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The Fresh theme for Hugo

Fresh is a theme for the Hugo static site generator adapted from the gorgeous, Bulma-based theme of the same name from CSS Ninja. You can find a live demo of the original theme here and a live demo of the Hugo theme here.

Fresh theme logo

This theme is for landing pages only. If you'd like to extend the theme to include other types of pages—blog posts, documentation pages, etc.—feel free to submit a pull request.

Getting started

To create a new site using this theme:

# Create site and cd into it
hugo new site my-site && cd my-site

# Clone the Fresh theme
git clone https://github.com/lucperkins/hugo-fresh themes/hugo-fresh

# Remove the default config
rm config.toml

# Fetch the example config
curl -O https://raw.githubusercontent.com/lucperkins/hugo-fresh/master/exampleSite/config.yaml

# Run the site locally
hugo server

# Open the site in your browser
open http://localhost:1313

Customizing your page

There's a wide variety of customizations that you can make to your Hugo Fresh landing page by modifying the config.yaml file that you downloaded. That file provides documentation for what the various config values represent.