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// Gray text with two slashes are just helpful comments, you don’t need to type them. :)
/******* -----=====!! EASY STUFF TO MESS WITH !!=====------ ******/
// What analog pin should we use to read the value from the potentiometer?
int analogPin = 2; // Yep, you heard right: The coolest of the Analog pins...
// What pin is the LED connected to?
int ledPin = 13; // Contains a built in resistor!
// How much time should the light stay on between delays, in Microseconds (millionths of a second)?
/* Big number = more blur, more perceived brightness
* Small number = less blur, less perceived brightness */
long onTime = 250;
// What should the minimum delay be in milliseconds (thousandths of a second)?
// This sets the bottom delay range of the strobe, as a delay of 0 doesn't actually flash =P
// The strobe starts with this as the "fastest" mode, and goes slower from there, adding to the delay
int minDelay = 1; // 1 is the lowest we can actually do without a better delay function
// What should the maximum delay be in milliseconds?
// This is the longest time that the biggest potentiometer value will be mapped to, and longest
// time between strobe flashes.
int maxDelay = 100;
/******* -----=====^^ EASY STUFF TO MESS WITH ^^=====------ ******/
// Initialize the number to hold our strobe delay. Isn't used till we get to the main loop
long strobe_delay = 0;
void setup() {
pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT); // Setup ledPin as an output.
void loop() {
// To make the math easier, we use map(value, fromMin, fromMax, toMin, toMax) to convert the
// 0 to 1023 range we get from analogRead, into our strobe delay range of 1 to 100 :D
strobeDelay = map(analogRead(analogPin), 0, 1023, minDelay, maxDelay);
digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH); // Switch the ledPin to HIGH, turn it on!
delayMicroseconds(onTime); // Delay while on, for the given onTime.
digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW); // Switch the ledPin to LOW, turn if off!
delay(strobeDelay); // Delay while off, for given strobeDelay.
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