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The Node.js implementation of the GSoC Contribution Leaderboard πŸ˜‰
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A contributions leaderboard for your GSoC organization. Students can track their position on the leaderboard based on the PRs, commits, and issues they've completed across the repositories of your organization on Github. Proudly created and maintained by the GSoC 2019 students and the Rocket.Chat community.


  • Encourage students to improve their position - by increasing contribution to your organization
  • Easy to setup and administer
  • Realtime organization - wide visibility to top student candidates

Main Features

  • Track commits/PRs/issues for GSoC student candidates in real time
  • At a glance view of participating top students
  • Easy administration to add students (even before they have made their very first contribution)
  • Requires no database or other environments - Only what you need to do is ensuring that your Node.js works well

Quick Start

Clone the repository to your local machine and switch into the project root directory:

git clone
cd GSoC-Contribution-Leaderboard-Node

Copy config-example.json to config.json in the src/server directory. Add your Github Auth Token and Organization name and other keys in it as following:

  "organization": "OrgName",
  "organizationHomepage": "https://<OrgName>/",
  "organizationGithubUrl": "<OrgName>",
  "authToken": "",
  "adminPassword": "123456",
  "delay": "10",
  "serverPort": "62050",
  "contributors": []

Then switch to the project root directory, install the dependencies:

cd ../../
npm run add

And then you can read Development part or Production part for the next step.


Switch your path to the project base directory:

npm start

You will see the GSOC Contribution Leaderboard in the http://localhost:8080 if all works well. Then open a new terminal window (or tab) and enter the following commands to start your backend service:

npm run serve

Note: If the backend service is not started, the contributions data will not be refreshed. Please refresh the page after the contributors data was fetched.

Develop Administration Panel

You need to start another instance if you'd like to develop administration panel, open a new terminal window (or tab) and try following commands:

cd admin
npm start


Generate the static files first by running the following command:

npm run build
cd dist/server
npm install pm2 -g # run this command on your server if pm2 is not installed.
pm2 start app.js --name "GSOC-Contribution-Leaderboard" # start the backend service


This project is inspired by GSOC-Contribution-Leaderboard. Thanks to the Python team for the work.


This project is open source under the Licence MIT.

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