Transform Postman collections to Load Impact Lua user scenarios
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Converts Postman collections to Load Impact user scenarios. Given a Postman collection, the transformer will auto-generate a Lua script to be imported as user scenario for your load tests.

The transformer converts Postman requests and variables into Lua requests and variables respectively.

Postman pre-requests and tests are appended as comments before and after its respective Lua request. The pre-request and test behaviour could easily be replicated with the Load Impact scripting API.

The Postman Collection Format v1 and v2 are supported.

Installation and usage

As npm global package:

  • npm install -g postman-to-loadimpact
  • postman-to-loadimpact path/file.json

As local repository:

  • git clone
  • cd postman-to-loadimpact
  • npm install
  • bin/postman-to-loadimpact.js examples/postman/v2/echo.json

On windows:

  • node bin/postman-to-loadimpact.js examples/postman/v2/echo.json


The transformer provides a command line interface with different options.

  Usage: postman-to-loadimpact <filePath> [options]

  Convert a Postman collection to Load Impact Lua user scenario


    -h, --help                    output usage information
    -V, --version                 output the version number
    -j --input-version <version>  Input version. Options `2.0.0` or `1.0.0`. Default `2.0.0`.
    -o --output <path>            Target file path where the converted collection will be written. Default `console`


A collection of Postman examples are located under ./examples/postman.

The user scenario will be auto-generated when running:

$ postman-to-loadimpact examples/postman/v2/echo.json

$ postman-to-loadimpact examples/postman/v1/echo.json -j 1.0.0

Please, use the issue tracker to open a discussion or bug report.

Happy load testing!