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= MaNGOS -- History of visible changes =
Copyright (C) 2005-2011 MaNGOS project <>
See the COPYING file for copying conditions.
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Please submit bug reports at:
Version 0.17
* Under discussion.
* ACE Framework updated to ACE 5.8.3.
* MySQL client libs updated to MySQL 5.1.49.
* Upgrade to client version 3.3.5a (build 12340).
Version 0.16
* G3DLite lib upgrade to G3DLite 8.0b4
* OpenSSL lib upgrade to OpenSSL 1.0.0.
* Sockets lib use dropped.
* dotconfpp lib use dropped.
* Implemented SOAP in MaNGOS.
* Upgrade to client version 3.3.3a (build 11723).
Version 0.15
* Implement AV battleground.
* Implement new DB-based gossip system for creatures/gameobjects.
* Implement realmd support realms for different client versions.
* New memory allocator for MaNGOS, based on Intel Threading Building Blocks library.
* Upgrade to client version 3.2.2a (build 10505).
Version 0.14
* Implement possibility to reset client cache data from server side.
* DB-based store battleground gameobjects/creatures.
* Map search/loading improvements
* Upgrade to client version 3.1.3 (build 9947).
Version 0.13
* OpenSSL lib upgrade to OpenSSL 0.9.8k.
* ZThread replaced by similar ACE framework functionality. ZThread use dropped.
* Visual Studio 2003 (VC71) support dropped.
* Experemental support for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 added.
* Sqlite sql engine support dropped.
* Upgrade to client version 3.0.9 (build 9551).
Version 0.12
* Migrate from SVN to GIT.
* Implemented arena system.
* Start using Adaptive Communication Environment (ACE) framework v.5.6.6 in server network code.
* Update Visual Leak Detector lib to Version 1.9g (beta).
* Upgrade to client version 2.4.3 (build 8606).
Version 0.11
* Lots of improvements in the spell system.
* Now use Mersenne Twister random number generator.
* MySQL client libs updated to 5.0.56.
* Upgrade to client version 2.4.2 (build 8278).
Version 0.10
* master looter lot mode,
* FFA PvP zones and FFA PvP server type support,
* Guild Banks,
* unique equipped items support, including gems,
* talent inspecting,
* PostgreSql support,
* sockets library updated to v.2.2.9 version,
* 64-bit binaries building at Windows,
* Upgrade to client version 2.3.0 (build 7561).
Version 0.9
* recipes discovery system support,
* more auras, effects, spells, and talents working,
* players queue at login support,
* mangosd/realmd as Windows services support,
* autogeneration mangosd/realmd crash reports (Windows only),
* Visual Studio 2008 Express and Pro support,
* division Mangos DataBase to MangosDB(WorldDB) and CharactersDB.
* Upgrade to client version 2.2.3 (build 7359).
Version 0.8
* battleground support,
* gender specific creatures,
* game objects triggering more scripts,
* more auras, effects, spells, and talents working,
* dungeon specific data,
* localization support for data,
* vmaps for line of sight handling,
* build support for OpenBSD and FreeBSD,
* Upgrade to client version 2.1.3 (build 6898).
Version 0.7, Codename "Eye of the Storm"
* Full rewrite of the GNU autotools based build system, in order to
smooth and clean up the build process.
* Full rewrite of the Windows build system, allowing MaNGOS to be built
from Visual C++ 2003 Toolkit, Visual C++ 2003, Visual C++ 2005.
* Upgrade to client version 2.0.12 (build 6546).
Version 0.6, Codename "Black Dragonflight"
* MaNGOS development moved to
* A lots of speed improvements to data handling and data transfer have been
* Mail, auction house, profession, creature, and game object systems have seen
a lot of improvements and can be considered feature complete. Some minor bugs
still are left.
* Rest system has been finished.
* Initial pet stable support has been added.
* PvP and duel system have seen lots of improvements
* Guilds are not just a myth anymore. Coming closer to full guild support.
* Taxi and transport system is close to a fully working system.
* A lot more has been added.
Version 0.5, Codename "Stable Master"
* Core stability improvements, lots of threading and memory usage related
bugs have been resolved.
* MySQL Database backend has been cleaned up.
* Proper support for game clients of version 1.10.2 has been added.
* Support for auras, pets, spells, talents, totems, etc. has been added
or improved.
* Cross-platform issues have been resolved, MaNGOS should now build on
more platforms, including FreeBSD.
Version 0.1, Codename "Lightbringer"
* AI system
* Grid system
* Lots a game features working.
* Lovely optimizations for the beloved server.
Version 0.0.3, Codename "Mango Carpet"
* Interim release, not gone public.
Version 0.0.2, Codename "Library"
* Most data conversions working.
* Database cleanup.
* More features working.
* Many bugs fixed.
Version 0.0.1, Codename "Endeavour"
* Data converter added.
* Build system improvements.
* Bug fixing and code cleaning.