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Converts JMeter .jmx files to k6 JS code
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jmeter-to-k6 CircleCI branch

Convert JMeter JMX to k6 JS.



npm npm dockerhub

Globally, and preferably using nvm (at least on Unix/Linux systems to avoid filesystem permission issues when using sudo):

npm install -g jmeter-to-k6

Locally, into ./node_modules:

npm install jmeter-to-k6

Note that this will require you to run the converter with node node_modules/jmeter-to-k6/bin/jmeter-to-k6.js ....

Alternatively, you can install the tool from DockerHub:

docker pull loadimpact/jmeter-to-k6


jmeter-to-k6 example/full.jmx -o full

This will create a directory ./full/ with a file called test.js and a sub-directory called libs.

One-off execution using npx (avoiding the installation of the tool on your system):

npx jmeter-to-k6 example/full.jmx -o full

Using the Docker image, you execute the tool as follows:

docker run -it -v "/path/to/jmeter-files/:/output/" loadimpact/jmeter-to-k6 /output/MyTest.jmx -o /output/MyTestOutput/

and then execute the k6 test using:

k6 run /path/to/jmeter-files/MyTestOutput/test.js

Run test in k6:

k6 run full/test.js

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