Cinnamon 1.2: Certain apps can no longer be added to "Favorites" in menu. #191

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I've updated to Cinnamon 1.2 and so far it's looking great with one exception. I can't add certain applications to "Favorites" from within the menu any longer nor by adding these apps via the "dconf-editor" (Org/Cinnamon) like I used to. In fact, certain ones that I had already added to "Favorites" disappeared after updating to 1.2. Some of these applications that can no longer be added to "Favorites" are; "Synaptic" (vanished from "Favorites" after update to 1.2), "Software Manager", "Advanced settings", "Backup tool" (non-mint), any of the Mint applications and more. I haven't tried adding every single application as yet in order to find which apps can be added to "Favorites" and which ones cannot but I will later.

Adding any of the above to the "Desktop" or "Panel" from the menu works fine though.

As I said above, attempting to add the above apps to "Favorites" via dconf-editor also does not work. In fact, the entries of the above apps will be removed from "dconf-editor" (Org/Cinnamon) once Cinnamon is restarted.

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Fixed by 02d24b6

@glebihan glebihan closed this Jan 23, 2012

Tested okay in my install. Nice fix.

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It's fixed here as well.

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