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How to submit your tip

To submit a tip to the list, fork the repository and add your tip in a new file in the correct folder (according language). The name of the file should be 2016-xx-xx-name-of-your-tip.

Use this format when writing your tip.


  • The tip should be readable in less than two minutes
  • Adding links to other sites or videos that give more insight is welcome
  • Mark JS code with ```js
  • Don't mention "JavaScript" in the title (as our tips are about it anyway)
  • Use backticks (`) to mark code in the title and/or tip-tldr fields. Warning: Both values must not start with backticks!
  • How you can be rewarded: If you have a PayPal, Coinbase or another account, type the url on tip-writer-support. That's all! Now your readers will be able to grab you a beer for your knowledge.

Once your tip is ready, issue a pull request with this PR template and your tip will be reviewed (see below).


Leave the date and the tip number as xx. When the PR is ready to merge, we will tell you the correct numbers. Please also squash your commits.

Tip flow

Tip proposalTip under reviewTip ready to merge

  • When you send a tip, it has to pass the review process and while that happens, its status is under review.
  • After the tip had been reviewed by 5 people and they have given their ship it emote (:shipit:), the tip is ready to merge.

We are looking forward to your contribution!