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Lightning network wallet

LNbits v0.3 BETA, free and open-source lightning-network wallet/accounts system

(Join us on

(LNbits is beta, for responsible disclosure of any concerns please contact

Use, or run your own LNbits server!

LNbits is a very simple Python server that sits on top of any funding source, and can be used as:

  • Accounts system to mitigate the risk of exposing applications to your full balance, via unique API keys for each wallet
  • Extendable platform for exploring lightning-network functionality via LNbits extension framework
  • Part of a development stack via LNbits API
  • Fallback wallet for the LNURL scheme
  • Instant wallet for LN demonstrations

LNbits can run on top of any lightning-network funding source, currently there is support for LND, c-lightning, Spark, LNpay, OpenNode, lntxbot, with more being added regularly.

See for more detailed documentation.

Checkout the LNbits YouTube video series.

LNbits is inspired by all the great work of, and in particular Both work as excellent funding sources for LNbits.

Running LNbits

See the install guide for details on installation and setup.

LNbits as an account system

LNbits is packaged with tools to help manage funds, such as a table of transactions, line chart of spending, export to csv + more to come..

Lightning network wallet

Each wallet also comes with its own API keys, to help partition the exposure of your funding source.

(LNbits M5StackSats available here

lnurl ATM

LNbits as an LNURL-withdraw fallback

LNURL has a fallback scheme, so if scanned by a regular QR code reader it can default to a URL. LNbits exploits this to generate an instant wallet using the LNURL-withdraw.

lnurl fallback

Using"LNURL-withdraw" will trigger a withdraw that builds an LNbits wallet. Example use would be an ATM, which utilises LNURL, if the user scans the QR with a regular QR code scanner app, they will stilll be able to access the funds.

lnurl ATM

LNbits as an insta-wallet

Wallets can be easily generated and given out to people at events (one click multi-wallet generation to be added soon). "Go to this website", has a lot less friction than "Download this app".

lnurl ATM

Tip us

If you like this project and might even use or extend it, why not send some tip love!