A high scalable low to medium interactive SSH/TCP honeypot using Linux Namespaces, capabilities, seccomp, cgroups designed for OpenWrt and IoT devices.
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This project is part of a BA thesis. It is currently in a pre-alpha state.


Kernel/libc requirements: Cgroups, Namespaces (UTS, IPC, PID, NET, CGROUPS)

Required: libssh, pthread

Optional: libseccomp

A chroot'able directory that contains an executable named '/bin/sh'.



  • ./autogen.sh
  • ./configure
  • make


  • Example:

        ./src/potd --redirect

    This will process, filter and redirect all traffic incoming from to the protocol handler at and if the protocol accepts it, it will forward all traffic to the jail/sandbox at

    (clunky atm, will be simplified in the future)

  • see ./src/potd --help


The ssh server currently supports only shell channels. But exec and direct-tcp channels are coming soon!

Supported protocols (at the moment):

  • ssh with libssh

Protocols to implement:

  • HTTP
  • ssh with openssh
  • MySQL

Suits perfect for your favoured Desktop/Server/OpenWrt Linux system.


  • RESTful listener for output sampled data from different processes (send (real-time)statistics about protocols/jails/etc to higher level apps)
  • ptrace support for jailed processes (trace syscalls)
  • improved event handling (maybe libevent?)