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Latest Release: 4.4.0

  • Allow backdrop options of true and false to dismiss modals
  • Pass dialog as this value in callbacks
  • Bootstrap 3.3.2 compatibility
  • jQuery 1.11.2 compatibility
  • Add support for maxlength prompt input attribute
  • Gracefully detect lack of Bootstrap library rather than crashing
  • Expose addLocale and removeLocale for custom locale settings
  • Expose setLocale helper to select a locale rather than using setDefaults("locale", ...)
  • Add Hungarian locale
  • Add Croatian locale
  • Add Bulgarian locale
  • Add Thai locale
  • Add Persian locale
  • Add Albanian locale


  • Add size option (large, small)
  • Stop propagation on form submit
  • Return bootbox object from hideAll
  • Add Portuguese locale
  • Add Czech locale
  • Add Greek locale
  • Add Estonian locale
  • Add Indonesian locale
  • Add Japanese locale


  • Add Swedish locale
  • Add Latvian locale
  • Add Turkish locale
  • Add Hebrew locale
  • Add password input type
  • Add textarea input type
  • Add date input type
  • Add time input type
  • Add number input type
  • Support DOM selectors for container argument
  • UMD support
  • Better support on mobile devices


  • Add support for placeholder attribute in prompts
  • Add select, email and checkbox types for prompts (thanks @tarlepp)
  • Add Norwegian locale
  • Allow setDefaults to take two key/val arguments
  • Add unique classes for main dialog methods
  • Create bower package


  • Bootstrap 3.0.0 compatibility
  • Complete rewrite (and new public API)
  • Use strict mode
  • Add close buttons to wrapper methods (GH-92)
  • Allow dialog titles to be specified (GH-51, GH-112)
  • Allow optional extra class on dialog wrapper (GH-116)
  • Fix backdrop: true not firing close handler (GH-77)
  • Replace various configuration methods with one setDefaults


  • Add Polish translation (GH-93)
  • Add Danish translation (GH-96)
  • Pass event object to custom callbacks (GH-103)
  • Add Chinese (Taiwan / China) translations (GH-106)
  • Make prompt input block-level (GH-111)
  • Add link: true option to prevent btn class from being applied (GH-114)
  • Prevent child elements triggering hidden callback (GH-115)
  • Replace Phing with Grunt
  • Replace Closure compiler with UglifyJS


  • ensure onEscape handlers return callback values properly (GH-91)
  • ensure clicking close button invokes onEscape handler if present


  • ensure confirm and prompt methods return callback values properly (GH-90)
  • address various jshint warnings (GH-79)
  • add setBtnClasses method for custom standard button classes (GH-87)


  • bump Bootstrap dependency to 2.2.2
  • bump jQuery dependency to 1.8.3
  • ensure callbacks are always invoked even if dialogs are dismissed with escape key (GH-49)
  • fix button positions with Bootstrap 2.2.2 (GH-58)
  • stop multiple dialogs crashing browsers (GH-60, GH-64)
  • ensure shown event is fired properly even when animation is disabled (GH-69)
  • use .on instead of .bind
  • commentify code a bit more


This was the last version of the library to support Bootstrap 2.0.x

  • ensure bootbox object is explicitly added to window object for minfier visibility


  • add option to specify proper href attributes for buttons instead of callbacks (@StevePotter)
  • add option to override per-modal classes (@ciaranj)


  • revert backdrop default value to 'static' instead of true to prevent background clicks dismissing dialogs (GH-55)


  • fix backdrop when supplied as an argument to bootbox.dialog
  • fix incorrect README version


  • add bootbox.backdrop(bool) method (@gucki)
  • add default parameter option to bootbox.prompt (@pzgz)


  • add inline overflow: hidden CSS property (GH-46)
  • move license info to separate hosted file to reduce file size


  • Change button href attributes to javascript:; (@joshnesbitt)
  • Explicitly window.jQuery through to Bootbox object (@nuegon)


  • Ensure bootbox.prompt() gives focus to input, disable input autocomplete


  • Added bootbox.prompt() to mimic native prompt() method
  • Added Russian locale (#27)


  • Allowed button callbacks to explicitly return false to prevent dialog from closing (thanks @benoit-ponsero)
  • Added version number to header comments (#26)


  • Added close button to re-scoped click handler (thanks @SeanMcGee and @kentbrew)


  • Fixed incorrect button click handler selector (thanks FGRibreau)


  • Added support for Bootstrap's Glyphicons via the icon option
  • Added inline license information into bootbox.js and bootbox.min.js
  • Tidied up source a little


  • Removed dummy Google Closure Compiler method from minified library (thanks j0k3r!)


  • Updated Bootstrap dependency from 1.4 to 2.0
  • Class definitions now require btn- prefix as per Bootstrap 2.0
  • Added Brazilian locale
  • Added animate dialog option
  • Added bootbox.animate(bool) option to set default animation preference
  • Animated dialogs now rely on bootstrap-transitions.js as required by Bootstrap 2.0


  • Added licensing information to README


  • Updated german locale


  • Secondary option of two-button dialog no longer has 'danger' class
  • New bootbox.modal() method for generic non-dialog popups
  • Allow jQuery objects to be passed as main dialog argument