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<h1>Welcome to the members area.</h1>
<p><a href=""><img src="/images/CRP.jpg" width="500" /></a></p>
<p><strong>Co-op Statistics</strong>
(since July 8th, 2011)<br />
<div id="homepage-data">
[% SET litres = stats.fuel_sold_alltime() %]
<li>Active Members: [% stats.active_members() %]</li>
<li>Fuel sales: [% stats.fuel_sales() %]</li>
<li>Fuel sold: [% litres %] Litres</li>
<li>Current taxes: 29.39¢/L</li>
<li>Approx CO2 reduction: [% (litres * 1.94) div 1 %]kg (<a href="">source</a>)</li>