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Messaging Architecture and Options


Overview and Introduction

Message Queue Processing Design

Consumers Runner Process

Queue Interface

Evaluation of Technologies

Programming Language Support

PHP Queue Abstraction - Libraries

Use Case Summary of Technologies

(1) AWS EventBridge

(2) AWS MQ


(4) AWS Kinesis

(5) Apache Kafka

(6) Azure Service Bus

(7) PHP Enqueue Library

(8) Adobe I/O

Overview and Introduction

Magento uses message queue architecture for all asynchronous communication, where message sender and receiver are loosely coupled and doesn't talk to each other directly. For more information go through the following document

Magento Message Queue Overview

This document is looking into the current Queue Interface, its implementations, important interconnected modules like Queue Consumers & ConsumersRunner process; then finally looking into the different potential candidates for alternative Queueing technologies that can be used within Magento; which can serve as an alternative choice for the Magento customers in addition to currently supported technologies; the Queue technology should also support modern autonomous architecture for their communication needs for instance Event Sourcing and CQRS mechanism.

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