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This page compiles the technical specifications of Tamagotchi toys, with focus on worldwide releases. This project is inspired by this talk by Natalie Silvanovich and her further work on Tamagotchis.

Check out the GitHub repo to contribute or report a broken link.

Tamagotchi Original Series


  • CPU: 4-Bit CMOS E0C6S46 (Datasheet)
  • Clock Speed: 32.768 kHz
  • Memory: 640x4 words (RAM) 160x4 words (display)

Tamagotchi Connection Series

Activating Debug Mode with a pencil (source)


Tamagotchi Connection disassembly (source)

Another Tamagotchi Connection disassembly (source)

Tamagotchi Mini

Tamagotchi Mini was released in 2005 and re-launched worldwide in 2017 to celebrate Tamagotchi's 20th Anniversary. Official Page (Japanese).

Tech Specs

  • CPU: ?
  • Memory: ?
  • IO: 3 buttons, 16x16 pixel screen


TamaTown Tama-Go

TamaTown Tama-Go was released in 2010 and reverse engineered by Natalie Silvanovich.

Tech Specs

  • CPU: 8-bit CMOS GPLB52320A (datasheet) with 2x 16-bit timers.
  • RAM: 1,536 bytes
  • ROM: 640K bytes = 20 banks of 32KB (dump, GP Test Program)
  • IO: 16 ports PA[7:0], PB[7:0]
    • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
    • Display Controller: 4 levels of gray with 512 bytes of dedicated RAM. 64 segments and 32 commons = 2048 pixels
  • Sound Processing Unit (SPU)

GPLB52320A schematic and actual chip (source)

Tama-Go Figure

  • ROM: GPR26LXXXX (8MB or 16MB)

Memory Map

$0000-$0600 SPU RAM, GP RAM
$0600-$0FFF -
$1000-$1FFF DPRAM (VRAM)
$2000-$2FFF -
$3000-$3FFF IO Reg
$4000-$7FFF ROM bank (lower)
$8000-$BFFF ROM bank (high)
$C000-$CBBF SPU table, test program
$CBC0-$CBFF Test Interrupt Vector
$CC00-$FFBF ROM (33C0 bytes)
$FFC0-$FFEF Interrupt Vector
$FFF0-$FFF9 -
$FFFA-$FFFD NMI and reset vector


TamaTown board (source)

TamaTown Tama-Go board, back side (source)

TamaTown Tama-Go top board, for figure (source)

TamaTown figure board with epoxy (source)

Tamagotchi Friends Series


Tamagotchi Friends (source)

Tamagotchi Friends front, without plastic case (source)

Tamagotchi Friends board (back) and NFC antenna (source)

Tamagotchi Friends board (front) with epoxy (source)

Japanese series




  • TamaTalk The Tamagotchi forum by excellence. As of March 2018, TamaTalk has 94k members and 1,7M posts
  • Tama Zone As of March 2018, Tama Zone has 6k members and 300k posts




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