A simple python chess game with a seperate board representation/validation and a TkInter GUI
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Liudmil Mitev
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Simple Python Chess
Author: Liudmil Mitev
E-Mail: liudmil.mitev@gmail.com

A simple python chess implementation, a learning project.
Turns out that programming a chess game is no trivial task,
so I've tried to make it as modular and as easy to learn from as possible.

    * dict-based board representation
    * move validation
    * Console-based Unicode GUI
    * TkInter GUI

    * Python 2.5+
    * TkInter
    * PIL

To install the dependancies on debian/ubuntu run:
    sudo apt-get install python-tk python-imaging python-imaging-tk

    * En passant
    * Pawn promotion
    * Fifty-move rule
    * Tests
    * Scalable GUI window