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DATE=`date +%F`
## Begin Config
# The directory for autonmap data/scans
# The directory you want the web report to live in
# The subnets you want to scan daily, space seperated.
# The full path (http) to where the report will be hosted by your webserver. This is included in the email report.
# I suggest setting up auth using htpasswd etc, in which case you can include the auth in the URL for simplicity if you want.
# The full path to your chosen nmap binary
# The path to the ndiff tool provided with nmap
# The email address(es), space seperated that you wish to send the email report to.
## End config
echo "`date` - Welcome to AutoNmap2. "
# Ensure we can change to the run directory
cd $RUN_DIRECTORY || exit 2
echo "`date` - Running nmap, please wait. This may take a while. "
$NMAP --open -T4 -PN $SCAN_SUBNETS -n -oX scan-$DATE.xml --stylesheet "nmap.xsl" > /dev/null
echo "`date` - Nmap process completed with exit code $?"
# If this is not the first time autonmap2 has run, we can check for a diff. Otherwise skip this section, and tomorrow when the link exists we can diff.
if [ -e scan-prev.xml ]
echo "`date` - Running ndiff..."
# Run ndiff with the link to yesterdays scan and todays scan
DIFF=`$NDIFF scan-prev.xml scan-$DATE.xml`
echo "`date` - Checking ndiff output"
# There is always two lines of difference; the run header that has the time/date in. So we can discount that.
if [ `echo "$DIFF" | wc -l` -gt 2 ]
echo "`date` - Differences Detected. Sending mail."
echo -e "AutoNmap2 found differences in a scan for '${SCAN_SUBNETS}' since yesterday. \n\n$DIFF\n\nFull report available at $WEB_URL" | mail -s "AutoNmap2" $EMAIL_RECIPIENTS
echo "`date`- No differences, skipping mail. "
echo "`date` - There is no previous scan (scan-prev.xml). Cannot diff today; will do so tomorrow."
# Copy the scan report to the web directory so it can be viewed later.
echo "`date` - Copying XML to web directory. "
cp scan-$DATE.xml $WEB_DIRECTORY
# Create the link from today's report to scan-prev so it can be used tomorrow for diff.
echo "`date` - Linking todays scan to scan-prev.xml"
ln -sf scan-$DATE.xml scan-prev.xml
echo "`date` - AutoNmap2 is complete."
exit 0