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psych commented Jan 24, 2012

It was suggested in the forums that an issue be created to improve Cinnamon Settings. This has probably been thought of and discussed by one of the developers already, but it should probably be brought up just in case. Right now properly setting a theme for Gnome 3 is a mess of settings. Gnome Tweak Tool sets the cursor, Icon, and GTK themes, Cinnamon Settings sets the Cinnamon theme, and the Window Border/theme needs to be set in gconf-editor.

Cinnamon Settings should be improved to handle everything else, I believe, or Gnome Tweak Tool should be merged into Cinnamon Settings. Ideally, there should be one central location to set the complete theme for the desktop instead of having various pieces of it scattered throughout different settings apps and the editor.

The original idea for this came from here;

Apologize if this was elsewhere, but I didn't see it.


clefebvre commented Jan 24, 2012

Agreed, confirmed.

Why Gnome Tweak Tool nor Gnome System Settings?

I have some ideas for the themes myself. I think it would be awesome if we had the ability to change theme colors(background, border, text, etc.) in cinnamon settings. The .css files have so many places to change colors, you really have to study them to figure out how to change the colors the way you want. Couldn't you create new arrays for say backgroundColor, textColor, and borderColor and use these arrays to determine the color of the panel, menu, popup, etc? This way to change the color of menu you could add a setting to cinnamon-settings to choose the color you want, then whatever the user enters as color choice could be the value of the array. Transparency could also be adjusted this way. Just an idea :)

psych commented Jan 24, 2012

twopumpchump, I really, really like this idea. It sounds fantastic and would solve a lot of what people are having to go through right now to edit themes. I thought I saw something like this (maybe not) for other gtk2 themes in the past.

Invanit, I'm not sure what you're saying? Are you asking why we can't use those now?

Sorry for my english.

Are you asking why we can't use those now?

Yes. I think using Cinnamon Settings inside of System Settings would be much better.

Similar things have been done in Android, ADW laucher has the option to choose the colors for the dock icons in settings. Also, you can choose custom colors in a similar way in gnome3 Terminal...right click on the terminal screen and choose Profiles/Profile Preferences/Colors. IMO this would be very popular with the end user, and encourage the themers to do more work on layout/images rather than just change the colors.


dalcde commented Jan 24, 2012

Changing the theme would be nice. It took me almost an hour to change all the colours I want to change (and I already know css beforehand). A GUI editor would be nice.

psych commented Jan 25, 2012

ivanit, Clem may end up using Cinnamon Settings inside of System Settings or independent of it, I'm not sure. Personally I think Cinnamon would be better off developing and using its own settings tool and not have to rely on a tool that was made for Gnome Shell, especially since Cinnamon is quickly diverging from Gnome Shell code according to the developers.

zenrox commented Jan 25, 2012

merlwiz79 updated his gnome-tweek-tool to include window manager theme change and a few other changes
that i feel should be in cinnamon settings


bimsebasse commented Jan 27, 2012

Just made a poll in Denmark and 86% of the population thought Advanced Settings had a better layout than Cinnamon Settings and wish a possible merge will retain the layout of Advanced Settings. I'll leave it to the devs how they're gonna react to the result and the concerns of the growing northern european markets.


glebihan commented Jan 29, 2012

All the settings available in gnome-tweak-tool are now available in cinnamon-settings.


leigh123linux commented Jan 29, 2012

Can you add a option to do

gsettings set org.gnome.nautilus.preferences always-use-location-entry true/false


clefebvre commented Mar 5, 2012


clefebvre closed this Mar 5, 2012

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