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Ludum Dare

The world's largest online Game Jam. Check us out every April and October!

Ludum Dare is an online event where we challenge you to create a game from scratch in a weekend. We've been around since 2002.

If you're a user, you can find our support page here:

If you're looking to help-out by reporting a bug or contributing a change or fix, then you've come to the right place! 😄

The Ludum Dare websites

Ludum Dare runs on two websites:

  • - the information website (Rules, FAQ, etc)
  • - the event website (theme selection, user blogs, submissions, and voting)

The event and the servers are run by Mike and the Interactive Snacks team.

The sources for information website ( can be found here in the / repository. It's a static website powered by Zola, built using Sass SCSS styles and Tera templates (very similar to other tech, but Mike is a Rust fan). Pages are written and styled using markdown. If you'd like to contribute to the FAQ, fix a typo in the rules, that's where'd you go.

The sources for the event website ( have been spun-off into its own project called Jammer Core. If you're familiar with the old ludumdare/ludumdare source code, or its toolchain DairyBox, you can find both over there. It's built on a PHP backend and a JavaScript frontend. We're committed to supporting what's there, but in the future I'd like us to explore switching from JavaScript to TypeScript, and rewriting some of the PHP code in Rust. 🦀

For the archivists, you can find sources for the WordPress website we ran in the 2000's until mid 2010. It's unsupported, but you can view the old website here.

Thanks for checking us out!

- Mike Kasprzak, the Ludum Dare guy


  1. The Ludum Dare homepage and information website (

    HTML 3

  2. Public

    Sources for have moved! Check out Jammer Core

  3. presskit Public

    The Ludum Dare press kit



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