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#!/usr/bin/env python3
Example code for entry on Parsing Network Device Output
import getpass
import re
import sys
from netmiko import ConnectHandler
Test parsing network device configuration
# Gather the needed credentials
net_device_username = input("Username: ")
net_device_password = getpass.getpass()
# Set enable/secret = password for now
net_device_secret = net_device_password
# Setup a dict with our ASAvs in it, in real world this could be read
# from a CSV or the CLI or any other source
firewalls = {
"ASAv1": {"ip": "", "platform": "cisco_asa"},
"ASAv2": {"ip": "", "platform": "cisco_asa"},
# Setup an empty dict for our results:
results = {}
# Instantiate netmiko connection objects and gather the output of
# `show version | inc So|Serial| up` on these two firewalls
for fw_name, fw_data in firewalls.items():
print(f"Connecting to {fw_name}...")
fw_connection = ConnectHandler(
results[fw_name] = fw_connection.send_command(
command_string="show version | inc So|Serial| up"
# Parse our results:
print("Parsing Results...")
parsed_results = {}
for fw_name, result in results.items():
parsed_results[fw_name] = {}
parsed_results[fw_name]["version"] =
r"Software Version (\d.\d{1,2}(?:\(?\d{1,2}?\)?\d{1,2}?)?)\W*$",
parsed_results[fw_name]["uptime"] =
r"up (.*)$", result, re.MULTILINE
parsed_results[fw_name]["serial"] =
r"Serial Number: (\S*)$", result, re.MULTILINE
# Print our results
for fw_name in results.keys():
print(f"{fw_name} information:\n")
print(f"\tVersion: {parsed_results[fw_name]['version'].group(1)}")
print(f"\tUptime: {parsed_results[fw_name]['uptime'].group(1)}")
print(f"\tSerial Number: {parsed_results[fw_name]['serial'].group(1)}")
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