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SCR caches checkpoint data in storage on the compute nodes of a Linux cluster to provide a fast, scalable checkpoint / restart capability for MPI codes.
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Scalable Checkpoint / Restart (SCR) Library

The Scalable Checkpoint / Restart (SCR) library enables MPI applications to utilize distributed storage on Linux clusters to attain high file I/O bandwidth for checkpointing and restarting large-scale jobs. With SCR, jobs run more efficiently, recompute less work upon a failure, and reduce load on critical shared resources such as the parallel file system.

Detailed usage is provided at

User Docs Status


SCR uses the CMake build system and we recommend out-of-source builds.

git clone
mkdir build
mkdir install

cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=../install ../scr
make install
make test

Some useful CMake command line options:

  • -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=[path]: Place to install the SCR library
  • -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=[Debug/Release]: Build with debugging or optimizations
  • -DBUILD_PDSH=[OFF/ON]: CMake can automatically download and build the PDSH dependency
  • -DWITH_PDSH_PREFIX=[path to PDSH]: Path to an existing PDSH installation (should not be used with BUILD_PDSH)


  • C (with support for C++ and Fortran)
  • MPI
  • CMake, Version 2.8+
  • PDSH
  • DTCMP (optional)
  • libYOGRT (optional)
  • MySQL (optional)

Configuration Files

SCR searches the following locations in the following order for a parameter value, taking the first value it finds.

  1. Environment variables,
  2. User configuration file,
  3. System configuration file,
  4. Compile-time constants.

To find a user configuration file, SCR looks for a file named .scrconf in the prefix directory (note the leading dot). Alternatively, one may specify the name and location of the user configuration file by setting the SCR_CONF_FILE environment variable at run time. This repository includes some example configuration files (scr.conf.template, scr.user.conf.template, and examples/test.conf).


Numerous people have contributed to the SCR project.

To reference SCR in a publication, please cite the following paper:

Additional information and research publications can be found here:


Developer documentation is provided at

Developer Docs Status

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