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Cinnamon 1.4 Expo Background Wallpaper #696

Shookit opened this Issue May 24, 2012 · 21 comments
Shookit commented May 24, 2012

In my install of Cinnamon, expo displays all of the windows properly, but they are against a black background instead of my actual background picture. If I change the background picture during that cinnamon session, expo will properly display the picture from then on in that session.

I'm guessing that the background image isn't being registered properly upon startup, but is when I change the background picture, but I'm not entirely sure where to look.

Linux Mint member

Closing due to inactivity. If you think this still might be an issue, see the instructions here to try a newer version. If the problem still exists, we'll reopen the issue.

@mtwebster mtwebster closed this Sep 10, 2012
1player commented Nov 12, 2012

The problem reappeared on Cinnamon with gnome 3.6 packages.

I'm on Archlinux 64 bit with Cinnamon, muffin and nemo git versions compiled today, and expo windows are displayed against a black background.

This didn't happen with Gnome 3.4 packages.

Merri1 commented Feb 4, 2013

I have this problem too running Cinnamon 1.6.7 in Linux Mint 14.

It can be fixed by changing the display settings in Menu<Displays. Changing resolution to a different one and then choosing 'Restore Previous Configuration' when prompted fixes it. Although be sure to close 'Displays' before you go into Expo view as if 'Displays is still open you'll get the black background again. Pretty odd!

This is only a temporary fix though, if I open Nemo at all the screen flashes black and my Expo view background
is back to being solid black again.

Screenshot from 2013-02-04 20:30:36

Hexcles commented Feb 22, 2013

confirmed this bug here too.

Cinnamon 1.6.7

nemo 1.7.1

gnome-session 3.6.2

P.S. refer to linuxmint/nemo#99

Merri1 commented Feb 24, 2013

Thanks a lot for the link Hexcles! I proceeded to remove Nemo and install Nautilus 3.6 but it was only a partial resolution. After logging in the expo view background will be black, I still have to do the 'Displays' fix in my previous comment but this will fix it for the duration of the session, until you log out and back in again. This still isn't a fix but it is a lot better (in my case anyway) than it reverting to a black background after opening your Home folder.

cinnamon 1.6.7
gnome-session 3.6.0
nautilus 3.6.3

Hexcles commented Feb 25, 2013

@mtwebster I still encountered this problem in the newest cinnamon 1.7.1 and nemo 1.7.1. Can you re-open this issue and look into it? I've seen other people on Archlinux forum encountering this problem as well. I really like cinnamon and I'll try my best to help you guys investigating this issue.

BTW, I'm using Archlinux and installing all Cinnamon stuff from the offical repos.


Confirm for cinnamon 1.7.1 and nemo 1.7.1.

nask0 commented Mar 5, 2013

Confirmed on Fedora Fedora release 18 (Spherical Cow) latest updates


Confirmed on Arch 64-bit Cinnamon-1.7.1-4 Muffin-1.7.1-1 nemo-1.7.1-2

pelluch commented Mar 11, 2013

I, too, was having this problem with Arch 64-bit, Cinnamon-1.7.1-4 and nemo-1.7.1-2.
After fiddling around for a while, I found a strange fix to this problem:
gsettings set org.nemo.desktop background-fade false
and then restart nemo. Apparently, when the background-fade option is set to true, in some cases it leads to this bug.

Hexcles commented Mar 11, 2013

@pelluch Confirmed this solution! Thanks very much!!!!!

I think linuxmint stuff don't response to this issue probably because the Linuxmint has this default setting and thus they don't encounter this problem.


@pelluch Thanks! this works perfectly. This should be added to the appropriate section of the ArchWiki if it isn't already.

pelluch commented Mar 11, 2013

I'm glad it worked for you guys! I'll update the ArchWiki in a moment.


@pelluch Just FYI. Change does not seem to be persistent across reboot or logout/logon. Perhaps this can be integrated into some kind of logon script.

pelluch commented Mar 11, 2013

@Darthpenguin: My settings do stick, but I believe the following can work for you:
Open up gnome-session-properties, and look for the entry that says "Files - Start Nemo desktop at login". Choose to edit, and replace "nemo -n" with "gsettings set org.nemo.desktop background-fade false && nemo -n". This should ensure that the setting is always set correctly before nemo starts.


Issue still persists in nemo 1.7.2. @pelluch your workaround works fine.


This change will solve the problem: linuxmint/nemo#263


With Cinnamon 1.8 and Nemo 1.8.3 persist the error.

Adva117 commented Oct 11, 2013

Same issue, Cinnamon 1.8, Nemo 1.8.3


Same here. Any solution ?


I think this may be identical with issue #1744

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