* cinnamon_recorder_LDADD' is defined but no program or library has 'cinnamon_recorder' as canonical name (possible typo)
* Remove relic from old mozjs-17
* fix gtk import version
* fix gtk import version
* fix gtk import version
* fix notify import version
* fix cinnamon-desktop and upowerglib import versions
* fix accountsservice import version
* remove unused browser plugin stuff
* cs_screensaver: fix Deprecation Warning
* SettingsWidgets: fix Deprecation Warning
* cs_themes: fix Deprecation Warning
* Spices: fix Deprecation Warning
* deprecated schema
* missed one
[ lestcape ]
* Be more selective when filter the mouse release events.
* Add support for indicators.
* Fix missing or improperly imports.
* Moved the indicator to the main cinnamon class. Removed the NameWatchDog Class. Added some checks, and the compatibility with this new behavior.
* Removed also the NameWatchDog declaration (was omitted in the previous commit).
* Inhibit the indicator icon, when has a draggable parent.
* As a pedro recommendation, this is an attempt to move the RadioButton and CheckBox classes to the corresponding place, and reuse it, in the same place.
* Fixed an error in the regretion from signalManager.
[ Marga Manterola ]
* Optimize rebuilding of media-keys hotkeys (fixes #4691)
* Reorder setting delay_setup_started variable to avoid possible races (improves #4692)
[ Matthew Petroff ]
* Restore time remaining option for power applet.
* Fix translation strings.
[ Michael Webster ]
* cs_backgrounds: add missing import
* window-list applet: restore 2.4 behavior where a window list item demanding attention remains highlighted after it's done flashing.
* panel-launcher: Use a generic icon when creating a new launcher, if the user didn't select a custom icon.
* st-widget: Expand the "important" property: add set/get methods, remove CONSTRUCT_ONLY flag, have a theme node recalculation triggered when the property changes.
* Move with rest of cinnamon-settings files to their new location, remove debian sed rule for multiarch fix, instead figure out the right location in the capi code. Cinnamon-bluetooth is not MultiarchSpec compliant, so we still need to *also* load from /usr/lib/*.
* st-widget.c: Fix typo in st_widget_recompute_style
* st-theme-node: properly recalc the theme node when an StWidget's important property changes.
* main.js: Fix typo from 08474a03cd660bb176d5ebb361a01ff6d51162fc
* tooltips.js: Fix some occasional log warnings
* window list: don't delay showing a preview, if another preview was just showing.
* keybindings.js: don't tell muffin to remove a keybinding that we never set. This quiets warnings during startup about magnifier hotkeys.
[ Phillip Berndt ]
* Calendar applet: Avoid unnecessary wakeups
* Calendar applet: Update each second if global time format is set to include seconds
* Calendar applet: Update if Date&Time configuration has changed
* Calendar applet: Simpler detection method for 8aa5264
[ pixunil ]
* Power applet: Fixed a logical bug, when the primary device does not change its icon string after an update, battery-full will be used Fixes #4329
* Sound applet: Use the style class .sound-button-container with the pseudo class :small for quit and raise buttons Theme: Apply the :small pseudo class, cleanup of unused sound applet classes
* Also translate xlet metadata in about dialogs
* cs-backgrounds: add revealer to gradient widgets when picture-options is set to a value where those have no effect
* Network applet: hide the switch if the switch has got no function This is typically the case e.g. when a cable is unplugged
* trash applet: do not add items to context menu on orientation changed
* extension.js: Use a macro function to create the Extension.Type members
* extension.js: xlet uuids are unique for each xlet type, it is now possible to have more than one xlet of different types and the same uuid - Extension.unloadExtension, Extension.forgetExtension and Extension.get_max_instances needs to have a type argument after the uuid - Extension.importObjects, Extension.objects, Extension.meta, Extension.dirs are moved to Extension.Type[type].maps[mapType]
* Automatically reload xlets when updating them instead of showing an info dialog
* extension.js: Enable imports in a xlet via import.xlet (where xlet is the type of xlet; applet, desklet, extension or search_provider) cinnamon-js.cpp: Removed cinnamon_js_add_extension_importer
* appletManager: In arrow filter functions, check if the value exists (when iterating over appletObj) Fixed the bug when the button in applet settings has no effect
[ Rob Adams ]
* Show audio device name (origin) in sound applet
* Change calls to highlight, activate callbacks on xlets - Fixed initial instance not being selected on multi-instance xlets (error on highlight) - Passing uuid and instance_id to cinnamon via dbus - instance_id is the same as uuid when multi-instance not allowed - Corrected order of instance tabs in Gtk.Notebook to reflect order instances were added in
[ Stephen Collins ]
* Fix St.Entry not honoring some css text properties
* settings.js: allow for dynamic getting and setting of options for supported key types (eg comboboxes and radio groups)
* Make more cursor types available to Cinnamon
* Sound applet: make sure player controls are destroyed when multiple names are used
* Add two more cursor types to Cinnamon javascript
* Fix some problems with the checkbox api
[ The Aviator ]
* Only get local users from /home
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Tue, 20 Oct 2015 10:39:24 +0100
cinnamon (2.6.13) rafaela; urgency=medium
* A11y applet: Show active keyboard modifiers when sticky keys are enabled
* Renamed mintInstall.desktop -> mintinstall.desktop
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Thu, 09 Jul 2015 14:16:19 +0200
cinnamon (2.6.12) rafaela; urgency=medium
[ mtwebster ]
* photoframe desklet: remove long-unused 'quality' setting.
* remove redundant url request when refreshing thumbnails.
[ JosephMcc ]
* Fix the activation of right side hot corners being blocked by the pointer barrier
* Some improvements to the trash applet
* fix the trash applet crashing cinnamon due to a misnamed function
* cs_startup: Fix an issue where startup applications fails to start because a desktop file fails to load
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Wed, 01 Jul 2015 09:29:20 +0200
cinnamon (2.6.11) rafaela; urgency=medium
* Trash applet: Fixed icon not updating, Cinnamon freezes and memory leaks when trashing large numbers of files
* Updated translations in desktop files
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Fri, 26 Jun 2015 16:05:29 +0200
cinnamon (2.6.10) rafaela; urgency=medium
[ Gwendal Le Bihan ]
* Don't fail when a stack is empty (can happen with the power panel)
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Wed, 24 Jun 2015 16:35:46 +0200
cinnamon (2.6.9) rafaela; urgency=medium
[ Dexter Chua ]
* signalManager.js: fix errors when disconnecting JS objects
* fix potential crash. Fixes #4325
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Power Settings: Fixed battery info duplicated on the page every time it is refreshed
* Power settings: Fixed typo in the code
* Keyboard applet: Show text when layout icon isn't found
* Bumped cjs dependency to 2.6.2 (required by signalManager)
[ Michael Webster ]
* photoframe desklet: Adjust an image's size only after it's been fully loaded, and we've received notification the size has changed (otherwise width and height are initially 0, and the aspect ratios of pictures aren't right.
* cinnamon-settings: Set the first child visible each time a stacked settings page is navigated to.
[ JosephMcc ]
* fix an issue where panels/desklets can't get focus when a window is fullscreened on the primary monitor
* Place modal dialogs like the About dialog on the monitor that currently has the mouse cursor instead of the monitor with the last focused window.
[ glebihan ]
* Added missing runtime dependency
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Mon, 22 Jun 2015 23:33:09 +0200
cinnamon (2.6.8) rafaela; urgency=medium
[ glebihan ]
* Fix typo in doc
[ Dexter Chua ]
* windowManager.js: fix typo; fixes #4253
* panel.js: fix panel autohide glitch
* applet.js: don't use deprecated MenuItem
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Revert "Menu applet: Removed context menu on recent items (overkill and we're really struggling with performance at startup)"
* Power applet: Fixed panel icon not getting refreshed after falling back to brightness icon (after a suspend/resume for instance)
* Power Settings: Added missing "self" in front of function
* Background settings: Don't fail when locale isn't as expected (fixes "LC_ALL=C cinnamon-settings backgrounds")
[ zyisrad ]
* Display Volume OSD on primary monitor correctly
[ Michael Webster ]
* windowManager.js: Fix window dimming behavior for attached modal dialogs.
* menu applet: clean up panel icon section - having no icon is a valid option, and it wasn't working.
* cs_startup: Let double-clicking entry open the edit dialog.
[ David Gasquez ]
* Fix typo
[ leigh123linux ]
* remove empty tooltip
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sun, 14 Jun 2015 13:18:44 +0200
cinnamon (2.6.7) rafaela; urgency=medium
[ Michael Webster ]
* Make cinnamon a proper registered client with cinnamon-session. This lets us kill it on command. Otherwise, it lasts longer than c-s-d does (which is also a registered client) and we get strange icon/theme issues during logout, once xsettings dies.
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Renamed Screen Locker settings -> Screensaver and regenerated module desktop files
* Updated desktop files
* Make sure to refresh menu/panel-launchers at least once (when the Cinnamon icon theme is the same as the GTK one we don't get any icon-theme-change from St)
* By default, allow Cinnamon to scale panel text and icons according to the panel heights
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Tue, 02 Jun 2015 12:39:58 +0200
cinnamon (2.6.6) rafaela; urgency=medium
* Revert "Menu/Panel Launchers applets: Don't listen to St directly, refresh when icon theme or active display scale is changed" (Fixes race condition causing gnome icon theme in menu/panel-launchers at login)
* BackgroundManager: After 60 seconds, apply gnome bg changes blindly (fixes case where Firefox->set as wallpaper saves a new picture using the same path as before)
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sun, 31 May 2015 18:59:15 +0200
cinnamon (2.6.5) rafaela; urgency=medium
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Added cinnamon-killer-daemon to restart nemo/CSD/cinnamon via keyboard shortcut
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sat, 30 May 2015 13:22:51 +0200
cinnamon (2.6.4) rafaela; urgency=medium
[ mtwebster ]
* cinnamon-desktop-editor: Don't panic when an existing .desktop file doesn't have an icon defined.
[ Stephen Collins ]
* Make sure notification applet always stays hidden when it's supposed to
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Network applet: Fixed default IPV6 device being considered as important as default IPV4 one
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Fri, 29 May 2015 10:21:05 +0200
cinnamon (2.6.3) rafaela; urgency=medium
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Power settings: Don't rely on output.get_backlight_min|max() to show brightness controls as it's not reliable with all hardware. Try to get backlight() info directly to see if it's supported instead.
* Theme settings: Fixed regression caused by gettext fix ;)
* Power settings: Don't show "When the battery is critically low" option with upower 1.0 (it no longer supports that)
* Power settings: Don't use variables that don't exist (in UPS handling)
* Calendar applet: Refresh view when show-week-numbers setting is changed
* Network applet: Properly detect active VPN connection at session start when updating the panel icon
* On-Screen keyboard: Affect Struts
* On-Screen keyboard: Removed transparent background in default theme.
* Sound applet: Only read position for seek-supported players, only support seek when playback rate is 1.0, don't support seek for Totem/GNOME-MPlayer/Pithos (either getting or setting the position isn't fully functional), only update the position timer once every second
* Systray applet: Factorize icon resize code, removed special cases (we know they don't work for pidgin and thunderbird)
* Systray applet: force natural icon sizes for known buggy icons (pidgin, thunderbird)
* Keyboard settings: Renamed horizontal/vertical maximization options
[ Dexter Chua ]
* fix crash when file change
* expo.js: don't respond to scrolls when animating
* docs: Split out tutorials
* Sync GNOME HiDPI settings
* Fix panel launcher dnd
* cinnamon-settings: be compatible with old gi
* use gtk_container_foreach instead of gtk_container_forall
* docs: Fix doc image not showing
* docs: Fix missing syntax highlight
* better protection against broken panel config
[ Gwendal Le Bihan ]
* Don't show stack switcher on applet configuration page
* Follow date format setting in notification applet
[ Didenko Vladimir ]
* Load default icon if icon theme doesn't have application icon
[ Michael Webster ]
* js/docInfo.js: don't make a thumbnail factory (it never gets used)
* cinnamon-settings: invert mouse sensitivity setting so it makes sense, eliminate rubber-banding of GSettingsRange by restricting int setting types to whole number adjustments in the slider.
* cs_privacy: replace broken unbind() - take advantage of the behavior that a new binding will overwrite a previous one on the same object property.
* Add image for default screensaver preview.
* bring the currently selected screensaver row into view when the panel is displayed.
* menu applet: when refreshing happens, apps, recent and places need to end up in the same order as before. Also, since we empty the whole container during an app refresh, we need to rebuild recent and places. When places change, we need to refresh recent also (to maintain order).
* SettingsWidgets: display the correct number of SpinButton digits depending on the step value. (fixes issue with font scale spinner)
* cs_panel: don't connect to settings until the page has been constructed. Don't crash and burn if cinnamon isn't running.
* cs_panel: don't crash when there aren't any panels
[ JosephMcc ]
* osd: fix the media keys osd not showing on top of full screen windows
* remove double '/' from paths
* allow disabling of pointer barriers on all panels
[ pixunil ]
* Added missing method to ExtensionSidePage class, which blocked the update of the indicator of the active theme
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Wed, 27 May 2015 10:30:20 +0200
cinnamon (2.6.2) rafaela; urgency=medium
[ Dexter Chua ]
* docs: Move tutorial index to tutorials/ folder
* docs: include image used in source
[ Clement Lefebvre ]
* Gettext fixes
* Gettext fix: "Lock Screen" is ambiguous in English, we decided in 2.4 it would be translated as the action, whereas "Screen Locker" would be the noun.
* Gettext fix: Can't use adjectives without nouns
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Thu, 21 May 2015 12:41:46 +0200
cinnamon (2.6.1) rafaela; urgency=medium
* ellipsize description when necessary
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Wed, 20 May 2015 09:28:56 +0200
cinnamon (2.6.0) rafaela; urgency=medium
* 2.6.0
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Tue, 19 May 2015 17:50:50 +0200
cinnamon (2.5.0) unstable; urgency=medium
* bump for development
-- Michael Webster <> Sat, 11 Apr 2015 08:37:01 -0400
cinnamon (2.4.6) rebecca; urgency=medium
* Settings: Fix occasional GTK-Warning and blank menu entry in the terminal selection, some comments
* overrides: only check gsettings schema when it's actually provided.
* magnifier.js: fix source id warning
* notifications: fix default opacity being doubled in hidpi mode.
* desklets: Make sure a new desklet is placed in a visible portion of the primary monitor.
* photo desklet: Fix a warning, clock desklet: move some String class overrides to js/ui/overrides.js so they can be used in the desklet as well as the calendar applet.
* panel applet: always remove the drag placeholder after a drag (not just after a successful one)
* menu applet: always remove a favorites drag placeholder after a drag (not just after a successful one)
* Added missing dependency on gir1.2-notify-0.7
* Cinnamon Settings: Properly handle themes which thumbnail isn't readable
* cinnamon-slideshow: fix introspection for some Fixes #3742
* fix user added picture slideshow
* fix ' coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, NoneType found'
* sound applet: fixed #3735 - mute on middle click
* windowManager.js: Fix opacity issues when using fade mapping, and other effects involving opacity changes.
* cinnamon-settings keyboard: fix Escape key handling to cancel keybinding teach mode (when numlock is on), and allow backspace to be used as a hotkey when modified.
* keybindings: Ignore capslock for teach mode
* keybindings: force lower case when comparing existing keybindings for collisions.
* Fixed scroll direction in window list applet
* layout.js: don't hide/show the panels during the startup animation, make them temporarily transparent instead - this fixes an issue when panel auto-hide is active, the animation will complete, and you'll see a temporary blank area where the panel would be, as the chrome adjusts to the panel.
* layout.js: Only alter panel behavior during animation when the panel auto-hide is actually active - it 'looks' better during startup for any non-auto-hidden panel.
* appletManager.js: Don't dump orphaned applets into the remaining panel when changing layouts from double to single panel. They are silently ignored. They will show as having an issue in applet settings (red dot) and a looking glass log note, describing how to fix, if desired.
* keybindings: Filter out reserved GdkModifierTypes - they can interfere with keybindings on certain systems.
* classicSwitcher.js: prevent warning from an errant source id.
* app switcher: Fix double-destroy when activating a minimized window. The app switchers listen for the 'map' signal from windows - a mapping signal triggers an _activateWindow, and we also get an activate from actually selecting the window in the first place.
* st-im-text.c: Fix capslock in StEntry widgets.
* expoThumbnail.js: Fix warning from invalid source id.
* overrides.js: Add dump_stack when .disconnecting with an invalid ID.
* classicSwitcher.js: Force a re-allocation of the alt-tab container when a thumbnail/preview is removed.
* Fixed default avatar image path
* menu applet: Don't reset the category when dragging an app.
* st-texture-cache.c: Make sure the pixbuf requested ends up with the correct-sized texture (instead of the original texture size) - StIcon's update_shadow_material method was getting a bad size to generate the shadow/blur.
* Rename the stock cinnamon menu applet icon so it gets rendered correctly as a symbolic icon.
* applet.js: Make sure set_applet_icon_symbolic_name and _path use a good size when scale mode is off. Also reduce the padding of the menu-symbolic.svg icon so its visible size is more in line with other symbolic icons.
* menu applet: Fix logic surrounding the default icon.
* Fixed the PictureChooserButton in Gtk 3.14, compatible with 3.10.
* Cinnamon Settings: Fixed menu picture sizes in PictureChooserButton in Gtk 3.14, compatible with 3.10.
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Mon, 19 Jan 2015 16:42:40 +0100
cinnamon (2.4.5) rebecca; urgency=medium
* Fixed startup animation
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Wed, 26 Nov 2014 22:21:25 +0100
cinnamon (2.4.4) rebecca; urgency=medium
* Xlets: silently ignore uninstalled items
* Theme: Fixed Expo trash-icon not fitting in button
* Fixed: settings/backgrounds Gradient and Picture Aspect text not aligned on the left side
* Point the onscreen keyboard to the proper gsettings key
* Settings/Default: Added a bit more height
* Settings/Account Details: Fixed button not showing any icon when user has no "face" picture
* Menu applet: Fixed "recent" label making menu too wide
* Systray applet: Fixed icons getting resized to 20px..
* Users and Groups admin tool: Don't allow root to modify the password for user whose home dir is encrypted
* Menu applet: don't show recent if it's disabled in privacy settings
* Fixes applet name in 'About' modal
* cinnamon-settings: Fixed spices progress window becoming corrupted after refreshing themes. Allow each xlet page to own its own GtkBuilder for generating the refresh dialog.
* Fixed 2d session requirements
* Prevent cinnamon crash when an invalid gsettings schema is used. Many thanks and all credit to @lestscape (#3692)
* Revert "[window list applet] Fix attention visibility on mouse hover" ~ possible cause of temporary DE freezes
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sun, 23 Nov 2014 14:55:09 +0100
cinnamon (2.4.3) rebecca; urgency=medium
* Small l10n fixes, refreshed desktop files
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Thu, 13 Nov 2014 13:56:14 +0100
cinnamon (2.4.2) rebecca; urgency=medium
* photoframe desklet: fix mega leak, don't cache all images, destroy old images.
* photoframe desklet: cancel the update timer when removing the desklet.
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Mon, 10 Nov 2014 11:00:28 +0100
cinnamon (2.4.1) rebecca; urgency=medium
* Sound Applet: use Math.round instead of .floor on volume values and better mute handling
* Sound Applet: play sound "volume" on scroll event of the sliders
* Sound Applet: scrollevent on the icon: 0% -> 5% instead of 0% -> 10%
* Notifications applet: Don't show empty tray by default
* Utils: added a string latinise function Menu Applet: applied this new latinise function to sort the applications
* keybindings: change signal name to listen for media key changes.
* Cinnamon Settings, extension-core: l10n fix for Highlight and Remove buttons
* l10n fixes for Menu Editor
* l10n fix in Cinnamon Settings
* Cinnamon Settings: Give MDM the same label as present in mdmsetup.desktop
* Hide root terminal from terminal selection list as it doesn't work
* menu applet: recognize symbolic icon file paths for the applet icon
* power applet: make applet label configurable when plugged in, improve logic a bit when deciding what to show.
* power applet: prevent device refresh before proxy is acquired (caused by panel height change callback which is called when the applet is loaded, but sometimes before the async acquisition of _proxy is completed.)
* Use system proxy settings in cinnamon-settings
* Settings, backgrounds: Sort system collections, special-case Linux Mint (composed name) and Retro collections - icons/display_name
* Add settings for cinnamon-session timer
* re-add deprecated keybinding schema to allow migration script to work
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sat, 08 Nov 2014 10:13:36 +0100
cinnamon (2.4.0) rebecca; urgency=medium
* 2.4.0
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Fri, 31 Oct 2014 23:21:29 +0100
cinnamon (2.3.0) unstable; urgency=medium
* 2.3.0
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Fri, 27 Jun 2014 14:10:47 +0100
cinnamon (2.2.14) qiana; urgency=medium
* 2.2.14
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Fri, 27 Jun 2014 14:09:34 +0100
cinnamon (2.2.13) qiana; urgency=medium
* 2.2.13
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sun, 25 May 2014 21:10:17 +0100
cinnamon (2.2.12) qiana; urgency=medium
* 2.2.12
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sun, 25 May 2014 18:56:09 +0100
cinnamon (2.2.11) qiana; urgency=medium
* 2.2.11
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sun, 25 May 2014 13:42:18 +0100
cinnamon (2.2.10) qiana; urgency=medium
* 2.2.10
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Tue, 20 May 2014 11:10:11 +0100
cinnamon (2.2.9) qiana; urgency=medium
* 2.2.9
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Mon, 12 May 2014 21:38:29 +0100
cinnamon (2.2.8) qiana; urgency=medium
* 2.2.8
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sun, 11 May 2014 17:29:45 +0100
cinnamon (2.2.7) qiana; urgency=medium
* 2.2.7
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sun, 11 May 2014 10:04:02 +0100
cinnamon (2.2.6) qiana; urgency=medium
* 2.2.6
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sun, 04 May 2014 16:29:59 +0100
cinnamon (2.2.5) qiana; urgency=medium
* 2.2.5
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sat, 03 May 2014 15:35:05 +0100
cinnamon (2.2.4) qiana; urgency=medium
* 2.2.4
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Thu, 01 May 2014 13:40:45 +0100
cinnamon (2.2.3) qiana; urgency=medium
* 2.2.3
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Mon, 14 Apr 2014 18:07:20 +0100
cinnamon (2.2.2) qiana; urgency=medium
* 2.2.2
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Mon, 14 Apr 2014 14:12:39 +0100
cinnamon (2.2.1) qiana; urgency=medium
* 2.2.1
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sun, 13 Apr 2014 11:31:47 +0100
cinnamon (2.2.0) qiana; urgency=medium
* 2.2.0
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sat, 12 Apr 2014 15:28:43 +0100
cinnamon (2.0.14) petra; urgency=low
* 2.0.14
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Mon, 25 Nov 2013 18:41:18 +0000
cinnamon (2.0.13) petra; urgency=low
* 2.0.13
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sat, 23 Nov 2013 13:32:14 +0000
cinnamon (2.0.12) petra; urgency=low
* 2.0.12
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Mon, 11 Nov 2013 13:33:35 +0000
cinnamon (2.0.11) petra; urgency=low
* 2.0.11
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Thu, 07 Nov 2013 10:18:29 +0000
cinnamon (2.0.10) petra; urgency=low
* 2.0.10
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sun, 03 Nov 2013 17:53:18 +0000
cinnamon (2.0.9) petra; urgency=low
* 2.0.9
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sun, 03 Nov 2013 15:51:46 +0000
cinnamon (2.0.8) petra; urgency=low
* 2.0.8
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Thu, 31 Oct 2013 13:30:20 +0000
cinnamon (2.0.7) petra; urgency=low
* 2.0.7
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Tue, 29 Oct 2013 10:42:11 +0000
cinnamon (2.0.6) petra; urgency=low
* 2.0.6
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Fri, 25 Oct 2013 15:29:10 +0100
cinnamon (2.0.5) petra; urgency=low
* 2.0.5
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Thu, 24 Oct 2013 11:14:45 +0100
cinnamon (2.0.4) petra; urgency=low
* 2.0.4
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Tue, 22 Oct 2013 14:37:13 +0100
cinnamon (2.0.3) petra; urgency=low
* 2.0.3
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Fri, 18 Oct 2013 16:04:36 +0100
cinnamon (2.0.2) petra; urgency=low
* 2.0.2
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Wed, 09 Oct 2013 15:05:24 +0100
cinnamon (2.0.1) petra; urgency=low
* 2.0.1
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Wed, 09 Oct 2013 13:52:55 +0100
cinnamon (2.0.0) petra; urgency=low
* 2.0.0
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Wed, 09 Oct 2013 10:47:58 +0100
cinnamon (1.9.2) petra; urgency=low
* 1.9.2
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Mon, 30 Sep 2013 13:26:09 +0100
cinnamon (1.9.1) olivia; urgency=low
* 1.9.1
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sat, 01 Jun 2013 22:16:16 +0100
cinnamon (1.8.7) olivia; urgency=low
* 1.8.7
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sat, 01 Jun 2013 14:57:52 +0100
cinnamon (1.8.6) olivia; urgency=low
* 1.8.6
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Thu, 23 May 2013 16:28:18 +0100
cinnamon (1.8.5) olivia; urgency=low
* 1.8.5
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Wed, 22 May 2013 17:34:29 +0100
cinnamon (1.8.4) olivia; urgency=low
* 1.8.4
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Wed, 22 May 2013 16:15:07 +0100
cinnamon (1.8.3) olivia; urgency=low
* 1.8.3
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sun, 19 May 2013 21:00:31 +0100
cinnamon (1.8.2) olivia; urgency=low
* 1.8.2
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Tue, 07 May 2013 14:30:31 +0100
cinnamon (1.8.1) olivia; urgency=low
* 1.8.1
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Tue, 07 May 2013 00:09:09 +0100
cinnamon (1.8.0) olivia; urgency=low
* 1.8.0
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sun, 05 May 2013 17:40:50 +0100
cinnamon (1.7.10) olivia; urgency=low
* 1.7.10
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Fri, 03 May 2013 21:06:16 +0100
cinnamon (1.7.9) olivia; urgency=low
* 1.7.9
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Fri, 03 May 2013 17:53:50 +0100
cinnamon (1.7.8) olivia; urgency=low
* 1.7.8
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Tue, 30 Apr 2013 17:01:30 +0100
cinnamon (1.7.7) olivia; urgency=low
* 1.7.7
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sun, 28 Apr 2013 11:40:38 +0100
cinnamon (1.7.6) olivia; urgency=low
* 1.7.6
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sat, 27 Apr 2013 19:56:06 +0100
cinnamon (1.7.5) olivia; urgency=low
* 1.7.5
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sat, 27 Apr 2013 19:54:05 +0100
cinnamon (1.7.4) olivia; urgency=low
* 1.7.4
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Mon, 15 Apr 2013 14:54:44 +0100
cinnamon (1.7.3) olivia; urgency=low
* 1.7.3
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Fri, 22 Mar 2013 14:05:06 +0000
cinnamon (1.7.2) olivia; urgency=low
* 1.7.2
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Tue, 05 Mar 2013 10:40:53 +0000
cinnamon (1.7.1) olivia; urgency=low
* 1.7.1
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Thu, 21 Feb 2013 16:21:59 +0000
cinnamon (1.6.7) nadia; urgency=low
* 1.6.7
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Wed, 14 Nov 2012 14:44:36 +0000
cinnamon (1.6.6) nadia; urgency=low
* 1.6.6
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Tue, 06 Nov 2012 18:08:46 +0000
cinnamon (1.6.5) nadia; urgency=low
* 1.6.5
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Mon, 05 Nov 2012 18:50:04 +0000
cinnamon (1.6.4) nadia; urgency=low
* 1.6.4
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Wed, 24 Oct 2012 16:45:19 +0100
cinnamon (1.6.3) nadia; urgency=low
* 1.6.3
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sat, 20 Oct 2012 21:24:02 +0100
cinnamon (1.6.2) nadia; urgency=low
* 1.6.2
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Thu, 18 Oct 2012 14:44:40 +0100
cinnamon (1.6.1) maya; urgency=low
* 1.6.1
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Thu, 27 Sep 2012 14:32:57 +0100
cinnamon (1.6.0) maya; urgency=low
* 1.6.0
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Mon, 17 Sep 2012 16:42:54 +0100
cinnamon (1.5.8) maya; urgency=low
* 1.5.8
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sun, 09 Sep 2012 13:36:26 +0100
cinnamon (1.5.7) maya; urgency=low
* 1.5.7
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Wed, 05 Sep 2012 18:18:09 +0100
cinnamon (1.5.6) maya; urgency=low
* 1.5.6
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Wed, 05 Sep 2012 16:25:33 +0100
cinnamon (1.5.5) maya; urgency=low
* 1.5.5
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Wed, 05 Sep 2012 16:22:08 +0100
cinnamon (1.5.4) maya; urgency=low
* 1.5.4
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Wed, 05 Sep 2012 12:31:55 +0100
cinnamon (1.5.3) maya; urgency=low
* 1.5.3
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Wed, 29 Aug 2012 11:36:31 +0100
cinnamon (1.5.2) maya; urgency=low
* 1.5.2
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Thu, 26 Jul 2012 23:27:00 +0100
cinnamon (1.5.1) maya; urgency=low
* 1.5.1
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Thu, 26 Jul 2012 13:07:36 +0100
cinnamon (1.5.0) maya; urgency=low
* 1.5.0
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Tue, 24 Jul 2012 15:52:06 +0100
cinnamon (1.4-UP3) maya; urgency=low
* 1.4 UP3
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sun, 20 May 2012 11:05:35 +0100
cinnamon (1.4-UP2) maya; urgency=low
* 1.4 UP2
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Fri, 18 May 2012 18:35:28 +0100
cinnamon (1.4-UP1) maya; urgency=low
* 1.4 UP1
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sun, 13 May 2012 23:43:22 +0100
cinnamon (1.4.0) lisa; urgency=low
* New Cinnamon release
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Tue, 13 Mar 2012 16:11:41 +0000
cinnamon (1.3.1) lisa; urgency=low
* New Cinnamon release
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Mon, 20 Feb 2012 10:14:59 +0000
cinnamon (1.3.0) lisa; urgency=low
* New Cinnamon release
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Fri, 17 Feb 2012 14:55:12 +0000
cinnamon (1.2.0) lisa; urgency=low
* New Cinnamon release
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Mon, 23 Jan 2012 14:10:38 +0000
cinnamon (1.1.3) lisa; urgency=low
* Menu improvements: The search entry isn't cleared anymore when the menu is closed
* Menu improvements: Clearing the search entry now resets the search results
* Menu improvements: Context menu for applications and favorites to "Add to panel", "Add to desktop", "Add/Remove to/from favorites"
* Panel Launchers improvements: Custom launchers don't appear in the menu anymore and are store separately
* Panel Launchers improvements: Application launchers can be added by right-clicking on apps in the menu and selecting "Add to panel"
* Panel Launchers improvements: The Panel Launchers applet refreshes automatically when launchers are added/removed
* Visual improvements: The space between panel applets was reduced to 4px
* Visual improvements: Improved menu look & feel (less margins, system buttons merged with favorites..etc)
* Visual improvements: Reduced overall font size to 9.5pt (we're targeting PC users not mobile phones)
* Visual improvements: Windows in overview now feature icons for easier recognition
* Visual improvements: The notifications were moved a bit in order not to appear on top of window buttons when a window is maximized
* Visual improvements: Thumbnails from theme.json files in Gnome Shell themes are now used
* Visual improvements: Improved dialog for adding custom launchers
* Visual improvements: Panel Launchers now have tooltips
* Network Manager Applet improvements: Switching Ethernet off now actually disconnects the device
* Network Manager Applet improvements: Switching Wireless off now actually disconnects the device
* Bug fixes: Critical: Cinnamon doesn't crash anymore when a theme was unreadable due to permission problems
* Bug fixes: Themes: Themes in ~/.themes are now detected
* Bug fixes: Panel: New default size for status icons (fixes issue with Gnome Shell themes where an icon could get too big)
* Bug fixes: Window List: A bug which prevented LibreOffice applications from showing an icon was fixed
* Bug fixes: Dual Monitors: Fixed a bug which prevented the mouse pointer from moving from the primary monitor to the secondary monitor
* New configuration options: The menu text ("Menu") is now configurable via gsettings (at "org.cinnamon menu-text")
* New configuration options: The panel can now auto-hide (this is turned OFF by default and available via gsettings at "org.cinnamon panel-autohide")
* New configuration options: The Overview Hot Corner can be disabled (it is enabled by default and this is available via gsettings at "org.cinnamon overview-corner-hover")
* New configuration options: The Overview Icon can be disabled (it is enabled by default and this is available via gsettings at "org.cinnamon overview-corner-visible")
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Sun, 01 Jan 2012 21:52:36 +0000
cinnamon (1.1.2) lisa; urgency=low
* Feature: New Panel Launchers applet (alpha, adding apps launchers is done via gsettings)
* Feature: New Themes selection tab in overview (stable)
* Performance: Telepathy client and Calendar server are not run/used anymore
* Performance: Minimizing and restoring windows is much faster. This is especially visible when using the "showDesktop" applet
* Visual: Removed search entry from overview
* Visual: Easier to read calendar applet
* Visual: Fixed blurry tooltips in windowlist
* Critical: Fixed memory leak (which made Cinnamon use a lot of memory and the whole system eventually becoming really slow)
* Critical: Fixed important packaging bug preventing sound applet to work after a media player was launched (affected users and distributions using the .deb packages)
* Critical: Added missing files in data's and js' (for users and distributions not using the .deb packages)
* Critical: Fixed frozen menu when applications or favorites changed
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Fri, 23 Dec 2011 12:23:36 +0000
cinnamon (1.1.1) lisa; urgency=low
* Fix: Added missing panelLaunchers.js
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Wed, 21 Dec 2011 18:29:29 +0000
cinnamon (1.1.0) lisa; urgency=low
* Fixed run dialog
* Fixed sound devices disappearing in sound applet
* Fixed amarok support in sound applet
* Hide sound applet when media player is launched
* Alt tab is now window-centric
* Alt tab uses window titles
* Added Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down keybindings to show overview screen
* Added panel launchers applet (with terminal so far and no configuration so far..)
* Many small visual improvements made to default theme
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Wed, 21 Dec 2011 17:43:55 +0000
cinnamon (1.0.0) lisa; urgency=low
* Initial version (based on gnome-shell 3.2.1)
-- Clement Lefebvre <> Tue, 20 Dec 2011 14:10:34 +0000