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Eiwic 1.1.x
___ _ _
| __(_)_ __ _(_)__
| _|| \ V V / / _| www___
|___|_|\_/\_/|_\__| irc_________________lordi@IRCnet
Eiwic is released under the GPL, for more info please read the file COPYING.
Quick compilation guide
- Ungzip & untar the eiwic-1.1.x.tar.gz file
- Run: ./configure
- Run: make (use gmake on *BSD)
- Edit 'sample.conf' to fit your needs and save it as 'bot.conf'
- Optional: Run "./eiwic bot.conf -l - -v 10" to probe if the bot is
running correctly with your bot.conf. If it doesn't give you errors
or warnings and joins the channels you set, your configuration is
alright and you can kill the bot again through SIGINT (Ctrl-C).
- To run the bot in the background finally, you may launch it with
"./eiwic bot.conf -d" or, additionally, with "-l eiwic.log -v X" if
you want a logfile (X is the verbosity level, set it to 10 for a
verbose debug logfile, or to 2 for a normal (smaller) logfile.
Send bugs to with a description and, if necessary, the part
of the logfile.
Thanks go out to alpha_5 for running Eiwic on his server so many bugs have been
found, to Youk for making it run on OpenBSD and to Elaminato for testing Eiwic
with Cygwin :)
1.1.4 - mar 28th 2010
* patch by Florian Scholz: nickserv module & dict enhancements
* Git repository is now available at
1.1.3 - jun 29th 2005
* Added RSS newsfeed module (rssfeed.c) (libraptor required)
* You can now create a modules/*.buildflags file where additional
flags for the specific module can be written down
* You can now create a modules/*.skip file to skip a module during
* -t flag can now take multiple trigger lines, seperated by semicolon
* output_tostring() to get the output destination (channel, query, ...)
1.1.2 - ....
1.1.1 - oct 27th 2004
* fixed a bug with output routing
* added more functions to
* added !decide module
* added experimental !getnick module - dont use it ;)
* added a crash/debug module
1.1.0 - oct 15th 2004
* added output routing:
every trigger, ep_main, ep_help function doesn't have to
send its output now directly to the server. it just sends
its output to an OUTPUT object, which will then be routed
to a channel, and then to the server, for example
* changed module API because of the output routing
* in the msvc/ directory is now a MSVC studio workspace (not
for compiling, just editing)
* thrown out some modules... fixed all other modules to match the
new module API
* introduced ep_help callback for the modules
* changed !help trigger from the info module. it can now be used
to read what the ep_help trigger returns from every module.
* triggers can now be used in private /msgs to the bot
* triggers can now be tested with the -t cmdline parameter
1.0.14 - oct 10th 2004
the last version(s) hasn't been documented.
* support for admin_mask and admin-only triggers added
* added modadmin module for runtime-module-managment
* fixed "dict":
- now using
- added !dico for french - german translation
- had to update html parsing
- support for <b>-tag
* added some testing modules (don't pay attention to them)
* + more fixes
1.0.12 pre1:
./configure script included (thanks to Youk)
"stream" module introduced, streams your channel through browser
"rot13" module added, introducing !rot13 ;)
code clean-ups
modules/Makefile fixed for some systems (thanks to Youk)
struct timeval fix for some system (required sys/time.h)
added "USERNAME" setting in the config file
added "stats" module, monitoring all triggers and saves statistics
added ep_trigger call back function, is always called when any
trigger is triggered
"stream" module updates
added "users.[c|h]" and basic user_* functions
added "getop" module, which will be replaced with some real
user/rights management etc. (doesn't work however ;),
dont use it)
fixed !dict module (layout change on
added CSS style support for HTTP livestream (stream)
1.0.11 module code updated again
Makefile re-written
1.0.10 removed 'ping' module / added 'conv' (EUR->USD) conversion
added 'heise' module that automatically puts new heise news into your
added a function that pings the server after a specific intervall so
that eiwic is able to discover when the connection got lost
updated module code (will not link functions anymore)
1.0.9 minor bug fixes
will now run on OpenBSD (OpenBSD does not support modules loading in a
way linux does, so it might cause problems)
1.0.8 fixed bc bug ;)
added "settings" structure/set code rewritten
module code cleanups
added cyborg module
added HTTPS proxy support
fixed ld open issue
1.0.7 Makefile updated
add bc/calc module
ALPHA6: minor bug fixes
added !find (google module)
added ipv6 and debug switches to Makefile
ALPHA5: major bug fixes
cleaned up modules
added !up ;)
ALPHA4: vhost support
ALPHA3: daemon mode
ctcp module updated: ping
multiple server
multiple channels
ALPHA2: introducing new log system with several
verbosity-level and module-dependent logging