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Cannot retrieve contributors at this time is a minimal web app that lets you draw, share, and fork existing drawings.

Try it live

It is compatible with every modern browser, including mobile devices.

How to use

  1. Draw on the main blank page
  2. Save using the "Save" button
  3. Copy the url and share it
  4. Continue your drawing or make a new one by clicking on the "New" button

URL params

You can define some parameters when starting a new drawing, e.g.


The background color in hexadecimal, without the #. Shortcuts allowed. e.g.


The foreground color in hexadecimal, without the #. Shortcuts allowed. e.g.


The canvas size, in pixels. Syntax:

  • ?size=400: define same width and height
  • ?size=400x: define width only
  • ?size=x400: define height only
  • ?size=400x300: define both width and height


The margin around the canvas, in pixels. Eg.

Image URLs

To get the image corresponding to a drawing, just append .png to the URL. The drawing will be centered and framed.



To get a zoomed version of an image, add the needed level of zoom with -2x where “2” is the level you want, up to 4.


Raw image

To get the raw, not cropped version of the image, add -raw.



  • PHP 5.3
  • MySQL 5.x
  • Imagick PHP Extension


  • Download
  • Extract the package
  • Install the dependencies with Composer $ composer install
  • /tmp and /drawings directories must be writable by the webserver
  • Create a new database
  • Execute schema.sql on the database
  • Rename config-example.php to config.php
  • Edit config.php (see below)


define('SCRICH_URL', '');

Full URL with trailing slash

define('DB_DSN',  'mysql:dbname=scrich;host=localhost');

Database DSN (PDO style)

define('DB_USER', 'username');

Database username

define('DB_PASS', 'password');

Database password

define('DEBUG', FALSE);

Wanna debug?

.htaccess (Apache HTTP Server)

If you are using the Apache HTTP Server, change the RewriteBase directive to the path (default is /).

Other HTTP server (Nginx, Lighttpd, etc.)

If you are using another HTTP server, you just need to redirect all requests to: index.php?r=$request.


A simple idea by Pierre Bertet and Raphaël Bastide

More info

See about page