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PocketVJ Exhibition / Control Panel 4.x.x

CP 4.3.3a 11.03.2022

  • better mouse detection for mapping mode
  • added mapperpreset 7-10
  • added OSC control to load mapperpreset 1-10
  • added OSC control to save mapperpreset 1-10

CP 4.3.3 22.02.2022

  • powersupply check did not show every state, fixed now!
  • removed mapping converter
  • added save painter as overlay
  • fixed issue on "Test Connection" under "Network"
  • better IP adress on screen display when using "Test Connection"

CP 4.3.2a 14.02.2022

  • added middle mouse scroll to painter to adjust thickness (this is soo cool!)

CP 4.3.2 23.01.2022

  • added simple painter to easy paint masks

CP 4.3.1a 15.01.2022

  • moved rental reset to a script, now getting propper feedback
  • fixed typos in hyperion install
  • added propper service for hyperion daemon
  • force audio to hdmi when using hyperion
  • set audio to hdmi/jack now also switches on the mapper
  • updated manual

CP 4.3.1 14.01.2022

  • added hyperion (and all debs) for led strip ambient lights
  • fixed an issue in enable lirc

CP 4.3.0b 11.01.2022

  • fixed updateall so you dont have to do it 2x, first copying stuff, then executing

CP 4.3.0a 06.01.2022

  • resolution change now works without reboot

  • added stopall command to reboot and poweroff to prevent sd card corruption

  • fix little error in updateall script to disable logging

CP 4.3.0 04.01.2022

  • changed layout in DMX tab, so recording does not show up in the beginning (client feedback)
  • OLA now disables and stops itself before executing updateola

  • "Update Everything" is now in a seperate script in /var/www/sync/updateall

  • "Update All" & "Factory Reset" now disables logging

  • Added "rescue" script to all autostarts, to make sure webserver can always run

CP 4.2.9b 28.12.2021

  • added "overlay" to "autostart" => "master" and to "player sync" => play all
  • there might be some edge cases when overlay is on and you enable it again...

CP 4.2.9 30.11.2021

  • made Check Services (ping) much faster with setting a timout
  • added startaudio01-03 once scripts
  • added startaudio once to buttons
  • updated the audio output selection to include new scripts
  • remove autostart beacon&buttons, since it is not used
  • added startmasterone to scheduler
  • addED scheduler status to "Check Services"

Image 4.0.10 04.November 2021

  • updated the GPIO library to gpiozero

CP 4.2.8 04.11.2021

after installing the update, click "Update Everything" again!

  • added gpiozero library
  • changed the button trigger script, finally with propper debouncing when pushed very very very fast...

CP 4.2.7 27.10.2021

  • changed button trigger for dmx shows to only play once
  • added scripts: stardmxplaybackaudio02once, stardmxplaybackaudio03once

CP 4.2.6 26.10.2021

  • Button 01 and Button 03 where wrong numbered, flipped them
  • Increased debounce time of buttons to 4000ms
  • After changing button function when already using them, they did not get active, now it does
  • "Autostart Custom" now starts dmxshow/audio01_* once and goes to button listener
  • Added script stardmxplaybackaudio01once

CP 4.2.5 26.10.2021

  • fixed audio was not stopping when switching dmx show
  • added autostart buttons together with beacons
  • added play dmxshow 01 + 02 only once

CP 4.2.4a 25.10.2021

!! needs 2x "Upate Everything" !!

  • added audio boost to Set Audio to 100% on all channels

CP 4.2.4 24.10.2021

!! needs 2x "Upate Everything" !!

  • massive increase of DMX audio quality with changing the audio player
  • added new audioplayer kill to stopall script
  • changes in play audio script (stopall kills now everything)
  • factory reset and update all will set audio to jack output, since setting to both decreases audio quality a lot
  • testtone now works according to the audio output selection, including usb audio
  • added dmx/audio to buttons

CP 4.2.3 16.October 2021

  • fixed dmx blackout when starting show 05-10
  • fixed autostart to dmx show, added blackout and longer sleep
  • tweaked usb mount
  • added autostart master usb (hope this works also with sticks from OSX & win)
  • fixed execution rights on servicecheck

CP 4.2.2 24.September 2021

  • added SLIDESHOW after to play slideshow after video played once
  • fixed error in pyGame installer
  • added python-zmq to be installed when installing pygame
  • added first sketch of, there is a hell lot to learn, any help welcome
  • added docs to system, so they can be read offline (prepare to bring everything offline available)

CP 4.2.1a 30.August 2021

  • fixed stopall/setdmxblackout to not reset our controluniverse 15

CP 4.2.1 26.August 2021

  • added webcam with HSV effect
  • added very experimental gender detection (might overheat your unit!)

CP 4.2.0a 25.August 2021

  • fixed selector for beacon functions
  • added scale slider to video

CP 4.1.10 23.August 2021

  • added slider to fade video under video section
  • added slider to change videospeed
  • added script to change videospeed also via dmx/artnet

CP 4.1.9a 22. August 2021

  • fixed beacondelay, now also works on stopall under beacon

CP 4.1.9 20. August 2021

  • added play dmx and audio to beacon, also function to set the time between dmx and audio to sync them
  • rewrote all the beacontriggerscripts DELAY becomes TRIGGERDELAY
  • rewrote all dmxplay with audio script due to DELAY namechange to AUDIODELAY
  • fixed stopall on beacons, added also the TRIGGERDELAY to script
  • fixed: set beacon namespace+delay, it automatically set it to autostart beacon which was not wanted

CP 4.1.8 13. August 2021

  • if you update via alternative method, make sure to push "factory reset" afterwards and reboot!! this adds new power features!!
  • added beacon delay, see manual for more info
  • when setting a new beacon value, beconscanner will be stopped to refresh values
  • added "Mem Usage" to show memory and swap consumption
  • softlimit to 70
  • factory&rental reset disables lirc by default, disables beacondelay
  • massive speedup of setdmxblackout
  • made a lot of energy saving tests, need to write all the things down to usermanual

CP 4.1.7 12. August 2021

  • added button to check CPU frequency
  • autostart "Beacon without GPU", to save enrgy
  • "Check Services" to see what is running and what not incl. online status :-)
  • added "GPU OFF" button under Display, to save energy and prevent heat
  • added "CPU Frequency" to check if it is running on fullspeed or not
  • added "stop USB/RJ45", start it needs some more work to be done
  • added "remove Bluetooth" button

CP 4.1.6 9. August 2021

  • fixed dmxplayback show05, since it was triggering show04
  • stop beacon when manually start dmxplayback from CP
  • fixed beacon triggers dmxplayback

CP 4.1.5 9. August 2021

  • Added stop beacon listener to the red STOP button in CP
  • Fixed beacon scanner endlessly adding new scanning instance until system crashes
  • Fixed Autostart to beacon, please set Autostart again after update!
  • Fixed setdmxblack in stopall to only performing when olad is active, since its a very slow process
  • speeded up setdmxblack
  • STILL TO DO: fix dmxplayback triggered from beacon, comming soon!

Image 4.0.9 01.August 2021

  • Bluetooth already installed by default
  • Downgraded omxplayer to 2018 for fading out via dmx/artnet

CP 4.1.4 1. August 2021

  • added questionmark to link to usermanual in CP
  • added audio output selection also to beacon scripts
  • fixed ola-artnet.conf which was not set to broadcast while update/factory preset

CP 4.1.3 31. July 2021

  • fixed endless trigger loop when beacon triggered a video sequence

CP 4.1.2 30. July 2021

  • added one more beacon
  • changed the scanner script

CP 4.1.1 15. June 2021

  • added RESSOURCE SAVING to disable lirc, samba and shellinabox deaomen, safes energy and ressources
  • disabled onboard leds to save energy

CP 4.1.0b 08. June 2021

This updated needs 2x updateall function to be fully installed!

  • fixed python dbus version which caused trouble that videoplayer did not start anymore

CP 4.1.0a 06. June 2021

  • fixed stopall and dmxblackout commands so the dmx remote is working propperly and does not kill itself in a loop
  • prevented dmx remote on to run more than once instance

CP 4.1.0 31. Mai 2021

  • support for beacons
  • beacon triggers
  • still to do: testing, manual, videotutorial, website promo
  • fixed button function selection, radio buttons hanged

CP 4.0.7 24. Mai 2021

This updated needs 2x updateall function to be fully installed!

  • added bluetooth dependencies
  • added new omxplayer
  • added "show omxplayer version" button in CP
  • added "fade in" and "fade out" button in video section
  • changed dmx remote control, to be able to remotely start record dmx and other functions
  • limit universes to 0-14 for recording, universe 15 is the remote control universe
  • added DMX remote control On/Off button
  • fading videos via dmx/artnet, see artnet.conf

CP 4.0.6a 16. Mai 2021

  • fixed "stop" to clear screen to full black

CP 4.0.6 03. Mai 2021

  • added install bluetooth button
  • added all debs to install bluetooth functions
  • to do: added scan/connect/pair scripts (but they lage sometimes)
  • function to ask for kernel version
  • final fix on powersuppyly script
  • todo: added option in all boot/config.txt to enable IR sender
  • added buttons to turn on off projectors over ir, see manual

Image 4.0.8 03.Mai 2021

  • sudo apt install ir-keytable
  • reinstalled lirc with patched version
  • fixed /etc/lirc/lirc_options.conf:
  • all this can also be done on older images, see user manual

CP 4.0.5 23. April 2021

  • fixed the issue that mapper was not controllable without mouse, now you are able to control it from CP ;-), massive thanks to BjarneJensen!
  • added a dialog when clicking power down, to ask if user really is sure to do so

CP 4.0.4a 07. April 2021

  • powersupply check now outputs the correct value

CP 4.0.4 10. March 2021

  • added powersupply check, since some powersupplys do no provide enough current
  • added field to set beamer password

CP 4.0.3a 02. March 2021

  • fixed link for "Projector Interface", it was not opening
  • fixed pjlink for projectors with passwords, see manual
  • "VNC ON" Button is fixed and working

CP 4.0.3 22. December 2020

  • added "webcam on screen" display
  • added "install pygame" for countdown and webcam
  • alsatester to workaround when people hit play but no usb soundcard was present, now automatically switches to hdmi/jack audio and plays, only on "Play All" from CP
  • moved *.deb files from /sync folder to /sync/debs folder

CP 4.0.2a 18. December 2020

  • fixed missleading rj45 ip when reverting from dhcp

CP 4.0.2 17. December 2020

  • added countdown function (needs image version 4.0.7 !! older need python3-pygame python-pygame to be installed
  • limited time inputs to numbers only

User Manual 16. December 2020

  • Updated the user manual to an online version and linked on webpage

CP 4.0.1 15. December 2020

  • added startonce 01 to buttons, so you can use receivers/slaves together with buttons
  • fixed update procedure for the slave/receiver once (needs 2x update all)

CP 4.0.0b 11. December 2020

  • fixed startless output message in CP
  • fixed output message for Show0x/Video/Audio start

CP 4.0.0b 08. December 2020

  • fixed typo to start dmx show only

CP 4.0.0a 04.Dezember 2020

  • fixed link to port to open ola panel
  • added startaudio to arnetcontrol

CP 4.0.0 04.Dezember 2020

  • faster stop command, now every task is 1s faster!!
  • complete rewerite of CP, better look and feel, more organised
  • option to set other filebrowser as default
  • added new drag'n'drop filebrowser
  • added much nicer slideshow
  • added regular videoplayer without sync (to save network traffic
  • video sync settings for long and short videos
  • new tab with all network settings
  • queries for diskspace, resolution, codec are now displayed propper
  • cleand up mapping tab
  • fixed clockdisplay
  • cleaned up a lot of code
  • dmx blackout on universe 0 -30

Image 4.0.7 02.Dezember 2020

  • add python3-pygame python-pygame python3-tk python-tk
  • compiled openCV
  • pretrained coffe model of gender detection
  • resized partitions for more system space
  • larger swap space 1024mb

CP 3.1.8b 17.November 2020

  • fixed dmx playback startup delay which was long when using 10+ universes, fixed with adding: '--no-verify-playback'
  • removed heavy packages for making update smaller in size
  • updated mapper so it starts into sync with autostart, tutorial coming

CP 3.1.8 06.November 2020

  • more performant mapper (this is the real killer thing :-) with sync function, currently works when manually going to Play Mode

  • fixed create traingle in mapper

  • cleaned up update buttons and update in backend

  • update ola button is added, this updates ola and fixes the dmx rec/play lag, all files must be recorded new! Update takes 5min!

  • knob to check olad version

  • added stop webserver function to free ressources in edge cases

  • added update to rt kernel, dont use it, its untested for now but there for future

  • fixed usb stick mounting & unmounting

  • new symbols in autostart to find things a bit better

  • other small stuff I forgot to note and mention

CP 3.1.7 16.Oktober 2020

  • added mapper with audio over hdmi

  • fixed volume of mapper

CP 3.1.6b 15.Oktober 2020

  • fixed a bug in wifi channel setting and added CH11

  • added no-osd (to hide the pause sign) to all startlesser scripts

CP 3.1.6 14.Oktober 2020

  • fixed pdf presenter, make sure to name your file demo.pdf and store in /internal/pdf/ folder

  • fixed typo, rental is written without h :-)

  • added startlesseronce01 - startlesseronce10 files for faster video trigger via osc (this will not stop any task running!)

  • updated osccontrol.js with the new startlesseronce commands

CP 3.1.5 13.Oktober 2020

  • fixed button functions, it was self killing, now it works as expected

  • added "stop buttons" knob, to kill button input (needed to be seperate for not self killing)

  • when bushed a knob, the led will blink for 0.5 seconds as visuals control

  • fixed slideshow start from button

  • set button bounce time to 2sec (after pressing a button it takes 2 seconds until it will reads the next push)

  • fixed bug when using clock on screen, it did not disappear after hitting stop

  • added a tiny "attention" symbol under system settings to make a "renthal reset" as asked by the guys who do renthals

  • updated osc commands to trigger videos faster without the stop all command see here

CP 3.1.4 10.Oktober 2020

  • added midi recorder (beta, please test and report back!)

  • added midi playback

  • added midi/dmx/audio/video playback

CP 3.1.3 7.Oktober 2020

  • fixed ArtNet output which was not working, do a factory reset after updating to fix!

  • added IP range changer, most show equipment runs on 10.0.0.* networks, this can be cahnged now with one click

  • fixed start audio with dmx script, needed chmod permission

CP 3.1.2 27.September 2020

  • fixed scaling of mapper logo

  • added play dmxshow01 with audio01 (show01 to show05)

  • added a delay window to be able to sync manually dmxshow to video&audio

  • updated the dmxvideo scripts to the new style with delay syncing

  • added USB output to dmxaudio/dmxvideo

  • added dmx to autostart

  • added blackout dmx to stop button, so all lamps go to black when hitting stop

  • added dmxaudio/dmxvideo to OSC commands

  • added dmxaudio/dmxvideo to UDP commands

  • fixed a wrong .js linke which caused CP to be unselectable

CP 3.1.1 20.August 2020

  • removed softedge button under mapper, since there is already an "Edge Blend" button

  • added to Renthal Reset: disable scheduler, recreate full folder structure

CP 3.1.0 14.August 2020

  • added new mapper with more performance

  • added fullscreen function for mapper

  • added edgeblend function for mapper

  • added renthal reset (older versions than 4.0.6 need to copy 01_Testfile_HD.mp4 to /home/pvj/content/)

Image 4.0.6 14.August 2020

  • copied standard files to /home/pvj/content/ for renthal preset function

CP 3.0.9 18.July 2020

  • added UDP listener (users before Image 4.0.5 need to install socat)

CP 3.0.8a 18.July 2020

  • fixed an issue whit a .js script which was linked to an online version, caused that "tabs" on CP where not working

Image 4.0.5 18. July 2020

  • added socat for UDP listener (previous clients can install this manually with: apt-get install socat)

CP 3.0.8 30.March 2020

  • added artnet/dmx remote control

CP 3.0.7 19.March 2020

  • added maperremote button

  • added kenburns slideshow (beta)

Image 4.0.4 19.March 2020

  • added pi3d library for kenburns slideshow

  • added python-pil which is needed by pi3d

CP 3.0.6 10.March 2020

  • fixed "Scheduler Off", did not clean out scheduler before

  • fixed user rights of videos triggered from scheduler

CP 3.0.5 08.March 2020

  • fixed function to test to conenct to a wifi network

  • after updating make, click "Factory Rreset" in the red tab to apply changes systemwide!

  • when no clicking on "Connect/Test" it will automatically set remote access on and protects CP with a login

  • added function to look which wifi networks are available

  • added function to check to which wifi you are connected

Image 4.0.3 08.March 2020

  • implemented RTC fix and remote wifi fix

CP 3.0.4 05.March 2020

  • fixed formatting of timer.txt file (browser writes hidden ^M$ instead of $ only)

  • added function to ask if projector is on or off

  • added button to set audio volume of USB soundcard to 100% and store this value

Image 4.0.2 04.March 2020

  • added library for DHT11 sensor (Adafruit_Python_DHT)

  • fixe audio volume for USB soundcard to standard 100%

CP 3.0.3 04.March 2020

  • fixed the pause function in headers shortcuts

  • fixed hwclock issue (time was not saved), see here

  • added setting for an external temperature sensor

CP 3.0.2 02.March 2020

  • added dmx commands to scheduler

  • added force resolution to 1920x1200

  • added remotemapper (beta)

  • fixed a typo in "update everything" function, users with CP 3.0.1 or older must update with this method

Image 4.0.1 March 2020

  • added ofxJSON

  • added remote mapper (also containng in CP update)

CP 3.0.1 16.December 2019

  • Updated midicontrol.cfg with commands to start/record dmx show 01-40

  • Added scripts to play/record dmx show 01-40

  • Added OSC control commands for dmx 01-05 play/record/play with video and enable/disable midi control

CP 3.0.0 19.October 2019

  • Main release
  • PVJ Exhibition Image 4.0