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Release Notes

Specsy 2.3.3 (2018-12-11)

  • Upgraded to JUnit Platform 1.3.2 (JUnit 5.3.2)
  • Supports Scala 2.10-2.12

Specsy 2.3.2 (2017-01-26)

  • Upgraded to JUnit Platform 1.0.0-M3 (JUnit 5.0.0-M3)
  • Will no more attempt to run abstract test classes

Specsy 2.3.1 (2016-07-14)

  • Improved JUnit support
    • In IntelliJ IDEA, now the specs are at least nested under the test class, though deeply nested specs are still not shown as a tree
    • Reports to JUnit the test class as a test source to support IDE navigation (not yet supported by IntelliJ IDEA)

Specsy 2.3.0 (2016-07-14)

  • Upgraded to JUnit Platform 1.0.0-M1 (JUnit 5.0.0-M1)
  • Renamed the specsy-junit5 module to specsy-junit

Specsy 2.2.0 (2016-05-27)

  • Experimental JUnit 5 support
  • Dropped support for Scala 2.7-2.9

Specsy 2.1.1 (2014-07-09)

  • Upgraded to Jumi 0.5.437 (not that it matters to users, because the older versions are compatible)

Specsy 2.1.0 (2012-12-25)

  • Upgraded to Jumi 0.2.235
  • The @RunVia annotation is now inherited from the base class, so each test class doesn't need to repeat it. Due to this the ScalaSpecsy base class is now an abstract class instead of a trait

Specsy 2.0.0 (2012-09-30)

  • Runs using the Jumi test runner, fixing all previously known issues (e.g. it now runs tests in parallel and reports test execution in real time)
  • Rewrote the core in Java to support multiple programming languages through thin language-specific frontends
  • Supports Scala, version 2.7.7 upwards
  • Supports Groovy, all versions
  • Supports Java, version 7 upwards (lambdas are recommended for more tolerable syntax noise)

Specsy 1.2.0 (2011-05-17)

  • Fixed the order of tests in JUnit results
  • Added shareSideEffects() for a non-isolated execution model
  • Added Scaladocs for the methods in Spec
  • Compiled with Scala 2.9.0 and 2.8.1

Specsy 1.1.0 (2011-05-13)

  • Made the Spec.defer method public, to allow it to be used from helper classes
  • Renamed the implicit Spec.specify method for declaring nested specs, to avoid potential name clashes
  • Execute child specs in the same order as they are declared (when single-threaded)
  • Made output capturing disabled by default. Use the JVM option -Dspecsy.captureOutput=true to enable it
  • Upgraded to Scala 2.9.0

Specsy 1.0.1 (2010-08-29)

  • Fixed Scala's println() not being captured, due to scala.Console being unaffected by java.lang.System.setOut()

Specsy 1.0.0 (2010-08-16)

  • Isolated execution model
  • Unlimited nested specs
  • Defer blocks
  • JUnit test runner