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removed deprecation of autoload/ because yui_modules/ isn't ready yet

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1 parent 1a564b7 commit cb0e32aba477f925789855c5458f0057220d3785 @drewfish drewfish committed Apr 24, 2012
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@@ -15,10 +15,6 @@ Currently Deprecated
### Deprecated but Available
-* (2012-04-23) The `autoload/` directory is going away in favor of
-`yui_modules/`, which better reflects its contents. Everthing else about it is
-the same, only the name has changed. You can start using `yui_modules/` today.
* (2012-04-23) The `.guid` member of Mojito metadata (such as binder metadata)
is going away. Often there's an associated member which more specifically
expresses the intent of the unique ID (for example `.viewId` or `.instanceId`).

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