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Special thanks to:

These websites are all dependencies or utilized

in the deployment of the bitsharesQUANT platform

exchange and market specific crypto candle data

used by bitshareQUANT backtest engine

aggregated altcoin:altcoin crypto price candle data

used by bitshareQUANT backtest engine

forex:forex, stock:usd, and forex:crypto candle data

used by bitshareQUANT backtest engine

free hosting of the bitsharesQUANT platform code repository

Cloud hosting of ASCII art; sharing of latency data

a place to sell text documents in exchange for BTC

marketplace/escrow to sell extinctionEVENT algorithm tunes

free image upload api used by latencyTEST to share node maps

no registration required

Free data upload and api creation utility for hosting JSON

Used by latencyTEST to share live results

free multi party live code editing environment

no registration required

Support Group for the BitShares DEX and Community

Public RPC Nodes of the bitshares network

used by metaNODE and proxyDEX to gather live Distributed Exchange data

used by manualSIGNING to execute smart contracts

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