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  • #307 Add support for excluding markers via <includeTags>false</includeTags> (@ramsperger)
  • #311 Provide a way to access the fieldValue of SingleFieldAppendingMarker
  • #315 Allow Jackson ObjectMapper to scan for available modules on the classpath
  • #306 Remove usage of powermock
  • Updated license files so ASL 2.0 can be properly detected by github
  • Added warning to readme about prefix/suffix not working due to LOGBACK-1326 and logback PR#383

Upgrade Notes

  • As part of #315, logstash-logback-encoder will configure jackson to dynamically scan and find jackson modules available on the classpath. See Registering Jackson Modules for more info.
  • The Logback11Support class methods were changed from static methods to instance methods to allow for easier unit test mocking. Since this is an internal class, it should not affect end users

Dependency version changes

Usage Dependency Old Version New Version
Runtime jackson 2.9.6 2.9.8
Compile-time maven-compiler-plugin 2.3.2 3.8.0
Test-time mockito 2.9.0 2.23.4
Test-time powermock 1.7.3 removed
Assets 2
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