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The Latest Stable Version is
The Latest Development Version is
* relative timestamp.
* formalize quotation marks.
* fix issue#378, Trend-API in throws errors
* fix issue#390, translator doesn't work.
* it_IT translation update and fix issue#403 (it_IT)
* fix issue#388, Kismet "name" filter breaks with upper case
* fix issue#371, @ autocompletion is case-insensitive
* fix issue#368, Plugin to expand url in dm or tweet.
* fix issue#411, 'expand short url' extension support and
* Kismet should handle retweeted tweets now
* Brackets are now considered part of url.
* Disable verbose mode by default.
* Support to ban tweets retweeted.
* Show images on fullscreen (issue#170)
* picture previewer for gtk/qt wrapper (and fix issue#170)
* absorb read later extensions to mainstream.
* add toast notice in readlater support
* auto longer tweet now can be disabled.
* fix issue#348, a long tweet bug.
* fix issue#309, Ampersands in Chrome popups
* remove local trend, which never worked.
* now lists can show retweets too (issue#372)
* fix issue#356, autocomplete is not closed when cancel compose
* bn,de,du,ja,zh translation update
* merge follower and following into a single tab
* Kismet now can handle retweet tweets
* picture preview for gtk/qt
* native support for read-it-later and instapaper
* remove Linux native notification
* enable GPU acceleration by default
* new options for line-height, css3 animation, and GPU acceleration
* Support to expand/fold people vcard.
* CSS3 animation support.
* Improve autocomplete result.
* New Extension: App Mask
* Change the unit of font size from pixel to point.
* Support System proxy and ssh proxy.
* Support service(support to post tweet more than 140 characters).
* Fix: #296, #274.
* Improve performance of autocomplete.
* Imporve performance of GTK wrapper.
* Some improvement for Qt/GTK wrappers.
* Support to edit list description.
* Support add person to list, #fix #275.
* Begin to use mochi widget set.
* Minor fix about kimset.
* Kismet will drop tweet posted by blocked person, fix #4.
* Fix #276, #271, #263, #154.
* Fix crash on exit(GTK wrapper).
* Fix proxy problem of Qt wrappers.
* Redesign prefs dialog and compose box
* Add Bangla translation (thank @mukoabhi)
* Add Catalan translation (thank @dplanella)
* Fix #227, #221
* Minor fixes for usability issues.
* Fix: duplicate translation result
* Improve hotkey
* Update legal hashtag characters
* Update several translation
* Greek Translation.
Version 0.9.8
* Update many translations
* New hotkey mechanism
* Add undocumented activity API.
* Fix: Wrong draft metadata.
* Activity API
* Fix: cannot open link(Gtk)
* Chrome integration: Share with Hotot
* Add Ukrainian and Russian translation (thank @alexsandrisimus)
* Add Latvietis translation (thank @fanfolet)
* Workaround: hook link event to prevent scrolling to top (Chrome)
* Fix Issue #201
* Add Cantonese translation (thank @xsoul)
* Add Latvietis translation (thank @arvislacis)
* Fix Issue #198
* Fix scrolling problem when using trackpad on OS X
* Increase the refresh frequencey
* Fix: Horizontal slide
* Fix: Wrong default font settings in Windows
* Fix: Incorrect scrollbar behaviors. (Issue #196, #197)
* Improve New hope and Iron Heart themes.
* Fix: Windows version cannot load settings.
* Fix: Window size saving (Qt)
* Several minor fixs.
* New scrollbar.
* Fix: Custom font doesn't apply
* Improvements about UI
* A Lot of minor fixs
* Rearrange preferences dialog.
* Update German, French and Traditional Chinese translations
* Update translation scanner script
* Allow to change language in welcome page
* Inline picture preview.
* Update loading hint in welcome page
* Support to preview .jpe, .jpeg files (issue #186)
* Open columns in background (issue #182)
* Improve database performance.
* Remove util.console
* Fix: Changing font size without restart (issue #193)
* Fix: XSS in drafts (issue #188)
* Fix: cannot remember the columns state (issue #174).
* Allow to save search result in Hotot (issue #52, #13)
* Allow to sort columns manually (issue #113, #97).
* Allow to add/close all columns.
* Fix: name not highlighted if it's following a char (issue #119).
* Fix: keep track conversations (issue #48).
* Change the keybinding to invoke finder (form '/' to 'ff') (issue #42).
* Fix something about keysyms (Gir).
* Fix some icons problem in Qt version.
* Fix unconsidered copy-n-paste (Gtk/Gir).
* Fix: keyboard focus not working properly (issue #131).
* Workaround for libsoup runtime (Gtk/Gir).
* Auto sign in (GTK and Qt).
* Starts minimized (GTK and Qt).
* Chrome fix (correct layout in Chrome 19.0.1068.1).
* New welcome page.
* Auto arrange the order of profiles.
* Use account avatar as profile avatar.
* GTK/QT can be built in a single build through cmake.
* Fixed image uploader for gtk/qt.
* Fixed Qt text hover bubble effect.
* Fixed marguerite's email address.
* Fixed Qt desktop categories.
* Fixed UnicodeEncode error.
* Fixed DM recipient changed to undefined when clicking Reply or Reply All.
* Fixed hotkey for retweet.
* Some Windows fix.
* Refactored twitter api, oauth and network code to prepare for multi-signin.
* Quote tweet calculate remaining chars correctly now.
* zh_CN translation update.
* Added specfile examples for downstream packgers.
* DM box now show recipient.
* Added more keyboard shortcuts.
* Updated keyboard help.
* License updated to LGPL-3.0
* New Polish Translation.
* Auto Sign-in.
* Two new options
one for anonymous statistic, another for delete tweet from timeline, or just mark it deleted.
* Fix image uploading failure in gtk/gir edtion
* Universal image uploader for gtk/chrome edition.
extension imguploader is officially dropped.
* Hotkey support for gir edition.
* Improve accuracy of Speech Input for Chrome edition.
* Speech Input for Chrome edition.
* Minor Style & CSS Fix
* Fix Qt edition. enables KDE but not run under it.
* Introduce "deleted tweet" style.
* Deutsch Translation.
* No Official release. they forgot.
* Fix API limit bug.[no X-PHX:true for POST]
* GTK fixes.(checkbox in preference,appindicator,and etc.)
* Windows fixes.(filename,image preview,Qt 4.8,systemtray issues.)
* Improve "close to exit".
* Imporve "save last position".
* Update jquery.
* Loose API limit from 350/hour to 1000/hour.
* Brazilian Portuguese Translation completed.
* Add Trending Topics: Worldwide or Local City.
* Link hashtags to search box.
* Socket proxy support.
* Close to exit.
* Introduce STAP API proxy, support Twitter image upload.
* Replace precise scrolling resume with rough one,
to remove "timeline shake vertically after update".
* Code clean.
* Fixes on iron heart theme.
* Disabled auto scrolling.
* Install script: Fedora compatible.
* Fix bugs. character count, postion after closing tabs.
* Editable text after draft resumed.
* Conversation now can be resumed from draft.
* Minimize to tray.
* Update Spanish translation.
* Introduce Brazilian Portuguese translation.
* Send Msg from user more menu.
* KDE window activate rework.
* Updated Translation for English, Spanish, French, Japanese,
Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and Orz Chinese(Moe).
* Color Label support.
* Fix: Cannot load more faved tweets.
* Repeated Search can be performed.
* Overwrite default selection color.
* Fix: Only send one request to load more contents.
* Re-enable sign in button after a failed request.
* Check file type before uploading image.
* Handle exception if failed to load ganalytics.
* Twitter picture service upload and preview.
* Support to change profile gravatar.
* Updated Translation for English, Spanish, French, Japanese,
Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and Orz Chinese(Moe).
* Mute options for Kismet.
* YOURLS url shorten service.
* Fixed duplicate tweets in search view.
* Automatically supplement ellipsis.
* Added Translation for Portugal Portuguese.
* Verify self rule for Kismet.
Simple Kismet rule syntax.
* Bring Finder back.
* Search People
* Retweets in all pages.
* Updated Translation for English, Spanish, French, Japanese,
Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and Orz Chinese(Moe).
* Introduce New Kismet filter.
* New extension: ReadItLater.
* Author page URL fix.
* Support User/Password in Http proxy.
* Gir bug fixes. Increse max-connections.
* Google Translate extension update 1.1: API change.
* Update Icons.
* Retweets in User page.
* Merge Chrome edition into Main.
Version 0.9.7
* Changed Search API to phoenix.
* Fix StatusBox Character Count. Treat Long URL same as
* Fix load more in searchbox.
* Fix no entities error in conversation view.
* Fix icon directory.
* Remove dependency python-keybinder for Gir edition.
* Gir notification fix. enable some Gir features.
increase max-connection to 2. Gir menu/notify fix.
* Cursor fix. correct position after screen name insert.
* Asian-style Emoji(Smiley) Support.
* Qt edition with KDE integration initialed. Thanks to @csslayer.
Qt standalone edtion could run on Windows and Meego with starting
touch action support.
* Add bio to Bubble Prompt when hover on Friend's ID. support
inline ID Bubble Prompt.
* Drag & Upload pictures using status box.
* Added more hotokeys.
* Added http(s) proxy authentication support through urllib2.
* Unread alert for Chrome/GTK.
* Ubuntu Messaging menu support.
* DBus support.
* New iconset.
* Locale support.
New Japanese/French/Spanish/Brazilian Portuguese Translation.
* and picplz preview.
* Support to add list/profile view.
* Introduce draft box.
* Add Google Analytics.
* New Theme: Iron Heart.
* New extension: hotot stat.
Version 0.9.6
* Fix api friends/ids. abort mission when try to slide to a
nonexistent view
* Now you can switch Quote/Retweet, Reply/Reply All action freely.
* Improve horizontal scroll on touchpad.
* Absorb picture/video preview mainstream.
* Fix empty search.
* to be continued.
# A lot here.
Version 0.9.3
* CSS fix. Hide box when no results return.
Restore toolbar to light color. Dialog width.
Fonts under Windows.
* Icon fix.
* Clean dependencies.
* Minor Color change. Minor url change on Sign In page.
* A new web style contextmenu.
Version 0.9.2
Version 0.9.1