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Test::Mock::LWP - Easy mocking of LWP packages
Make LWP packages to make testing easier.
use Test::Mock::LWP;
# Setup fake response content and code
$Mock_response->mock( content => sub { 'foo' } );
$Mock_resp->mock( code => sub { 201 } );
# Validate args passed to request constructor
is_deeply $Mock_request->new_args, \@expected_args;
# Validate request headers
is_deeply [ $Mock_req->next_call ],
[ 'header', [ 'Accept', 'text/plain' ] ];
# Special User Agent Behaviour
$Mock_ua->mock( request => sub { die 'foo' } );
This package arises from duplicating the same code to mock LWP et al in
several different modules I've written. This version is very minimalist, but
works for my needs so far. I'm very open to new suggestions and improvements.