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LTTng Tools licensing
David Goulet <>
July 18, 2011
* LGPLv2.1
The library part is distributed under LGPLv2.1. See lgpl-2.1.txt for details.
This applies to:
-) include/lttng/*
-) src/lib/lttng-ctl/*
We have some tests LGPL but should not impact anything even if we change them
in the future to GPL.
LGPL-compatible source code can statically use the library header using:
#define _LGPL_SOURCE
#include <lttng/lttng.h>
Dynamic-only linking with the LGPL library is used if _LGPL_SOURCE is not
defined. It permits relinking with newer versions of the library, which is
required by the LGPL license.
* GPLv2
All remaining source code is distributed under the GPLv2 license. See
gpl-2.0.txt for details.